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Sew book cover with bookmark - DIY guide

  • materials
  • Instructions for the self-sewn book cover
  • design options

Here are the bookworms among you at their own expense: We show you how you can now sew your personal book cover. This piece of jewelery not only makes itself good in its own bookshelf, but is also a wonderful gift for friends and family.

In this book cover there are many different design options. In the simple version, this can also be approached as a beginner project.

We have chosen a variant with bookmark and closure by elastic band. Of course you can omit this and work out a simpler version.

We start now and recommend that you first read through the instructions completely and prepare all necessary materials. We wish you a lot of fun while copying and with a little practice even beginners can easily sew even such a noble book cover.


  • sewing machine
  • matter
  • yarn
  • Pins and a sewing needle
  • scissors
  • fabric tape
  • Patches
  • rubber band
  • book
  • Paper, ruler, pen
  • Tailor's chalk or water-soluble textile pen

The sewing machine

You do not need a special sewing machine for this project. A simple machine is enough. The case only needs a straight stitch, so sewing beginners should not have a big problem with this piece. For embellishments, other stitches are possible. We only used the straight stitch. The machine used here is a Silvercrest for about 100, - Euro.

The fabrics

As a basic material we have used a simple cotton fabric. As a highlight, we took a lace fabric and put it over the cotton fabric. Of course, the lace fabric can be omitted. You can get fabrics from 5, - Euro per running meter.

Suggestion: How about a patchwork cover to easily handle your leftovers ">

The fabric ribbon and the patch

These things are needed for the bookmark. Again, you can choose according to your taste. Instead of a Aufnähers you can also cut out motifs from a fabric gegengleich. In this case, do not forget to mess up the edges so the bookmark will not fray later.

The rubber band

This is what you need for the closure of the book cover and is of course only optional, but makes sense, because the pages do not kink, if you take the book in your pocket. The width and color can also be chosen freely here. However, to attach the rubber band to the case, it already requires some skill.

Tailor's chalk or water-soluble textile pen

You will need this to mark the pattern on the fabrics. The tailor's chalk is usually available in white, gray or blue and costs about 4, - Euro. You get a water-soluble textile pen for about 5, - Euro.

We start now with the actual work. Take the individual steps in peace and take your time.

Instructions for the self-sewn book cover

1. Create a pattern.

Here you need a big sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler. First, measure your book; the length, width and width of the spine are needed. Now draw the measurements in the middle of the paper. First, the size of the cover, then the spine and then the cover again. Extend both sides by 10 cm each. This is in each case the envelope inside, in which then the book cover is pushed. Now missing the seam allowance of 2 cm on both sides and also above and below. Orient yourself best to the drawing. If everything is correct, you can cut your pattern.

2. Now draw the pattern on your fabrics and then cut it out.

If, like us, you use two substances, stick both substances with pins.

3. Now cut the rubber band.

To do this, place the elastic on your pattern, taking the length of the book plus 2x the width of the spine. The band should rather sit tight than too loose.

4. Then cut the ribbon for the bookmark.

Here you can go according to your taste and also according to the size of the book. We cut the ribbon to 12 cm.

5. Complete your bookmark now.

If you use a simple patch, you can easily sew it with a few stitches by hand with a matching yarn. If you use two equivalent pieces of fabric, just sew around the outside completely. Insert the fabric between the two pieces of fabric.

6. Fix the bookmark.

Measure the center of the inside of the fabric and fix the bookmark with a few hand strokes. Skilled seamstresses and seamstresses can also omit this step and sew it in at a later stage.

7. Now measure about 14 cm from the right side to determine the correct position for the rubber band.

8. Fix now also the rubber band shortly turned inside out with some hand stitches.

9. Now sew the short sides inwards. How to achieve a clean result. Especially with two fabrics, it makes sense to pin everything well.

Attention: Do not forget to "lock" at the beginning and at the end of each seam. This means that you first sew a few stitches forward and then press the backspace button (usually on the front right side of the machine) to sew back a few stitches. Then you can continue the seam as usual. Also at the end you should stitch back a few stitches shortly before the end and then finish normally. This is the only way to ensure that the seams do not open.

10. Now sew the top and bottom long side.

Again, to be on the safe side, just pin everything down. Here you can directly turn in the rubber band and the bookmark and sew.

11. Now insert the short sides inward 10 cm. Stick this, because you will see every mistake in the end.

12. Now sew the left side of the chosen fabric firmly.

Here you can sew on the same seams that were created when sewing.

13. Now we come to the right, a little harder side. Here we have to sew in the rubber band on the lower side. Lay the tape over the fabric and beat it down relatively short and stick it between the fabric layers. Best fix the whole thing. An offset sewn rubber band would attract attention in the end result immediately.

Now place the fabric in the sewing machine, sew a few stitches forward and lightly lift the rubber band with one finger so that the presser foot can sew over the fabric under which the rubber band is inserted.

Once you've sewn over the rubber band, lock the seam and cut the thread off.

Restart and finish the seam as usual.

14. Now you can loosen all the pins and then cut off excess threads.

Now that you have done everything right, hold your personal book cover in your hands. As an individual gift, the self-sewn book cover is just as good.

design options

  • patchwork
  • Embroider the name of the bookworm or the title of the book on the front
  • incorporate two different bookmarks
  • sew on an additional pocket inside or outside
  • Attach lock with button or push-button
  • Handle on the spine

Tips for quick readers:

  • Create a pattern
  • Cut fabric
  • Cut rubber band & fix with hand stitches
  • Cut the fabric ribbon
  • Complete bookmark & ​​fix with hand stitches
  • stitch all four sides
  • Sew on 10 cm of cover on both sides
  • Loosen pins and cut threads
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