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Open wine bottle without corkscrew - in just 30 seconds

  • Variant 1: blowtorch and towel
  • Variant 2: bicycle hook (hook)
  • Variant 3: screw, screwdriver
  • Variant 4: nails and hammer
  • Variant 5: towel, shoe and wall
  • Variant 6: knife
  • Variant 7: key
  • Variant 8: Hot water
  • Variant 9: Press in corks

Oh no: The closing time threatens to go in the pants, because you have no corkscrew at hand and therefore the wine you look forward to the whole day, can not open ">

Everything is prepared for a great party or a romantic evening for two. The guests go to the fantastically decorated table and look forward to the prepared wine. You want to open the bottle - but suddenly you realize that you do not have a corkscrew in the house. And of course the shops are already closed late at night, apart from the fact that it would be tedious and annoying to have to leave the party again. The good news: you do not necessarily need a corkscrew to get the cork out of the bottle. It works the same way with our practical tips - usually in less than half a minute. Pick your favorite method and try it out!

Variant 1: blowtorch and towel

Granted, it's far more likely to own a corkscrew than having a small, handy propane or butane gas burner called a blowtorch. But sometimes the strangest things happen, so we do not want to exclude that you may be exactly the one or the one who may or may not be such a tool.

Remove the cork with a blowtorch

How to remove the cork of the wine bottle with the blowtorch:

  1. Step: Wrap the lower part of the wine bottle in a towel.
  2. Step: Hold the bottle by the towel. This is for your own safety if the bottle breaks unexpectedly during the operation.
  3. Step: Take the blowtorch in your free hand. Press the tool at a distance of about 20 centimeters to the neck of the bottle. The gas should hit the area below the cork to gradually move the latter upwards.
  4. Step: After a few seconds, the wine cork is positioned so that you can easily pull it out by hand. Alternatively, leave the blowtorch on until the cork goes of its own way.

Variant 2: bicycle hook (hook)

Our second variant is not exactly the most common way to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. However, there are many bike owners and it is quite possible that one or the other likes to hang his bike on the garage ceiling - with the help of a corresponding bicycle hook, which can also provide practical service in relation to our red or white problem.

Pull the cork with a hook

How to turn the cork out of the bottle with a bicycle hook:

  1. Step: Carefully screw the hook with the appropriate side into the cork.
  2. Step: Once you feel that the tool is relatively firmly anchored in the cork, use the commonly vinyl-coated hook as a handle.
  3. Step: Pull the cork out of the bottle neck in slow turns.

Tip: Keep the bottle away from your body when turning, so that the cork is not unhappy.

If you do not have a bicycle hook on hand, you can also use a "normal" hook.

Variant 3: screw, screwdriver

The fact that you have screws, screwdrivers and pliers in your household toolbox is not an impossibility. With these utensils you get the cork in no time from the wine bottle.

Open wine bottle with a screw and a "screwdriver"

To pull the cork out of the bottle with a screw, a screwdriver and pliers:

  1. Step: Take a screw that is about two centimeters long and provided with the widest possible head as well as a suitable screwdriver.
  2. Step: Screw the screw into the cork with the aid of the screwdriver.
  3. Step: Put the screw in properly (the head should protrude about one centimeter over the cork) ">

    Tip: As an alternative to the pliers, you can also use the claw (nail-pulling side) of a hammer.

    Variant 4: nails and hammer

    This method works much like variant 3. However, you need four nails and a hammer instead of a screw, screwdriver and pliers.

    Open wine bottle with nails and hammer

    To pull the cork out of the wine bottle with nails and a hammer:

    1. Step: Hammer four long, thin nails side by side into the cork.
    2. Step: As soon as you feel the nails are stably in the cork, grasp them with the claw of the hammer.
    3. Step: Gently pull nails and corks out of the bottle with gentle rotations.

    Variant 5: towel, shoe and wall

    Almost every wine bottle can be opened by knocking on the bottom of the bottle. Tools for this method are a towel, a shoe and a wall or a tree, if you are just outside the home. In this classic variant, it is especially important to be careful so as not to damage the bottle.

    Knock out corks

    How To Carry The Cork By Tapping From The Wine Bottle:

    1. Step: Wrap a thick towel around the bottom of the bottle.
    2. Step: Put the bottle in a conventional shoe (eg sneaker).
    3. Step: Hold the shoe with one hand and the middle bottle body with the other.
    4. Step: Knock the bottle sideways - with the shoe sole ahead - against the wall or the tree. Powerful, but without violence.

    Tip: To further protect the wall, you can use a second towel to cushion the impact of the shoe.

    Note: The method works without a shoe - but then tap the bottle better against the floor.

    1. Step: By the strong blows you drive the cork gradually out of the wine bottle. Keep tapping until the cork has slipped far enough out of your throat.
    2. Step: Then pull the cork out of the bottle with your fingers (or pliers).

    Variant 6: knife

    Another sharp idea: the trick with the knife. Here it is at least to be assumed that really everyone has (at least) a corresponding utensil and therefore can always use the method when he is at home.

    How to turn the cork out of the wine bottle with a knife:

    1. Step: Take a sharp kitchen knife to hand. Of course, the blade of the aid used must fit easily into the neck of the bottle.
    2. Step: Carefully drill the tip into the cork of the bottle.
    3. Step: If the tip is relatively tight, you can start by pulling the cork upwards with a slight twisting motion and even pressure.

    Variant 7: key

    While our previous variants usually assume that you are at home, the key method is almost always possible, since hardly anyone leaves home without this "tool". Although this attempt is not quite so easy, with a bit of tact and strength in the hand it works, however, to lure out the cork.

    Pull out corks with the key

    To unscrew the cork with a key from the bottle:

    1. Step: Take a stable key to hand.
    2. Step: Insert the key sideways into the cork.
    3. Step: Then turn it two or three times to the left and right. Apply slight pressure upwards.
    4. Step: Gently pry the cork out of the bottle. Tense your hand and forearm properly.

    Variant 8: Hot water

    Even with pure water, it is possible to open the wine bottle without a corkscrew. The disadvantage of this variant lies in the comparatively long time that moves into the country, until you and your guests finally get the noble drop "to mouth".

    Wine bottle under hot water

    Here's how to do it:

    1. Step: Hold the bottleneck under running hot water for about five to ten minutes.
    2. Step: Stupid only that the wine is also warm after the long heat. So put it in the fridge again for about half an hour. Note variety!

    Note: The heat of the water heats the air under the cork, causing it to move upwards. In effect, this method is comparable to our very first variant (blowtorch).

    Variant 9: Press in corks

    All methods have failed ">

    Press in corks

    How to press the cork into the wine bottle:

    1. Step: Take a long and thin object to hand. Various utensils come into question, such as a screwdriver or a toothbrush, a knife or a pen.
    2. Step: Put the chosen aid on the cork.
    3. Step: Then gently push the item into the bottle to press the cork down.

    Caution: Be careful not to splash yourself or anyone else with wine when you push the cork through the neck of the bottle.

    Tip: If you have a fine sieve, you can keep it above the latter when pouring the wine into the jars to catch coarser cork parts.

    For which of the varied options you finally decide: We wish you good luck and say in the end full of confidence: For the better!

    Tips for quick readers:

    • Open wine bottle goes without corkscrew
    • with bicycle hooks, keys, knives or nails and a hammer
    • In such methods rotary movements are useful
    • typical: Bottle bottom (wrapped in towel) knock against wall or tree
    • also possible: keep bottle under hot water
    • be careful with all methods
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