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Sewing baby bloomers - sewing instructions without pattern

  • Material and preparation
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  • Sew baby bloomers
  • Quick guide

The bloomers are casual pants that grow with the child for a while. Every mom knows how fast the little ones get bigger and need new clothes almost every 2 or 3 months. In the beginning, it's fun to always buy new clothes. Later, one thinks then: "It would be nice if the baby could wear the more expensive pants longer." Therefore, we reveal in this guide how to sew a baby bloomers without pattern.

There are many patterns on the Internet about how to sew a bloomers. I'd like to show you how to create trousers without pattern in a few minutes. There are many beautiful jersey fabrics to choose from today. Try out this sewing idea together with us!

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 1/5
You get 0.5 m jersey for about 6 - 12 €

Time expenditure 1/5
1 h

Material and preparation

What you need:

  • Classic sewing machine and / or overlock
  • jersey
  • Trousers that fit your child well (pattern)
  • pen
  • pins
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Applications (buttons, labels)

If you want, you can buy another cuff fabric. It is not necessary, because the jersey fabric is sufficiently stretchy.

Tip: For cooler autumn days, the elastic summer sweat is better suited than the thin jersey.

amount of material

If you want to sew a pair of trousers up to size 98, you will need a piece of jersey 0.5 m wide. If you want to sew pants in size 104 or larger, you need 1 meter of the fabric.


This time we take an old, matching trousers as a template. We put them on the jersey fabric and mark 1 cm seam allowance on each side.

The outer sides of the bloomers are being cut so that the pants in the upper part are wider. On the inner side we draw a bow in about ¾ of the length of the pants. We cut the fabric up to the bow and then put it on left to left.

Next, we cut out the other half of the pants. When we are done, we put the first part on the jersey fabric left to left and cut the second part of the pants.

Now comes the cuff. As a template, we take the pants or we measure the waist circumference of the child and pull off about 2 cm. The book should be 5 cm high. That's why we measure twice the height - 10 cm. That's exactly what we do with the leg cuffs.

Tip: Please take care when cutting to the threadline and the motives!

Sew baby bloomers

We sew the bloomers with an elastic seam, eg a zigzag stitch or with the overlock. After we have cut all the pieces, we sew first the inner side of the pants and then the outside of the pants.

Now the cuffs are sewn. Then we fold it up so that the edges are on top of each other. The leg cuffs we put in the pants. The cuff seam lies on the inner seam of the trousers. Now we sew all the fabrics together. The same thing is repeated with the second leg cuff.

Finally, the abdominal cuff follows. The cuff is divided in half in the middle with the help of the pins.

The cuff seam should meet the side seam seam. With the other pin we attach the jersey on the cuff in our marked place. Now we take the middle of the pants and fasten them with the pins in the middle of the front (and then the back) of the pants. Next, we fold the fabric in such a way that the jersey fabric is adjusted so that we can sew it to the cuff. We repeat this four times. Then we sew the little book.

Voila, the bloomers are ready. Now we sew on a few buttons - then the pants are a real eye-catcher!

Tip: Sew a piece of fabric or a matching loop or beanie for the child or for you!

Quick guide

1. Put your favorite trousers on jersey fabric
2. Cut trousers with seam allowance
3. Crease and sew cuffs
4. Sew pants
Sew on leg cuffs (attach darts as exactly as possible)
6. Adjust the jersey fabric to the cuff
7. Fold fabric in 4 places
8. Sew on the abdominal cuff
9. Sew on applications

Have fun!

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