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Making Origami Peace Dove - Folding Pigeon: Instructions + Original

  • Origami pigeon folding - instructions
  • Origami Bird - Instructions as PDF
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There are different ways to make a bird or a dove - one of them is origami. The Japanese folding art makes it possible to fold fine pieces of decoration from only one sheet of paper. You want to decorate the apartment with creative origami birds ">

Birds should not be missing in spring. Here we show you how to fold paper birds. Use the origami bird as a decorative pendant or for gifts. The peace-bringing paper dove is ideal for wedding gifts. If you have made several small and large pigeons, you can spice up gifts for weddings. The noble appearance of the bird fits perfectly with the theme of wedding! We wish you a lot of fun folding.

Origami pigeon folding - instructions

You need:

  • A sheet of square origami paper (for example 15 cm x 15 cm)
  • bonefolder

Step 1: First, fold one of the two diagonals of the square.

2nd step: The right angle of the triangle points upwards. Then fold the left hand on the right side.

Step 3: Then fold up the top layer of the right-pointing tip along the left outer edge.

Step 4: Apply the paper to the back and fold up the left tip. This is how a smaller triangle was created.

Step 5: Now turn the paper in front of you so that the right-angled tip points towards you. Then fold the top layer of this tip up to the top edge.

Step 6: Now unlock the paper a little and fold the newly formed small triangle inwards.

Step 7: Apply the paper to the back and repeat steps 5 and 6. Then place the paper in front of you with the short side facing up and the three points pointing to the left. So the paper should look like this:

Step 8: Then fold a small triangle upwards to the right.

Step 9: Open the fold from step 8 and fold in the triangle again. This will be the head of the origami pigeon.

10th step: Now fold up the upper wing, turn the paper on the back and also fold this wing upwards.

Step 11: Then fold the now pointing tail tail to the right along the vertical edge.

12th step: Fold the tail back, lock the layers and press the flat. The result is a dragon-shaped, flat tail.

Step 13: Finally, turn the origami pigeon over on the back and fold the tail from right to left. Finished!

Origami Bird - Instructions as PDF

Here you can also download and print the origami folding instructions for a pigeon directly:

Origami manual as PDF

Video Tutorial

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