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Crochet shoes for adults | Instructions | Crochet slippers

  • Crochet shoes
    • The sole of the crochet slippers
    • Upper part of the crochet slippers
    • The ornamental flower
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The difference between street shoes and slippers is often marginal. Comparing flip-flops or ballerinas with push-ups makes fashion rather than form the difference. If you crochet shoes, they can usually serve as summer shoes.

So that the sole does not wear off so quickly, it is best to reinforce it with a piece of leather. Our crochet slippers will remain barefoot for now, as they are intended for indoor use. They are easy to crochet and can easily be adjusted to different shoe sizes. You'll find a size chart at the bottom of this guide. Choose your favorite colors and make several couples for the whole family. Because cold feet are all stupid.

Crochet shoes


  • Wool in two colors (run length 100 m / 50 g)
  • Crochet hook size 4 and size 5
  • wool needle

We have used real Icelandic wool in this guide. This warms super and has a natural look. However, the wool is very slippery, so stopper should be applied before the first use. The need for it always depends entirely on the wool you use to crochet shoes and the flooring at home.

Crochet your first crochet slippers necessarily in a comparable wool with the same needle size as in the instructions. Otherwise, the size chart does not fit. After the first pair, you have understood the principle so well that you can transfer it to other wool.

Prior knowledge:

  • stitches
  • strong stitches
  • Crochet the stitches together
  • chain stitches
  • half sticks
  • rod
  • double chopsticks

The sole of the crochet slippers

For a size 38/39 you start with the crochet hook size 5 and 22 air meshes.

1st Round: Crochet two Stitched Stitches into the 21st Air Mesh. In the following 19 air meshes each comes a solid mesh.

Crochet four stitches in the last loop of air to get around the bend.

Now it goes back on the back. Also on this side, crochet one stitch in each of the next 19 stitches. After two more fixed stitches in the last loop of air, close the round with a slit stitch in the first loop. An air mesh leads to the next round.

Tip: mark the beginning of the round!

2nd round: Start with two solid stitches in the first stitch. This is followed by 21 fixed stitches in the following stitches. Around the turn you will come in this round with two fixed stitches in the next two stitches. It goes back with 21 fixed stitches . In the last stitch, crochet two sturdy stitches and close the round again with a slit stitch and attach an airlock.

Note: There will be a crochet stitch and a climbing air stitch crocheted at each end of the round!

3rd round: The back row consisted of: 1 strong stitch, 2 stitches into a stitch, 21 stitches, 2 stitches into a stitch, 1 stitch. The same goes for the back row on the other side.

4th round: crochet back and forth according to the following scheme: 2 times 2 stitches in a stitch, 23 stitches, 2 times 2 stitches in a stitch. Now you have a total of 62 stitches in the round.

5th round: 1 strong stitch, 2 times 2 stitches into a stitch, 25 stitches, 2 times 2 stitches into a stitch, 1 stitch - and again from the beginning!

6th round: 2 strong stitches, 2 times 2 stitches into a stitch, 14 stitches, 13 half pieces, 2 times 2 half pieces into a stitch, 2 half pieces. Now you have to work through the scheme from the back.

It starts with 2 half sticks, 2 times 2 half sticks into a stitch, ... The half sticks give the sole the right foot shape. So the crochet slippers are narrower at the heel and become wider in the bale.

7th round: 3 stiches, 2 x 2 stitches in a stitch, 15 stiches, 14 halfsticks, 2 x 2 halfsticks in a stitch, 3 halfsticks. Again, go through the scheme again in reverse order. Finish this round only with a chain stitch. Cut the thread and pull it through the chain stitch. The sole is finished!

Upper part of the crochet slippers

Now you can crochet the upper part for your shoes. Switch to the other color and keep the crochet hook size 5. Also in this section, we always go in rounds.

1st round: Start with the shoes crocheting at the heel, where also the sole had its beginning of round .

Crochet with Kettmaschen around the sole around.

Since the sole last had 88 stitches in a round, you should now come to 88 Kettmaschen.

Tip: Crochet the warp loosely. That makes the second round easier.

2nd round: Crochet in the chain stitches of the round still strong stitches. There is always a strong stitch in every chain stitch. Close the round with a chain stitch.

3rd round: Start with an air mesh. Crochet round stitches as in round 2 and close with a slit stitch.

4th round: This round also consists of fixed stitches. Crochet stitches 37/38, 44/45, 51/52 and 87/88 together. This leaves 84 stitches left over.

Round 5: Crochet the following stitches this round: 34/35, 37/38, 40/41, 44/45, 47/48, 50/51, 83/84. Now the curve gradually forms over the toes of your crochet slippers.

Round 6: Crochet a round of tight stitches and combine the following stitches: 2/3, 31/32, 33/34, 35/36, 37/38, 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45 / 46, 75/76. Now there are only 67 stitches left in a round. Crocheting the shoes now progresses visibly.

Round 7: Summarize the following stitches: 2/3, 28/29, 30/31, 32/33, 35/36, 37/38, 39/40, 65/66.

8th round: Crochet stitches until the 20th stitch. This is followed by 12 air meshes. On the other side of the shoe, crochet from stitch 39 on with a loop until the round is over. Now you have a bridge over the back of your crochet slippers. The last rounds are only crocheted as shortened rounds over the dorsum.

Round 9: Crochet a round with a tight stitch.

In each air mesh of the bridge comes a solid mesh.

Round 10: Crochet the stitches 20/21 and 32/33 together this turn.

Round 11: Crochet another round, crocheting the following stitches: 2/3, 4/5, 19/20, 30/31, 46/47, 48/49.

Round 12: In this round, you combine the stitches 2/3, 9/10, 17/18, 26/27, 34/35 and 42/43.

Round 13: Now switch back to the other thread color. Also crochet a round of stitches with this stitch, combining stitches 2/3, 8/9, 15/16, 22/23, 29/30, and 36/37.

14th Round: To top off crochet now a little border on your crochet slippers. To do this, crochet a crochet, half a stick, a whole stick, three meshes of air, a chainstitch in the first mesh, a stick and half a stick. Then it starts again with the strong stitch from the beginning. Cut the thread at the end of the round and pull it through the last stitch.

Actually, you can already put on your slippers now. In summer or in warm apartments they are so perfect. In the final step, we'll explain how to crochet a flower for your shoes . With it you close the gap between toes and back of the foot for the colder season.

The ornamental flower

Crochet in the color of the shoe shell with the crochet hook size 4 six air meshes . Close the meshes to a circle.

After three air stitches, crochet a total of 16 sticks into the air mesh ring. Close the round with a slit stitch in the third loop from the beginning.

Make five air meshes. Make two stitches and crochet a tight stitch in the third. Now five more times each four air stitches and a solid stitch in the next but three stitch follow.

In the final round, crochet with the thread color of the shoe sole.

Make two sticks, two double sticks and two sticks into the air mesh bridges. Close the last round with a chain stitch in the first chopsticks.

Crochet your shoes and you're done! Finally, pick up the woolen needle and sew the flower into the slipper. Use it to crochet the protruding thread from the flower.

The flower resembles a hexagon . You always sew one straight side and skip the next straight side.

Orient yourself to the photos! A straight side comes directly to the middle of the bridge. One side sew on the left and one on the right over the toes with simple stitches from top to bottom.

Your ready-sewed ornamental flower on a crochet shoe.

Voilà! This is how the finished crochet slippers look!

Crochet shoes in other sizes

Of course you can crochet the same crochet slippers for smaller or larger feet. Experience has shown that neighbor sizes usually fit the same shoe. Therefore, for sizes 38 and 39, you can follow these instructions in the same way. What you need to change for larger or smaller shoes, we explain here.

The most important difference lies in the sole . These must be adapted to the different sizes. To get a shorter / longer sole, you need to start with less / more mesh. The exact number can be found in the table . This difference in stitches (in the table in brackets) must be taken into account on the two straight lines of the sole and later also on the upper part.

So if you want to crochet size 40 shoes, start with 23 stitches. For example, in the 3rd round, crochet 22 fixed stitches instead of 21 fixed stitches in the straight line. The rest remains the same. Nothing changes in the number of laps .

Correspondingly, you always have to add a stitch to the line at the top . This is especially important for the declines. For example, in round 7 you would crochet the stitches 2/3, 29/30, 31/32, 33/34, 36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 67/68.

For the size 42/43 we recommend to work with the sole already on the 5th round with half sticks. That means you crochet only 13 stitches in the straight line and then continue with 12 half sticks. On the opposite straight, change back to solid stitches after twelve half-sticks.

Size chart for shoe sizes
Shoe size 36/37Sole length: 24 cm
= 21 air meshes (-1)
Sole width: 9 cm
Shoe size 38/39Sole length: 25 cm
= 22 air meshes (0)
Sole width: 9.5 cm
Shoe size 40/41Sole length: 26.5 cm
= 23 air meshes (+1)
Sole width: 9.5 cm
Shoe size 42/43Sole length: 28 cm
= 24 air meshes (+2)
Sole width: 10 cm
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