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Make advent calendars from paper boxes yourself - instructions

  • Material for an advent calendar
  • Triangular paper boxes
  • Square paper boxes

Would you like to design a design advent calendar made of paper, this variant is ideal for you. These triangular and square origami boxes in soft pastel tones are ideal for Christmas lovers who like something more simple. In the following instructions, we will show you step by step how to make such paper boxes for a home-made advent calendar.

But before you know, folding these 24 boxes will take a bit more time. If you have the individual instruction steps once in the mind, then the tinkering is also faster.

Material for an advent calendar

You need:

  • for 12 triangular boxes: 72 sheets of paper (10 cm x 10 cm)
  • for 12 square boxes: 24 sheets of paper (20 cm x 20 cm)
  • bonefolder
  • ruler
  • Christmas decoration: glitter, decorative stones, sequins, pens, gift ribbon, stickers or labels
  • Christmas basket, plate or a large bowl

Triangular paper boxes

... make Christmas calendars

Step 1: Take one of the 72 sheets of paper. Fold the vertical and horizontal centerlines. The printed or colored side should be down.

Step 2: Now fold the down facing edge straight up to the centerline. Repeat with the top edge - fold it down.

Step 3: Open the folds from step 2 again. Then fold up the lower edge once, until the next fold.

Step 4: Now pick up the ruler. Place it at the following two points - the left edge of the first fold and the center of the top edge. Fold the paper along the ruler.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 on the right.

Step 6: Now fold the two folds from steps 4 and 5. A triangle page is already visible.

Step 7: Now simply fold the third page. Lay the paper in front of you, looking like a boat.

Step 8: Now fold the top point down to the right, along the top edge of the bottom section.

Step 9: Flip this tip over completely.

Step 10: Now turn again - the tip that used to stand up points upwards. Fold the left and right elements inward, along the next edge.

Step 11: Afterwards unfold the elements from step 10 and the tip that protrudes upwards. The first element of the triangular box is ready.

Step 12: Now fold two more elements of this kind.

Step 13: Now three elements are assembled. To do this, unfold a part on the sides. Slide the tab of the second part into the other element. Fold the first part together again. On the other hand, add the third element. Now, by bringing the three peaks in the middle together, you can see exactly how the triangle must be closed. Once you have done this, the three points in the middle still need to be wedged together. For this place the tip of the second element below that of the first and the tip of the third element below that of the second. Finished!

Step 14: If you make a second triangle using this procedure, you will have a box consisting of bowl and lid.

Depending on your dexterity, you will need 2 to 3 hours for 12 boxes of 6 items each.

Square paper boxes

Step 1: Take the sheet of paper to hand. Fold its vertical and horizontal centerline.

Step 2: Then fold the diagonals as well.

Step 3: Now fold all four corners towards the center.

Step 4: Then fold the top edge down to the center line and the bottom edge up.

Step 5: Open the fold from step 4 and the two corners that are up and down.

Step 6: Now fold the top and bottom half inwards.

Step 7: Open the paper again, giving the state of step 5.

Step 8: Then place the left and right side panels up. Hold both sides with one hand.

Step 9: Now close the two open sides, top and bottom. To do this, press the two index fingers up against the prefabricated folds. Flip the page inwards. Repeat this on the other side below. Done is a part of the paper box.

Step 10: Now repeat steps 1 through 9 with a second sheet of paper. If you have succeeded, you can nest the lid and box together.

Now you need 11 square boxes. These too are expensive to fold, but you are likely to go faster than the triangular box.

The 24 Christmas boxes are now ready and can be decorated and decorated. Print out numbers labels: Crafting template: Number plates and stick them on the box lid or write even small numbers on each gift. Small Christmas stickers such as discreet white snowflakes or simple gold stickers fit perfectly with the noble origami design.

DIY in a different way: instead of folded paper boxes, even small matchboxes can serve as miniature advent calendars. The pack of 10 costs less than 50 cents and is also stable. On the following page, you will find more DIY Advent calendar ideas for tinkering.

Put all packets filled and labeled in a basket or a large bowl - of course, the packages look beautiful even without a plate. Decorative snow or white cotton as background give the whole calendar a romantic touch.

Here you will find creative ideas for the advent calendar filling:

  • Filling for women
  • Filling for men
  • Filling for children
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