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Sewing a burp cloth - Instructions for a shoulder burp towel

  • Material and preparation
  • Sew a burp cloth
  • Quick guide

In the first few months, most parents have their babies make a porridge after the meal. It can happen if they drink too fast, that they spit or burst more. Our parents and grandparents used a gauze diaper to keep your clothes from getting dirty. Instead, you can also sew a burp cloth - according to your own ideas and in your favorite color. This burp cloth is a cheap alternative, making it an excellent gift for the future parents of the child.

Sewing a handy burp cloth is quick and easy! From which material and how you can sew the burp cloth we show you in this manual.

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 1/5
0.5m cotton you get about 4-6 €
0.5m terry costs about 4-6 €

Time expenditure 1/5
1 / 2h

Material and preparation

You need:

  • Classic sewing machine and / or overlock
  • Cotton / muslin
  • pen
  • terry
  • Pins or Wonder Clips (Cloth Clips)
  • tape measure
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

Tip: You do not have to buy terry cloth - look in your closet to see if you have old towels that you never use.

The material selection

You need a cotton fabric of your choice. We chose a cotton muslin fabric because it is softer than solid cotton. The creped surface reminds us of the original diapers, but our muslin is double-layered and therefore so pleasantly soft!

As a second fabric you need a cuddly terry cloth. At home, we found an old terry towel that we can use after washing it at 60 degrees.

Note: The baby should lie face down on the terry, ie the cotton fabric is down. Muslin, on the other hand, has the advantage that it can also be on top as this material is also very absorbent.

The amount of material

You need about 25 cm x 46 cm fabric, both cotton and terry.

Tip: It is ideal if you work with fabric remnants and use them.


We print out the pattern (without page adjustment / actual print size) on A4 paper.

Click here: To download the pattern

Note: Please make sure that the printing is done correctly, otherwise the pattern may become too small.

We cut the burp cloth according to the pattern in the material break. Then we put both fabrics left to left. We fasten the two fabrics with Wonder Clips or with the help of the pins.

Sew a burp cloth

Now we can sew the two fabrics together. Since both the terry toweling fabric, as well as the cotton fabric are very fond of fraying, you should nibble the edge of the fabric. If you do not have an overlock sewing machine, you should select the zigzag stitch in your classic sewing machine, so that the fabric edge is clean.

Tip: It may happen that terry cloth still peeks out in some places. After sewing, we carefully cut the fabric next to the seam.

We leave a gap of about 5 cm, through which we turn the burp cloth. After that we have to close the turning opening.

Tip: Close the turning hole with a simple grand stitch or, if you dare, close the turning hole by hand with the conductor stitch. Disadvantage is that although it takes longer than with the sewing machine, but for the stitch is barely visible.

Finally, we iron the edges and then our burp cloth is ready for use!

Quick guide

1. Print out the pattern
3. Transfer and cut the pattern to both the cotton fabric and the terry
4. Place both fabrics on the left side and fasten with Wonder Clips
5. Sew together leaving a turning opening free
6. turn the burp cloth
7. Close the turning opening with the sewing machine or by hand
8. Iron the finished burp cloth
9. Put the burp cloth on the shoulder and try

Have fun!

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