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Sweden Fire DIY Instructions - Make the tree torch yourself

  • you need
    • Wood
    • Osh
    • saw
    • Holding device / stand
  • types of cuts
    • cross
    • star
    • diamond
    • chessboard
    • Freestyle
    • blast furnace
  • Ignite the fire of Sweden
    • security
    • aid
    • inflammation
    • burning time

The fire in Sweden is not only a real eye-catcher when grilling or a celebration in the countryside, but also a source of heat. Here you can find out how to make your own tree torch in just a few steps and what safety measures can be taken. It does not take much effort to make a nice evening.

Basically, there is only one fire in Sweden, out of a tree trunk and something to light. However, the choice of wood should be well considered.

These factors influence the burning behavior of the Fakel:

  • Hardwoods have a lower flame development
  • Young and damp wood burns slower and longer, but has a stronger smoke development
  • old dry wood burns off faster, but it smokes less

you need


  • about 15 to 50 cm in diameter
  • about 30 to 150 cm in height


  • firm and closed footwear
  • long and suitable work clothes
  • working gloves
  • Safety glasses and respiratory protection (alternatively face protection)
  • ear protection


  • Chainsaw (works fastest, but always follow safety instructions!)
  • whipsaw
  • Foxtail (rather with small trunks and pieces of wood)
  • any saw (as a last resort, because often very power and time consuming)

Holding device / stand

Ensure a secure state of the future tree torch.

A simple inexpensive way is to nail two wooden slats or boards as a cross (+) from below on the tree log. These should be longer than the diameter of the trunk. So your Sweden torch is stable.

Tip: Note how deep and where you have hammered the nails, so as not to accidentally straighten yourself later with the saw.

Other options include a Christmas tree stand or a bucket with sand or you dig a hole and dig in the Sweden torch or surround it with stones, so that the fire in Sweden can not tip over.

types of cuts

For all cuts, it should be noted that it is essential to leave 10-15 cm of wood on the base and not to cut it. The solid foot gives the Sweden torch a good stand and stable hold.

Before doing so, make a note of your pattern, margins and distance markers in order to work away from each other.

No matter which pattern you want to decorate the tree torch, it needs (preferably in the middle) a larger opening, which serves as a chimney (blast furnace principle).


The traditional and simplest cut is the cross-cut.

It is suitable for narrow stems, where not so much material is.

They cut the diameter along, rotate the workpiece 90 degrees and cut again through the diameter and should hit the first cut exactly in the middle of the block of wood.

The crosscut is a good cut for beginners and also done quickly.

If it should look a bit more elaborate, simply rotate the trunk 45 degrees and repeat the cut.


The star cut is for experienced hands.

Here, the tree torch is divided as in "cake pieces", but no cut goes further than the middle. The number of pieces should always be an odd one.


The diamond pattern is like the cross cut.

The difference is that you make 2 cuts that are parallel to each other and make that next to the diameter. This creates a rectangle in the middle.


If you have a particularly large piece of wood, you can also try the checkerboard pattern. Here you proceed as in the diamond cut, only with more parallel cuts.


You are also free to let your imagination run wild and mix different patterns together and create your very own pattern.

However, you should be very practiced and absolutely safe in dealing with motor chainsaw.

blast furnace

If you do not have a saw or are uncomfortable with it, there are alternatives. One of them is the "blast furnace".

Here for they need a drill with a very large and long drill bit.

With a milling drill, formwork drill or Forstner drill (let yourself be advised in the hardware store by the qualified staff) two holes will be drilled.

For the first hole put the trunk down, fix it and drill and / or cut a hole in the lower quarter to the middle. The distance for the base should not be less than 10-15 cm.

Then set up the trunk again, fix it and then drill in the middle of the trunk from the top until you have reached the bottom hole.

If the two holes do not meet, you may need to re-drill from the bottom side.

Tip: Milling, drill only small sections and pull the drill out with the drillings again. This will prevent them from clogging the hole, heat from the heat, and the drill stays sharp longer.

Ignite the fire of Sweden


Always have a bucket of extinguishing water, a fire extinguisher or a connected garden hose ready.

  • Never leave the fire unattended!
  • Observe the wind direction, avoid uncontrolled flying sparks.
  • Ensure a secure footing, as described during cutting.
  • Place the torch on a fireproof surface such as sand, gravel or flagstone.


  • egg packaging
  • Grill or stove lighter
  • newsprint

CAUTION with a liquid lighter! This evaporates quickly and the volatile gases are highly flammable, moreover, it is difficult to control where it flows.


It's best to insert the igniter material into the side openings of the fire in Sweden and let a small fuse out to ignite it or ignite it with long igniters, baton fire or hot air gun.

If you are barbecuing or having a campfire, you can also put some embers in the side openings or let them fall from the top into the middle gap.

burning time

The burning time depends on many factors:

  • Size of the Sweden torch
  • how dry is the wood
  • how well does the fire get air
  • general weather conditions

It is better to spend a little more time, because you are also responsible for clearing the tree or the remaining ashes.

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