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Fold origami dog - instructions for crafting

Are you as excited about origami as we are ">

You need:

  • A sheet of origami paper
  • bonefolder
  • Black felt-tip pen

Origami paper, as well as the folding bone can be purchased in well-assorted craft and stationery stores. The paper always has a square format, usually 15 cm x 15 cm or 20 cm x 20 cm. You do not have to buy extra for a folder that will allow you to fold and trim the edges cleanly. For origami fans who want to fold more often, it's definitely worth it. But a thin ruler is enough.

Faltanleitung - Origami Dog

Step 1: If you are using a sample paper, the side of the origami paper, which will later be the outside, should now point downwards.

Step 2: Now fold the two diagonals of the paper.

Step 3: Then fold all four corners inward towards the middle.

4th step: Now unfold the left tip again. Now fold the paper together at the horizontal center line.

Step 5: Now slightly lift the top layer of the paper and fold the marked corner to the top right, at the same time pulling down the left corner. Fold the corner so that the middle fold line is on the lines underneath.

Step 6: Now fold the former left-pointing tip a few centimeters upwards - this creates a snout.

Step 7: Then the ears are folded - fold the two corners inwards in the same way.

Step 8: The head is now folded back a few millimeters between the two ears.

9th step: The snout is now folded down a little bit again. Then turn the origami dog so that the head is tilted to the right. Fold the upper layer of the lower left corners inwards.

Step 10: Fold the underlying corner in the same way as in step 9.

Step 11: Now the dog gets his face - paint the eyes and the nose with a black marker. Done is the origami dog!

You can now use this cute origami dog as a highlight for a gift, as a voucher for dog owners, as a bookmark or just as a decorative element. Origami paper is available in well-assorted craft shops in many bright colors and with different patterns - so you can customize the dog's color individually.

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