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Make antenna loops / car bows for wedding - instructions

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The wedding needs all sorts of jewelry and decoration - so also noble and decorative car bows belong in any case to every well-styled wedding celebration. In this tutorial we show you how to make antenna loops for weddings - easy, fast and accurate.


You need for a car loop:

  • wide ribbon in different colors (60 cm to 80 cm long)
  • thin ribbon (60 cm to 80 cm)
  • scissors
  • two brackets
  • four wooden skewers (shashlik skewers)
  • a piece of corrugated cardboard
  • ruler

It is especially nice if the antenna loops match the motto of the wedding visually. At the beginning many bridal couples consider a color concept, which you often already reveal to the guests in the invitation or suggest it. Or the theme of the wedding can be reflected in the car loop. If, for example, it is a country wedding, rustic ribbons such as natural fiber are an option - our example goes very well with this motto. Simply orient yourself to the design of the wedding and adjust the loops accordingly. In well-stocked craft shops, there are a variety of different ribbons and ribbons in the most colorful colors and finishes.

Tip: With a noble, white fabric or satin ribbon as an antenna loop, you can definitely not go wrong with a wedding.

Instructions - Antenna loop

Step 1: First, assemble the frame for the auto loop. Insert four wooden skewers from the side into the corrugated board. Leave the following three distances between the bars.

Note: If you make the distances between the bars larger or smaller, the loops of the loop will be larger or smaller.

Step 2: Lay two ribbon ribbons, at least one of them should be wide, one after the other. Turn the tapes so that the top is now facing down. Place the two ribbons under the four bars - place the ribbons in the center, which looks out the same amount of tape left and right.

Step 3: Then beat the ends one over the other.

Step 4: The ribbons are now screwed in so that the upper edge of the band is folded inwards at an angle.

Step 5: Now fix the bands on the wooden sticks with staples on the left and right.

Step 6: Now pick up a thinner ribbon or drawstring. These lead you from below between the middle bars around the loop and make a knot.

Attention: Make sure that the ends are the same length.

Step 7: Then the cardboard and the antenna loop are turned on the back side. Now the front of the loop points to you.

Step 8: Now make another band around the middle of the loop, between the two middle bars. Again, make a knot and a little bow.

Step 9: Now the auto loop can be pulled off the bars. Lastly, pluck the loop and, if necessary, cut the ends of the tapes to a point or straight down to a length. You can now also add other decorative elements - just as you like.

The antenna loop for the wedding is now ready and can be attached to the car with a thread.

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