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Fold and label heaven and hell - instructions

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The classic among the kindergarten and playground games "Heaven and Hell", regionally also known as "pepper and salt", is still passed on from generation to generation. Finger play is very popular with children - depending on the game, you can use the folded paper to predict the future, send others to get chocolate or just enjoy folding. Not only the little ones can have fun with these ideas. Here you will find in a folding guide, how to fold paper and which game variants there are.

The folding technique of the finger play "Heaven and Hell" reminds at first glance of the Japanese folding art Origami, the paper oracle looks so complicated. But in our guide you will see that folding the paper is not that difficult and you do not need much for it.


All you need is a piece of paper, preferably square. If you do not have one, you can simply cut a square out of a sheet of A4 paper:

Take a DIN A4 sheet in the desired color. Since the paper may have to be painted later, a white sheet is sufficient for the beginning.

Now the sheet is folded once - the upper left corner is folded over to the right edge. The protruding, rectangular rest of the paper is cut off and you get a square sheet of paper.

And then it starts:

Folding instructions

Step 1

1. At the beginning you fold the paper square on the two diagonals - the two diagonal folds intersect at the center. Now the sheet is opened again.

Tip: When folding it is important to ensure that all edges are folded exactly and straight together, as these lines serve as orientation for everything else.

2nd step

2. Now fold all four corners of the paper towards the center. This creates four right-angled triangles.

3rd step

3. Now turn the paper over to fold the corners to the middle again. Again, four triangles are created.

Tip: The label should be made after this step. In retrospect, it makes writing difficult on the finished folded structure. To do this write on the inner tips of the triangles and if you fold them out inside in the same places. For further instructions see below

4th step

4. Now the square is turned again so that it is level. Now fold the lower half up and open the whole thing again. Now the left half is folded on the right. This fold is retained.

5. Now the game is unfolding. For this you have to drive with both hands in the tabs of the folding. With thumb and forefinger, these are then formed. Once the fingers are in the right place, they just have to be opened and closed. The paper oracle finds the right shape almost by itself. Finished!

Tip: Fold all the folds after the shaping again, so that the structure becomes more stable.

5th step

game variants

In the course of time, different game variants have developed, which differ from generation to generation and from region to region. Depending on your preference, the game ideas can be varied and modified. It is always best that you think with your children individually how you want to design the game. The most popular finger games include:

The oracle

Among other things, the future can be predicted with the "Heaven and Hell" folding game. The classic painting actually only looks like the red and blue boxes indicate whether you have to go to heaven or hell. It is red for hell and blue for the sky. The paper must always be painted after folding step 3 of the folding instructions, with the square with its four triangles in front of you.

But there are other possibilities of prediction. To do this, the square must be labeled as follows:

The inscription outside and inside - simply label the four tips of the triangles. Then fold them all out and record symbols in the same place.

When the oracle is folded, the game can begin. Forefinger and thumb are put in the hat, so the game can be opened and closed. Now ask a teammate how often the game should be opened and closed. If this 5 says, the game master must open and close the paper five times. Now there are four numbers to choose from. If he has decided, this number only has to be folded up and a symbol can be seen. This then stands with the appropriate story for future events that will happen to the player.

The competitive game

Truth and duty, as well as spin the bottle are popular games among children. With this variant, there is a third way to give embarrassing tasks to his teammates. For example, the caption after step 3 of the folding instructions looks like this:

The inscription outside and inside - simply label the four tips of the triangles. These then all fold outwards and write commands in the same place inside.

If the whole thing is folded, you can play according to these rules. The game master keeps the game closed with his fingers. Another player says any number. So often the leader has to open and close the paper. Now the player chooses one of the four numbers again, under which one of the funny commands can be found. Of course, then the player must immediately do what is required.

This variant can be used for many occasions, such as:

  • drinking game
  • Cleaning and cleaning game
  • erotic games for nice hours as a couple

The puppet show

Another design idea of ​​this folding guide is the crafting of dolls. Whether animals, faces or monsters, from the "heaven and hell" folding can be tinker all things that have a mouth. The opening and closing of the game is reminiscent of opening and closing a mouth. All you need is pencils, stains, wobbly eyes or colorful paper. There are no limits to creativity. The funny animals or even scary monsters can vary in size and color - just try it out.

How versatile such a piece of square paper can be, has just been seen. The game variants are almost infinite. "Heaven and Hell" can not only be enjoyed by children.

Instructional Video

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