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Sewing a laptop pillow - Instructions for a lap tray

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Like to sit with your laptop on the sofa ">

In this tutorial we will show you how to easily sew the laptop pillow yourself. It consists of a cushion and a picture frame, which serves as a fixed storage area for the laptop.

Difficulty 1.5 / 5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 2/5
0.5 m cotton costs about 5-10 €

Time expenditure 1/5

Material and preparation

For a laptop cushion you will need:

  • Classic sewing machine and / or overlock
  • cotton
  • Inlettstoff (possibly an old cotton fabric)
  • pen
  • Picture frame or pin board 30 x 40 cm
  • Decoration for the picture frame
  • velcro fastener
  • Filling wool (and / or pine wood, lavender, straw, church cores for heat cushions, ...)
  • pins
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

Tip: Fill the pillow with pine, straw or lavender. Your pillow will smell nice and pleasant. If you often and quickly freeze, you can fill the cushion with pits.

The material selection

You need a solid cotton fabric for the cushion cover and an inletted fabric (can also be a plain white cotton fabric).

We sew the cushion cover from a design cotton fabric that fits well with our pillow on the sofa. You need about 0.5 m of both substances. The pillow should be a bit larger than the picture frame or pin board.

The cut

We take the picture frame and put it on the Inlettstoff. Then, at a distance of 2 to 3 cm, we draw the dimensions of the cushion around the frame onto the fabric. Then we cut two equal pieces of fabric from the inletted fabric.

Next, we'll pick up the cotton fabric and cut an equally large piece of the fabric - that's our front. On the back side of the pillow we work the so-called hotel lock. You might also know him as a "reference with impact".

Note: If you want, you can of course sew on the cushion cover a zipper or close the pillow with buttons.

For the hotel closure you cut two pieces of fabric from the solid cotton. The width of the pillow does not change, only the length. The first part is about ¾ of the original length (in our case that is 40 cm) and the second part is about 18 cm long. When the pillow is finished, the two fabrics should be on top of each other.

The centimeters can vary, depending on the size of the pillow you have decided. One should think of the seam allowances, because the edges still have to be turned over and serged.

Tip: Please take care when cutting to the threadline and the motives!

Sew on laptop pillow

First, the inner pillow is sewn. We take the inlett and put it right to right. Then we sew the two sides together, leaving an approx. 10 cm large opening. We sew with a zig-zag stitch or with the overlock. Once we're done, we'll apply the pillow.

Now we take the stuffing and stuff the inner pillow until it has the desired thickness. Then we close the opening with a simple straight stitch. The laptop pillow itself is ready now. Now the envelope follows.

We place the fabrics right to right as with the inner pillow. In doing so, we make sure that the fabrics are superimposed at the point of the hotel closure. We sew the shorter fabrics to the bottom fabric from each side, so we only have one piece left after that.

Then we pick up a Velcro fastener that you can sew on. We sew it about 5 cm from the edge of the pillow on both sides.

Next, we cover two edges of the closure. When we are done, we put the fabrics on top of each other so that we can sew up the two remaining sides of the cushion cover. After we have sewn the cushion cover together, we turn it over and put our inner pillow in it.

The pillow is finished and only our storage area is missing. We take the picture frame and put in a self-chosen slogan: "DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO". For this we put a Eucalyptus. Then we close our picture frame, according to the motto: "Less is more!".

Finally, we stick the Velcro with a double-sided adhesive to the picture frame, similar to the pillow. We place the picture frame on the pillow and our laptop cushion is ready!

Note: There are many ways you can design your picture frame. The nice thing is, you can change your storage space as you wish!

Creative tips for the picture frame:

  • Pictures, photos, collage
  • flowers
  • Wrapping paper
  • Colored fabric remnants

Quick guide

1. Lay the picture frame on the inlay
2. draw a rectangle at a distance of 2-3 cm from the picture frames
3. Cut two equal parts from the inletted fabric and one part from the cotton fabric
4. Cut approx. ¾ of the original length
5. Cut about ½ the original length
6. Sew the inner cushion out of the inletted fabric, leave the opening free
7. stuff the inner cushion with the filling wadding
8. close the turnaround
9. nibble one edge of each of the shorter 2 parts (for the hotel lock)
10. Sew on the opposite edges on the long part
11. Sew on the Velcro fastener
12. Sew the cushion cover with a hotel lock
13. Insert the inner cushion into the cushion cover
14. Design the picture frame according to your own creativity
15. Stick the velcro to the picture frame
16. Attach the picture frame to the pillow

Have fun sewing!

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