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Regular Fit Jeans - Definition & Pants Wiki

  • Definition and characteristics
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Regular fit jeans, together with the straight fit jeans, are classics in the field of trouser designs and are suitable for a variety of different straps. Whether man or woman, teen or people in their prime, the figure-hugging, yet never too tight or casual cut is perfect for people who want an all-purpose jeans.

Anyone who chooses a regular fit jeans, relies on pants that adapt to the wearer. The straight legs combined with the ability to combine them with virtually any style makes them a popular model. The biggest feature here is the normal cut, which makes up the design of the entire pants. It represents one of the prototypes of the jeans, which were present at the end of the 19th century as workers pants in North America. Even then, the fit should be able to be worn by different body shapes, which has kept to this day. Subsequently, the regular fit was adopted in a fashionable way by designers.

Definition and characteristics

In the definition, regular fit jeans are a fit that features straight legs and a regular fit, but does not dare to experiment. The jeans are not figure-hugging and like straight fit jeans can be combined with numerous garments. A highlight of them: they are not too loose, too far or too narrow. They are among the most comfortable fits, as they give the hip area a lot of space, while maintaining shape. The features as follows:

  • Rise height: normal, high or low
  • Trouser legs cut normally
  • does not narrow on the calves, tibia or thighs
  • cling to the hip
  • This causes the fabric to relax

By definition, regular fit jeans can be easily used to "hide" too thin or bulky legs. They are not constricting due to their cut, but they do not look like loosely fitting jeans, which is extremely loose. Regular Fit pants are even suitable for the profession through the well-groomed look. That makes them the perfect leisure and business jeans at the same time.

Tip: Regular fit jeans can be worn regardless of age due to their fit. This is especially suitable for seniors and teenagers who want to express themselves in style.

Translation of Regular Fit

Regular Fit is not a term of the German language, but belongs to the standard of today's fashion world. Due to the numerous designers who offer their jeans internationally, the English terms for the respective fits have clearly established and describe the respective model very accurately. The translation of the term "regular fit" explains exactly what these pants are, since the words were chosen unequivocally. The two terms are translated as follows:

  • "Regular": normal or even
  • "Fit": fit

"Regular" is more difficult to translate in this sense, because the translation includes several words. The word can be described in more detail with the English "well-proportioned", which means "well-proportioned" in German. This means that this is a jeans that sits normally, but it actually fits any body shape.

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