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Craft Magic Hat | Instructions | Sharpener hat

Whether on Halloween or Carnival - at some point the time comes in the year, in which one can use a magic hat well. If you still lack the right hat for the costume, we have just the thing for you. In this guide, we show you how to make a magic hat. A pointed hat does not always have to be made of fabric - so this version made of paper is perfect for the spontaneous.

Instructions - Zauberhut

Material for a magic hat:

  • black construction paper (large sheet: 50 cm x 70 cm)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • felt
  • compasses
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • dekomaterial
  • if necessary needle and twine

Note: If you already have a wizard or witch costume, simply adjust the color of felt and deco material.


Step 1:

Using a compass, sketch a quarter circle in the lower right corner of the sheet of construction paper. The radius is 40 cm in this case.

Note: This radius refers to a magic hat that suits teenagers or adults.

2nd step:

This quadrant is then cut out cleanly with the scissors.

Tip: If the circle does not succeed, take a measuring tape to hand. Put it in the corner and measure 40 cm over and over again, starting from the left side down to the lower edge. You can then connect these points to the four-circle circle.

Step 3: The paper is now rolled up into a big bag. The cone should be well formed with your fingers, so that they can then stick together without problems and he does not jump right back up.

Step 4: The seam of the cone is now completely coated with glue. Press the seam firmly and hold the paper cone together for a few minutes.

Step 5: When the glue has dried thoroughly, pick up the scissors. At the circular edge of every 3 cm cut small incisions in the paper - all around the entire cone. Flip the resulting tabs upwards.

Step 6: Fold the small tabs that have just been cut in, all inside.

Step 7: Then the cone is placed on the remaining paper. Bypass the outline with a pencil. The cone can then be set aside again.

Step 8: Now pierce the top of the circle in the middle of the outline just drawn. The pencil leg of the circle will then be at least. 5 inches more than the outline of the cone set. Draw the circle.

Step 9: Now cut the circle and the inner circle clean with the scissors. What remains is a paper ring, which will now function as a hat brim.

Step 10: Coat the tabs of the hat that you unfolded again with hot glue. Then put the ring over the hat and press it firmly.

Step 11: Now the magic hat can be decorated and decorated as desired. We cut and pasted blue felt stars - in a classic way, as befits a magic hat.

Step 12: If the hat does not fit like a glove, you can then attach it to the head with a rubber or a thread. For this, simply pierce two opposite holes through the brim, through which the thread is pulled through.

The magic hat is now ready and can be put on without hesitation. The Halloween party can come!

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