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Crochet zig zag pattern - Simple pattern for the pip pattern

  • Crochet Pattern: Zigzag
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The following serrated pattern consists only of meshes and solid stitches. Above all, flat crocheted pieces, such as blankets and scarves, can be worked well with this pattern.

Important crochet techniques for the zig zag pattern:

  • stitches
  • strong stitches

Important notes for the serrated pattern:

  • required number of stitches: divisible by 16 + 3 (Ex .: 19, 35, 51, ...)

Crochet Pattern: Zigzag


At the beginning, crochet an air chain with the desired number of air stitches. We crochet 35 air meshes.

1st row

Crochet a helical mesh.

Then crochet three stitches together. This is done at each row start. Get the thread three times and then pull the work thread through all four stitches on the needle.

* Now crochet 6 stitches. This is followed by three fixed stitches in one and the same stitch. Then crochet 6 stitches again. Now, three solid stitches are blasted together. *

Repeat the episode ** until the end of the series.

2nd row

Apply the work and crochet an air mesh.

Now crochet just like in the 1st row - it is only inserted in the back part of the stitch. Besides the first and last stitch of the series, crochet them for a clean edge through the complete stitch of the front row. The first tight loop of each round comes in the spiral air mesh.

So crochet as follows:

* Knit 3 sts together, knit 6 sts, knit 3 sts in a stitch, knit 6 sts, knit 3 sts together. *

This sequence ** repeat until the end of the series.

Repeat zig-zag pattern

The described pattern is now always repeated - row by row. By piercing the rear mesh member small ribs form. These make the zig zag pattern more plastic.

Change color

Of course, the zig-zag pattern really comes into its own when it's colorful and decorated with many color changes.

We will now show you how to change the color.

They crochet a row to the end. If you are going to cut off the 3 fixed stitches together, the new color will be incorporated. There are the four stitches of color A on the crochet hook. Now do not pick the working thread, but the thread of the new color B and pull it through the four stitches on the needle. Apply the work and then crochet a mesh of the new color. Now it is normal to continue crocheting. The thread of color A can now be cut generously.

Tip: You can also work the zigzag pattern with chopsticks, rather than with fixed stitches. Always follow the described pattern and crochet chopsticks instead of the fixed stitches.

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