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Knit tube scarf - free knitting instructions for beginners

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The tube scarf is an essential accessory in winter nowadays. Not only because it is very fashionable, it is simply the perfect garment for cold winter days. With our free knitting instruction for beginners you will be able to knit this tube scarf.

Knitting a tube scarf is one of the best exercises especially for beginners. Not only does he perfect his knitting, he is also an absolutely fashionable outfit that will be a faithful companion throughout the winter. With the knitted tube scarf you can emphasize your own style in a particularly simple way. Because such a scarf tolerates everything that wool and color have to offer. Whether dignified and noble or sporty active or maybe totally freaked out and a little crazy. Nothing can stop you from knitting the scarf. Everything is allowed.

What makes the tube scarf is its casual way of being wrapped around the neck. It does not have to be draped or creased to look good. This trend scarf is simply placed around the neck twice. He sits right away, always looks good and never slips . Depending on how long you knit it, it will fit directly to your neck or let a little air between your neck and scarf. With our free knitting instructions for beginners you can spoil the whole family in a short time with a warming tube scarf .

Material and preparation

Of course, the wool or yarn that you will use depends on the wearer of the scarf. Even if a scarf made of fine merino wool is a true cuddly paradise, not every skin can tolerate this wool. Therefore, you can browse through the wool shops or online shops. There is also wonderful acrylic wool that cuddly and soft around your neck. So you do not have to have a guilty conscience if you do not resort to pure wool fiber.

For children and allergy sufferers, the new polyacrylic fibers are very popular. Polyacrylic yarns are very soft and warm. They also have the advantage that they are very easy to clean and can be easily washed in the washing machine. Be sure to involve the wearer in your decision. Because the one who wears the scarf, must feel in him really well.

Tip for beginners

If you are still completely untrained as a knit beginner, we recommend that you use an irregularly twisted wool for our free knitting pattern. Such a yarn hides some flawed stitch and still makes the result look fabulous.

We decided on knit tube scarf for a polyacrylic-polyamide blend . It corresponds to the yarn Rico Design Essentials Big by Wolle Rödel. A very soft knitting yarn knitted with thick needles. What also distinguishes this yarn is its smooth thread. This results in a very accurate and clear mesh image, almost ideal for our simple pattern.

According to our instructions you need:

  • 400 grams of fast knitting yarn (with a running length of 80 m / 100 grams)
  • Knitting needles of 9 mm thickness
  • big darning needle
  • tape measure


Basic pattern: Knit tube scarf for beginners

After the attack, the basic pattern is knitted as follows.

1st row:

  • edge stitch
  • 1 stitch on the right
  • 1 stitch left

Knit in this order until the penultimate stitch. The last stitch is knitted as edge stitch.

  • Turn to work

2nd row:

  • edge stitch
  • knit all the stitches as they appear

This means:

When the row ends with a left stitch, this stitch appears on the back of the needle as a right stitch. Then this stitch is also knitted on the right. If the stitch pattern shows a left stitch, knit it on the left.

  • end the needle with an edge stitch

3rd row:

  • edge stitch

In this series the stitches are exchanged. This means that instead of a right-hand stitch, a left-hand stitch is knitted. The visible right stitch is followed by a left stitch. Therefore, if the first and second row has begun with a right stitch, knit now:

  • 1 stitch left
  • 1 stitch on the right

Knit the order of the entire needle to the penultimate stitch. The last stitch is again worked as edge stitch.

4th row:

In this back row all knits are knitted again as they appear. If you recognize a right stitch in the stitch pattern, then this stitch is also knitted on the right. For a left stitch, knit it to the left as well.

Use a border stitch to finish the needle. These four rows are repeated constantly.

Knit edge stitch

The clean knitted edge stitch

Especially important in a scarf are clean knitted edge stitches . The edge of the scarf is part of the eye-catcher. He should therefore show a clear stitch pattern. Looking over the knitters' shoulders, one quickly realizes that everyone knits a different edge stitch. This certainly has its justification. Because not every knitting needs the same edge stitch. What is considered too bulky for some work is perfect for a knitted tube scarf. A border like from a picture book. It is also very important that this edge stitch does not curl up, but always stays smooth.


Ideal for this is the Kettrand variant.

She is knitted like this:

The first stitch of the row, so the edge stitch, is lifted off to the left, that is, the thread is at the front when lifting. It is inserted into the mesh from right to left. The last stitch in a row is knitted on the right. Turn the work over and remove the first stitch (edge ​​stitch) again only on the left side.

Knit tube scarf

Our free knitting instructions for beginners shows you how to easily and quickly knit your fashionable tube scarf. Our scarf is 28 inches wide. Its length is 190 centimeters before sewing .

  • They start with the stop
  • Cast on 34 stitches + 2 edge stitches = 36 stitches

1st row:

The pear pattern begins in the first row.

  • edge stitch
  • 1 right stitch
  • 1 left stitch
  • knit the entire needle to the penultimate stitch in this order
  • edge stitch

2nd row:

  • edge stitch
  • in the 2nd row = back row knitting stitches as they appear
  • edge stitch

3rd row:

  • edge stitch
  • 1 left stitch
  • 1 right stitch

All stitches are knit staggered in this row. That is, if in the row before 1 stitch was knitted right, this stitch is now knitted on the left. So continue the entire series.

  • edge stitch

4th row:

  • edge stitch
  • knit all the stitches as they appear
  • edge stitch

These 4 rows are knit the entire length of the tube scarf. When you have reached your desired length, chain all stitches to the right.


Easy decoupling:

  • Knit 2 stitches on the right

Pull the first stitch loosely over the second stitch. You only have one stitch left on the needle.

  • Knit 1 stitch on the right

The remaining stitch loosely over the newly knit stitch draw. How to move the entire needle. At the end, let stand a longer thread with which you can sew the scarf afterwards. You determine the length of the scarf yourself.

Our model for the free knitting pattern is 190 centimeters long. It can be loosely wrapped twice around the neck after sewing.

After you've finished knitting the scarf, sew all the threads, except for the thread, off the stitches in the last row. With this thread, the two parts can be connected together.

sew together

Sewing to the tube scarf

We sewed the two pieces together with a simple stitch. This stitch does not give a beaded seam, so the piece of knit will lay flat before you.

All you need is a large darning needle . Both parts of the scarf are placed against each other with the right upper side. Now, with the right part and then the left part of the scarf, grasp the thread with the needle through the inner part of the stitches. Do not pull the thread too tight.

Close the scarf using this method, as you can see on the photos, on a tube scarf.

Now you just have to sew the remaining thread invisible and finished is a fashionable tube scarf.

After this knitting technique, you can knit a quick tube scarf for every friend, for everyone you like. The width and the length can be adjusted according to your wishes. You can knit a children's tube scarf as well as a modern tube scarf for the man .

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