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Cutting cherry tree properly - instructions for cherry tree cutting

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  • Cut sour cherry
  • Cut spindle tree
  • Cherry tree cut: Trellis fruit
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When cutting the cherry tree, of course, it depends on whether it is a sweet or sour cherry. In addition, the tree shape is crucial. As with other fruit trees, the growth is also characterized by parenting. You divorce to produce fruit wood. Over the years, a rejuvenation cut may become necessary. It is clear that not every cherry tree is cut the same.

When do I cut the cherry tree?

The opinions about the right cutting time go far apart. Most start cutting the cherry tree shortly after, if not during the cherry harvest. The harvest is made easier. Others cut in the summer to slow down the growth. Depending on what you want to achieve, you should choose one of the two variants.

One thing is certain, a full foliage of the cherry tree requires some skill, as the leaves hide the growth habit and orientation of the branches. Beginners tend to like to cut in the fall, but it is not recommended - the cold and wet weather can lead to open cuts on the tree to diseases. So if you are not yet practiced, cut the cherry tree before the shoot at the end of winter / early spring. Since you do not disturb the leaves and the weather is not so wet.

What you should always pay attention to: Water shoots and sick wood should be removed immediately. And before flowering, you must also keep an eye on the water shoots and cut them, as these cost the tree strength and disturb the flowering and fruit development.

Tip: The day of pruning should be dry and ideally without precipitation. Hot days or damp weather can do even more harm to the tree in the weakened condition - diseases and infections are not uncommon in such weather conditions.

How do I cut?

The right tool in the garden is an important basis for the correct pruning. All equipment that you use when cutting should have a smooth, sharp and clean cut surface as otherwise fraying branches and shoots may fray. If such frayed areas are not later corrected and smoothed, the cherry tree is very susceptible to diseases. Best suited for the cut:

  • Garden or rose scissors for thinner branches
  • Pruning shears for thick branches
  • Folding saw, stirrup or jigsaw for the thickest branches

Cut sweet cherry

The distinctive shape of the sweet cherry and its lush crown shape the image of many gardens. Especially important, the crown needs a lot of light, so that the cherries can ripen enough in the sun. In addition to the right location and the right plant substrate, the ideal cut of the sweet cherry plays an important role. This should be cut regularly at a young age. The basic structure of the tree has an effect on the growth and the quality and quantity of future cherries. More…

Cut sour cherry

The daintier sour cherry trees carry most of the flowers and the best fruit wood on annual shoots, which are ideally between twenty and forty inches long. If no regular cut is made, the aging of the shoots takes three to four years. As a result, fewer cherries can be harvested. Old shoots seldom bear flowers and consequently hardly any cherries. An annual cut keeps the fruit wood fit. More ...

Cut spindle tree

Ideal for a spindle tree is the sweet cherry. Also, the sour cherry tree can be designed, but requires a stronger pruning, which is rather unfavorable for the spindle shape. Cherry spindle trees are pruned to keep growth under control, mostly in summer. If you do not take this into account, you will end up not cutting anymore, as growth will be more stimulated. More ...

Cherry tree cut: Trellis fruit

The sour cherry trees grow particularly well as a trellis. Trellis describes the free fan shape without central drive. Due to the regular new growth of long fruit shoots of sour cherry rarely other forms can be drawn from this. However, the hard-to-control sweet cherries grow too much for the trellises and need to be cut more regularly. More ...

Cut the column cherry

The columnar cherry as a cultivated form of the normal cherry is mostly a sweet cherry. It grows in the garden, but it also thrives in pots. When buying a cherry tree, there is a risk that these are not real columns and these trees grow later to large cherry trees - so rather inform in advance. The newer the cultivar, the less often you have to start the secateurs. In contrast, you have to pay more attention to the cut in ornamental columns, as these are usually used on the basis of a bush form. More ...

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