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Fight Ants - Effective home remedies like baking soda

  • Ants fend off in the house
    • baking powder
    • Etheric odors
    • Beer and honey
    • Lime and chalk
    • cinnamon
    • Hot air against flying ants
    • liverwurst bait
  • Defense measures in the garden
    • water
    • vinegar
    • plants manure
    • Wood wool and flower pot
    • Mustard soap and alcohol

It starts with isolated workers. Within a short time, long ant caravans form, who brazenly besiege the garden, populate the lawn or boldly enter the house. Regardless of its environmental benefits, the plague does not have to be tolerated. To combat ants successfully, we have collected 12 effective home remedies such as baking soda for you.

Ants fight - 12 effective home remedies

Sporadic crawling ants are not a cause for concern, as the workers are only on expedition. If these scouts discover valuable material or tempting accommodation, they are quickly confronted with a plague in the house and garden. Since Lasius niger and consorts are not only annoying, but are also attributed to the storage pests, there is a need for action. It is still a challenge to successfully fight the clever insects. This is especially true when the handle to the chemical preparation is taboo. Explore here 12 effective home remedies that have proven themselves well in everyday life in the fight against ants.

Ants fend off in the house

The primary reason to fight ants is their invasion of our home. Even dedicated friends of nature feel so oppressed now that they think about defensive measures. In the early stages of infestation, the following home remedies within your home and within your immediate vicinity, such as the patio and balcony, can effectively counteract a threat of ants' invasion.

baking powder

In the ranking of classic home remedies for the control of ants, baking soda occupies one of the top spots. The soda contained therein changes the pH in the body of the insects, which inevitably leads to death. Contrary to circulating rumors, this does not lead to a cruel explosion, as scientists from the University of Georgia demonstrated. How to apply the remedy correctly:

  • Mix powdered sugar with baking powder and distribute on the ant paths
  • The ants eat it or carry the crumbs into the nest

As an alternative to baking powder, you can use the leavening agent Hirschhornsalz. The soda-alternative Borax powder is no longer available for private households, as it is suspected of causing harm to unborn children.

Etheric odors

Ants have an extremely sensitive sense of smell that helps them orient themselves. A penetrating scent can paralyze this perception to such an extent that the insects are looking for space. Verify the pests with these essential flavors:

  • Lay out thyme sprigs
  • Sprinkle chervil
  • Distribute juniper leaves
  • Set up lavender bouquets

A similar effect can be achieved with eucalyptus, cloves and lemon peel. A mixture of camphor and alcohol in a ratio of 1:10 proved to be very effective. Filled in a spray bottle and repeatedly distributed to the ants running around, the hymenoptera take off and are no longer visible.

Tip: The smell of tea tree oil also acts as a home remedy for ants. Given the pernicious effect on human noses, this form of control is rarely used.

Beer and honey

Since ants are eager for all sweetness, the following home remedies will take advantage of this craving for an equally simple and cunning trap:

  • Flat bowls fill with stale beer
  • Stir in a teaspoon of honey

Placed in the immediate vicinity of raceways and nests, the ants can not resist the temptation to crawl in and drown. As a beer trap falls victim only to workers, it only fulfills a complementary task in the control strategy.

Lime and chalk

Dusty areas are ants an anarch. This characteristic can be used to combat them or at least as a barrier to prevent the tormentors from entering the house. Sprinkle the following means around the object to be protected so that it represents an insurmountable obstacle for the insects. How to do it right:

  • Pull thick chalk marks and renew daily
  • Garden lime, rock flour or algae lime line spread

The finest possible fine-grained material is to be distributed in such a way that there is no detour available to the resourceful winged flies. In any approach, keep in mind that you are dealing with a genus that has been inhabiting the Earth for more than 140 million years. The tiny animals have accumulated enormous potential for somatic intelligence, which must be measured.


When cinnamon is spread on ants roads, it has two defensive effects. The pervasive aroma keeps the insect as well as the granular consistency. However, after every gust of wind or downpour, the household remedy should be refreshed immediately if it continues to exert its effect.

Tip: If an entire ant folk nestles in the house, home remedies in the fight run into the void. At the latest when valuable parquet, expensive furniture or even the roof structure are affected, a professional exterminator should be called in.

Hot air against flying ants

As a culmination of a plague flying ants are felt in living rooms. This is not a special species of insect, but sexually mature males and females on their wedding flight. If they get into the house or whirring around because the nest is in the building, the panic handle to insect repellent proves to be as pointless as unnecessary. This is how you solve the problem with hot air:

  • Open all windows in the room
  • Blow the ants out into the open with a hair dryer or hot air blower

If no device is available for hot or warm air, a normal fan will do the job just as well. The stronger the wind flow, the more sustainable the effect. If darkness prevails at the time of application, be sure to extinguish the light in the house. Otherwise, the swarm returns immediately, attracted by the brightness.

liverwurst bait

This strategy works on the basis of a combination of home remedies and chemistry. The liverwurst lure aims at workers who are looking for food and carry the prey into the nest. As with all ant-ants, it is only sustainable that the queen is one of the victims. Otherwise, it produces a corresponding number of offspring within a short time to compensate for the losses. How to make the bait:

  • Dissolve 1 coffee spoon of fipronil granules (eg Nexa Lotte) in 3 teaspoons of boiling water
  • Stir the fine liverwurst into the granulate solution in a ratio of 2: 3 so that a creamy paste is produced
  • Fill the creamy substance in bait boxes to place them on the streets and at the nest entrances
  • In addition, moisten the cotton buds with the mixture and lay them out on the tracks

For maximum success, the liverwurst bait is re-stirred and applied daily for a period of 2-3 weeks. Ideally, the application extends to the beginning of the wedding flight, which begins in early May.

Defense measures in the garden

Regardless of their ecological importance, ants in the garden are not always welcome. If, from the perspective of the gardener, the negative effects of their presence outweigh the following home remedies contribute to the solution of the problem without immediately swinging the chemical club.


It seems banal at first glance and still proves to be an effective home remedy. Water acts in the garden as an effective antidote to ants. If an industrious people is looking for a container with a sensitive plant as a new home, repeated, penetrating watering can cause the insects to move - provided that the plant tolerates the amount of water. If an ant hill ends up as a trip-trap, a consistent shower on several days in a row is a convincing argument for a change of residence.

Tip: The use of boiling water as a home remedy for ants deliberately renounce nature-loving gardeners. The ecologically valuable insects did not deserve such a cruel death.


One of the fundamental mechanisms of an ant folk is the ability of workers to always find their way back to the nest. If one succeeds in permanently disturbing the orientation, the plague in the garden quickly comes to an end. Spray the runways consistently with vinegar, the insects lose their sense of direction. Neither the queen nor the brood are sufficiently supplied, so that either the people dies out or moves with its remaining stock.

plants manure

Spurned in domestic use, in the natural control of ants, the stench of vegetable manure in the garden proves to be extremely effective. Classic nettle jumbo has long been used not only as a biological fertilizer. Spray runways and nests with the foul-smelling liquid, then pull the beasts off. The same applies to wormwood, mugwort, comfrey or tansy. According to this recipe, you can make the home remedy yourself:

  • Soak 500 grams of fresh plant leaves in 5 liters of water
  • Set up in a sunny, remote location
  • Cover with wire mesh (no lid) and stir daily

After 10-14 days, the fermentation process is complete. Remove the manure and store it in the wooden tub. The mixture is diluted with water 1:10. By the way, ants in the lawn can be convinced of a retreat by planting. In the first place focus is on nettle and comfrey, as both variants fertilize the green carpet in a natural way.

Wood wool and flower pot

The more known about the fascinating ant colonies, the less their destruction is in the interest of the gardener. Therefore, the uncomplicated relocation has conquered by the following method a permanent place in any control strategy:

  • Pick up a disused flower pot covering the ant nest in diameter
  • Fill with wood wool, padding wool or similar material
  • Put over the nest and wait a few days

The cuddly filled pot exerts a great attraction on the workers. As a rule, the insects decide to move. Now push a spade under the bucket and carry it to an adequate new location.

Mustard soap and alcohol

The Chinese art of war recommends: goals next to it, if you want to hit the mark. According to this advice, the following strategy works both in the house and in the garden. Where aphids settle on plants, ants are not far. Both populations develop proportionally to each other. The workers are keen on the nutritious honeydew that aphids excrete as waste. The insects even go so far that they defend the lice or carry from one plant to the next. An effective approach to aphids therefore always acts against ants. As a home remedy, the following mixture has been found:

  • Mix 1 liter of water with 15 ml liquid curd soap and spirit
  • Optionally replace the core soap with rapeseed oil
  • If the plant tolerates it, add some soda

When filled in a spray bottle, apply the solution to the aphid-infested plant every 2-3 days. Ideally, at the same time, move barriers made of rock powder, cinnamon or chalk around the plants, so that the ants do not bring the lice to safety.

Tips for quick readers:

In the house and on the terrace

  • baking powder
  • Etheric smell, like camphor, menthol
  • Beer and honey as a liquid trap
  • Lime, chalk and rock flour
  • cinnamon
  • Hair dryer and fan against flying ants
  • liverwurst bait

In the garden

  • water
  • vinegar
  • plants Jauchen
  • Wood wool and flower pot
  • Soap and alcohol
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