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Herbs and fruits freeze - herbal ice cubes

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Create your very own ice cubes, for example with herb and or fruit filling, so to speak. In our guide we show you how to conjure fruity or kräutrige ice cubes quickly and easily.

Fruits - create ice cubes

Spice up your soft drinks, your soda water, your fruit juices quite simply with special ice cubes. Also your next party will let shine with your great ice cubes in the new light and your guests will be thrilled.

ingredient list

What you need for your fruity and herbaceous ice cubes:

  • fresh berries of your choice or frozen berries
  • fresh mint, rosemary, basil or other herbs to your liking
  • possibly fresh edible flowers
  • Lemons or some lemon juice
  • ice cube molds
  • Water pitcher and glasses


Step 1: Depending on your taste, add fresh berries or alternatively frozen fruits to the ice cubes.

If you use frozen berries you can also thaw them a bit and then put them in the molds, it's all up to you. You can also give the fruits already a few herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary or even edible flowers such as nasturtium and daisies with it in the ice cube. Or you leave your fruits pure in the ice cubes. Of course, you can also put the herbs individually into the ice cube molds with a little water.

Step 2: Add a small dash of lemons to the water at will, whether freshly squeezed or out of the glass. Then add water or lemon water. Carefully fill your ice cube container so that the s do not wash over you.

3rd step: Whichever option you choose, after the fruity and kräutrigen filling of the ice cube form you just give them for a few hours in the freezer.

Step 4: Take ice cube out of the freezer. After four to five hours, everything in the fridge is well frozen.

Step 5: Now decorate the drinks of your choice with your own ice cubes. Add your very own ice cubes in shapely glasses to a drink or drink and cool them in a snap for a refreshing kick. Or lend a special charm to your party with your ice cubes.

Whether a refreshing cold drink on hot days or an exotic mixed drink on a cozy and summery evening. The little pleasures of everyday life can be beautified accordingly. Turn your summer drinks into summer highlights with fruity and herbaceous accents.

Tip: You can also fill your ice cube maker with fruit juices to spice up a tingling and refreshing drink.

fruit selection

For your individual ice cubes, fruits are suitable, such as:

  • Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries
  • Also tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, passion fruit or melon are very good
  • fresh garden herbs such as rosemary, lemon balm, mint, basil or sage are also very practical and suitable

Create herbal ice cubes

ingredient list

Ingredients that you need for your herbal ice cubes:

  • Your favorite herbs, such as rosemary, mint or lemon mint
  • Lemons or some lemon juice
  • ice cube molds
  • Water pitcher and glasses


And so it goes:

Step 1: Pick something from your fresh herb pots and wash briefly under running water. Then dab the herbs a little dry with a kitchen towel.

Step 2: Lightly toast your herbs or chop them a little and then pour them into ice cube molds. The light bumping the essential oils of herbs are released even better.

Step 3: Cover and then freeze herbs with a little bit of water, to which you have added a small splash of lemon beforehand. You can also leave the water pure and give it over your herbs.


Whether with alcohol or non-alcoholic, with these very personal ice cubes with herbs and berries, all drinks can be turned into an eye-catcher. In addition, the ice cubes also provide fresh flavors. Another plus is that through the herbs in the frozen ice cube nothing of it can get into the drinking straw and so could be inadvertently swallowed. Simply spice up iced tea with mint ice cubes or flavor soda water with blueberries and redcurrants.

Tip: To release the individual ice cubes, it is best to hold the ice cube shape briefly under hot water. Or just leave the ice cube shape for a moment and then remove the ice cubes from it.

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