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Information about tile varnish - characteristics, prices and experiences

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New Pepp in the wall by tile paint - In the tile designs of the 60s to 80s, there is a high risk of eye cancer: The once creaky and shrill shades are now considered cruel and lower the feel-good factor of an apartment in the bottomless. Instead of now unpacking the stammer and getting the tiles with a total refurbishment, there is an extremely inexpensive alternative: tile varnish. This handy feature is well suited for everyone. The implementation is very easy, the costs are low and the effect can be phenomenal. Read in this article everything there is to know about tile varnish.

Beware of rental apartments!

Painting tiles with paint is a one-way street. Once canceled, they can hardly be put back to their original state, as experience has shown. This is especially true if the tiles must be roughened before painting. If you live in a rented apartment, talk to your landlord about this renovation! Let's give his permission in writing! Otherwise, the landlord may require a tiling and in the worst case, hire a third-party craftsman. That can easily cost all experience after ten thousand euros and more. That's why you always have to go the safest way, if you want to delete the tiles in your rental apartment. Normally, a landlord for this appreciation of the apartment is very grateful. In addition to the visually better properties of the apartment, the care status and living value of his property increases. Calculate but also the taste of the landlord in the properties of the color scheme with a. A pitch-black Gufti apartment is unlikely to be accepted.

Advantages of tile varnish

Tile varnish is a perfect way to refresh an existing tile mirror. If the wall tiles are undamaged, they can be painted with paint in any color. Once cured, the paint is very durable and can only be removed with massive force.

How often can you paint tiles?

As a rule, an old tile mirror is painted only once. It is theoretically possible to remove the paint by machine abrasion again. However, it carries off the important glaze layer of the tile. It then loses its water-repellent effect and thus its function as a hygienic and easy-to-clean wall covering. At the latest after the repudiation of the paint the tiled mirror should be renewed.

Alternative to tile paint

Instead of using the paint, the tiles can also be covered with special adhesive films. These properties of these new products called "Foliesen" are especially interesting for rented flats: They can be removed without residue and thus avoid any trouble with the landlord. Their attachment is indeed much more complex than the tile paint. However, the tile mirror can be remodulated as often as desired with this solution.

Another alternative is just the new tiling. Here, once a tile-on-tile solution can be chosen. Of course, the experience shows that this solution for the value of the apartment has the best properties. But they also have their prices.

And the floor "> paint tiles

The new painting of a tile mirror is easy. However, the result is only so good, so carefully you work. The paints have low prices, but forgive no mistake and you usually has only one try.

You need:

  • Sandpaper 240 to 300 grit (prices from approx. 40 cents per sheet)
    Highly effective degreasing cleaner (eg silicone cleaner or Biff, prices from 5 Euro per box)
  • Cutter knife (prices from 6 Euro in good execution)
  • Scouring sponges (prices from 3 euros in a set of ten)
  • Primer / primer (prices from 10 euros per box)
  • 2-component tile varnish (prices from 15 euros per liter can)
  • Masking Paper (Tip: Get Free Rest Rolls at the nearest Newspaper Printer)
  • Painting set consisting of tub and paint roller (prices from 42 euros per set with six rolls and three cans of paint)

Note: It takes many foam rollers when painting tiles. Therefore, do not be surprised that there are so many rolls in the tile paint painting sets. The epoxy resin in 2K tile varnish dissolves the rolls, which is why they need to be carefully replaced.

The prices for the paint described here are the standard white from the mail order business. In the online shop or in the hardware store, the tile color can be mixed in any desired color. Although this has slightly higher prices, but you have the color that meets exactly the personal taste.

Tile lacquers are so-called 2K lacquers. They consist of lacquer and hardener. Once mixed and stirred, the paint hardens. It must therefore be processed quickly, otherwise it hardens in the can and becomes unusable.

open spaces

The tile paint should be on the tiles and nowhere else. Therefore, the entire room should be cleared as thoroughly as possible. Who has already bitched about wall paint, who will curse tile paint. He is extremely persistent and can be difficult to remove again from surfaces where he is not desired. This also includes all fittings in the bathroom, washbasin, shelves, toilet seats, etc. Where something is not to be removed or removed, it should be covered as thoroughly as possible. Instead of cheap painter foil, stretch film has the better properties. It can be firmly wrapped around the sink and toilet and creates a waterproof surface. Dripping paint then has no chance to penetrate. The experience of having to laboriously rid the bathroom installations of paint splashes, you should save yourself.

Inspect tile levels

The tile mirror consists of the glued tiles, the grout and the splices on the tiles, such as towel hooks and similar applications.

The tile level is examined closely. Crumbling joints have to be renewed. Remains of stickers must be completely down from the old tiles. Ideally, cracked tiles are replaced. Otherwise you can help yourself with putty. However, this is usually not optimal in the result. Yellowed silicone joints are removed with the craft knife. Silicone is not paintable, not even by tile varnish. Nevertheless, ideally the re-grouting should be done after painting the tiles. Carefully executed, the result is simply cleaner.

Clean without compromise

Now comes the hard part. The tile mirror has to be scrubbed and scrubbed again. This is especially important in the bathroom. One does not want to believe where the legacies of human bodies are everywhere. Anything that is fat, dandruff, or anything else organic has to go down from the tiles. Otherwise, the new paint does not last and there are ugly stains. After two or three passes with Badreiniger, Biff, Cilit Bäng or whatever else you have, it is recommended to rub off the tile mirror with silicone remover. This highly effective agent is used to degrease bodywork prior to painting. The experience is thus consistently positive, so you should trust the car painter. But please ventilate the room well, otherwise you will quickly become dizzy.

After cleaning, do not touch the tile mirror any more !! The properties of the paint do not allow residues of grease!

If the tile color requires a roughening of the old tiles, the dust must then be thoroughly removed again. The roughening is usually required for tile color, which requires no primer. The instructions of the manufacturer are decisive in every case.


The depth-cleaned tile mirror is now ready for the first coat of paint. The primer is simply applied evenly. Pay attention to a uniform thickness of the layer. Immediately pick up running noses and pass. The primer should be applied quickly. Work fast but thoroughly to get the best results. Then the primer is allowed to dry. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, 16 to 24 hours are required. Ensure good ventilation.


The tile mirror is primed, now it can be varnished. The yellow, hard foam roller from the house painter set is best suited for this purpose. Color paints have an average setting time of 4-6 hours. For a long time you can not leave in any case, then the paint is unusable. For a large project, the paint should therefore be mixed in portions.

It is painted from top to bottom in order to pick up and distribute the runners and noses. Again, the cloister is recommended. Although paint has a better flow behavior than wall paint. A one-sided stroke can still be recognized. In addition, the cover at the cloister is simply more effective. After the first coat, the varnish is allowed to dry again for 12 to 24 hours.

Then comes the second and last round. Take a new roll and mix only as much varnish as you can handle within the curing time. Basically, the six hours curing time for home use is quite adequate, as long as they do not want to repaint any swimming pool.

If the previous wall covering was very dark, a third pass may be necessary. However, more is not recommended, as too thick a paint tends to peel off. Once the desired result has been achieved, the varnish is allowed to cure for three days. At the latest after five days, the tile varnish is fully loadable again. The bathroom can be admitted and used again normally.

These quantities are required for varnishing a tile mirror:

  • Up to ten square meters: approx. ¼ liter of primer and 1.5 liters of paint
  • Up to twenty square meters: approx. 0.5 liter primer and 3 liters of paint
  • Up to 30 square meters: approx. 0.75 liter primer and 4.5 liter paint.


... with painted tiles

Properly executed, experiences with painted results show only positive results. The properties of the paint are tailored to its use. The surface will be hard, waterproof and just as easy to clean as the glazed surfaces before. However, the material properties of 2K coatings make them much more sensitive than the original tiles. Mechanical violence does not tolerate the paint very well, so you have to be a little more careful when cleaning. Experience shows that the properties of the 2K coatings are sufficient to provide new comfort for a few years. The properties around color fastness and scratch resistance are sufficient for almost 10 years. However, they do not come up to the durability of real tiles. But since these are visually outdated anyway, this is not necessarily wanted.

Tips for quick readers

  • Do not look at the prices but only use paints with high quality properties
  • Include landlords - the experience shows a much less stressful living
  • Also pay attention to high-quality features when it comes to tools - everything has to fit right away when painting
  • Allow a lot of time - the properties of the paint include very long drying times
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