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Napkin folding technique - over 15 ideas for all occasions

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Folding napkins is already part of the tradition of many at home. Bring something chic on the table too - we'll show you how. Here you will find all kinds of creative napkin folding techniques for different occasions, which we will explain step by step with pictures. It is sometimes so easy, in a few simple steps, to spice up the table decoration.

The plate is empty and there is no food yet - just decorate empty plates with creative folded napkins. Napkins are a must on special occasions and are even part of garden parties. Combine the practical and the chic by folding napkins. Whether at Christmas, for a wedding or a round birthday - for every occasion, there is the matching napkin folding technique.

Napkins for weddings

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  • Folding napkin compartments
  • Fold bishop's cap
  • Cutlery Bags

Christmas napkins

At Christmas, there is always plenty to eat and decorate. We have put together four beautiful ideas for Christmas napkins. The small boots look sweet as sugar - even small Santa Clauses can be stowed away in them. The poinsettia is very decorative and noble, while the Christmas tree looks rather playful. And the angel appears especially beautiful in the brilliant white.

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  • Napkins for Christmas

Napkins for birthdays

Birthday parties should be fun, as are the napkins - especially in spring and summer, the butterfly brings a fresh twist to any table decoration. The different varieties of Tafelspitz are classic and simple - perfect for parties with many guests, where it should go a little faster.

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  • Napkins Butterfly
  • Classic Tafelspitz

Romantic napkin folds

Now we show you some romantic napkin techniques. The royal-looking lily, as well as the water lily spray pure romance on your table. And cutlery bags are not only suitable for storing knives and forks, but can also easily accommodate small flowers or roses.

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  • Napkins Lily
  • Napkins bags
  • Napkin water lily
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