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Peeling pumpkin seeds - the simple trick

  • Peeling pumpkin seeds - that's how it's done
    • Hollow out pumpkin
    • Wash cores and lay out
    • Cores are rolling
    • Cooking pumpkin seeds
    • Collect and express cores
    • Rinse cores and process further

Fall is the time of pumpkins and gourds - of course, these include the nutritious pumpkin seeds. Here we show you how fast and easy you can peel and remove pumpkin seeds from their shells. So you can quickly reach the tasty interior of the cores.

Most pumpkin seeds, as well as the "Early Harvest" squash here, are in a white, yellowish husk. It should be removed from the core before eating, as it is too hard to eat. But who wants to save the effort, can eat the pumpkin seeds with shell - that's not bad. The pumpkin seed inside is flat and green. As a source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and proteins, pumpkin seeds are definitely part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Before you can fully enjoy the seeds and use them to refine your food, such as soups and salad or even as a side dish, they can be peeled. This can be quite tedious with your fingers. But do not worry, we know a trick. In this way, you quickly get to many peeled pumpkin seeds.

Peeling pumpkin seeds - that's how it's done

You need:

  • pumpkin
  • knife
  • spoon
  • screen
  • rolling pin
  • cooking pot
  • baking paper

Hollow out pumpkin

Remove the seeds from the pumpkin at the beginning. For this, the lid of the pumpkin must be opened with the knife beforehand. The seeds can then be scraped out well with a spoon. The fibers and pulp hold the pumpkin seeds together, which requires patience.

Wash cores and lay out

Now cores are being washed. Just put the pumpkin seeds in a sieve and let warm water run over it. Then use your fingers to remove the remaining fibers and the remaining pulp.

Then the cores are shallow and laid out as well as possible on each other on a piece of baking paper.

Tip: Do not use kitchen paper to dry. The sticky pumpkin seeds adhere very well to this and afterwards you can no longer remove the seeds without residue.

Cores are rolling

Now the pods of pumpkin seeds have to be broken open and the cores inside solved. Roll a few times over the cores with a rolling pin. By pressing the sleeves are cracked and the cores dissolve. But make sure that the cores are not too flat.

Cooking pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin seeds are then cooked to make it easy to remove the pods from the core. Put a pot of water on and wait until it boils. Then put the kernels in the hot water and close the lid. Then simmer for half an hour. The broken pods should now gradually come to the surface, while the cores sink down.

Collect and express cores

Then scoop the empty pods off with a sieve. If you have all fished out, the water can be poured off together with the cores.

If some cores have not released from the sleeve, they can be pushed out with lightning speed. This, of course, only when the cores have cooled a bit.

Note: After cooking, the pumpkin seeds are white because the thin, green skin remains in the pod.

Rinse cores and process further

Finally, the pumpkin seeds are rinsed off again before you put them back to dry on a piece of baking paper.

So easy and fast you can peel pumpkin seeds. Process the pumpkin seeds according to your taste and recipe - in the pan, in the oven, seasoned or just enjoy it pure. Pumpkin seeds are versatile and at the same time very healthy - what more could you want ">

However, if you would like to enjoy and process green, classic pumpkin seeds, you do not have to worry about peeling with your fingers.

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