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Tinker advent calendar with bags - instructions for paper bags

Of course you need more storage space for larger Advent gifts. Tinker this advent calendar with paper bags. The folding of the bags is certainly a bit time consuming, but worth it. The retro look of the calendar goes very well with classic and romantic interior design styles. In this guide we show exactly how it works.

The advent calendar made from paper bags is perfect for storing larger Advent gifts in it. A maximum of one CD fits in such a folded bag - for those who already want to give away as much as possible during Advent, this calendar is just right.

Tinker bags for advent calendars

You need for an advent calendar (24 paper bags):

  • 24 sheets of A4 paper (parchment paper, patterned construction paper)
  • rope
  • 24 wooden clamps
  • printed or self-written number labels
  • glue
  • Christmas decoration material

Step 1: At the beginning you have to fold. Fold 24 paper bags according to this manual:

a) Place the A4 paper in landscape orientation on the table. Flip the left side to the right, but only so far that a 2 cm wide strip remains free.

b) The remaining strip is then folded over and glued to the left side surface.

c) The bag now needs a floor. Fold the lower edge 5 cm up and back.

d) Now fold the two lower corners up along the fold edge from step 3.

e) Afterwards, grasp the opening and pull it apart. Fold the resulting edges with your fingers - the floor should now be flat.

f) Now the floor is closed. Fold the lower and upper half to the middle. Fold this over the middle of the floor, otherwise a hole would remain. Then glue the half together - the floor is closed.

g) Theoretically, the bag can now be used, but who wants, this can miss a few side folds. Hit the left and right sides by 2 cm and back. The resulting folds are folded inwards when opening the bag. Finished!

Step 2: Repeat this procedure with the remaining 23 sheets of paper. After a few folded Christmas bags they should go quickly by the hand.

Step 3: Now it's time to decorate. Simply print out our numbers labels and cut them out. If you want, you can even write numbers on round labels or directly on the bags. Give your creativity free rein while decorating. Attach the labels to the bags.

Click here to download the craft template:

Download number labels

Step 4: Before hanging the bags in place on their leash, they need to be filled. Again, you decide at the discretion and the interests of the recipient. With the size of the bag, you could even give away a CD. Of course, the last door of the Christmas calendar should contain a special surprise.

Step 5: Now hang the bags on the leash, one after the other or in a row. Simply wrap the opening of the bag around the leash and secure everything with a clamp. Voilà - the Christmas calendar is ready to hang.

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