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Fold banknote into a heart - in 5 steps

  • Fold banknote to a heart
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Heartfelt money - Heart-shaped bills are great for wedding gifts. The symbol of love illustrates very well the wishes for the future couple and most bridal couples are happy about one or the other ticket - so why not combine both ">

For a wedding, many small bills are in heart shape. At the beginning, think about a sum that you will send to the bridal couple and how you want to present the money hearts. Below is a guide to five steps in how you can fold small and big hearts from bills.

Fold banknote to a heart


  • Any bill
  • duct tape

Tip: Depending on the size of the bill, hearts of different sizes can also be folded.

Place the note lengthwise on the table in front of you.

Step 1
At the beginning you fold the note once longitudinally and in the middle.

2nd step
Now fold the bill once vertically and in the middle.

3rd step
Then fold back the right top end so that the right edges are flush. Then a triangle forms between the two halves.

4th step
Through a mountain fold of the upper corners you get the two roundings of the heart. Fold these corners neatly back so that they no longer stick out. The two tips can, but do not have to be folded back.

5th step
Finally, you can fix the money heart with an adhesive strip on the back and front.

Instructional Video

Once you have properly folded and fixed all the bills, you can attach them to your gift. Bouquets, treasure chests or large balloons can be filled or filled with heart notes. And once the newlyweds unpack their present, they are sure to be happy not only about the money, but also about the effort they made in this surprise.

Money tree for wedding with folded money hearts

How you can make this money tree yourself, we show you here: //www.zhonyingli.com/geldbaum-zur-hochzeit-basteln/

Money hearts can also be presented with a recited poem. Or you can stretch a clothesline alternately with baby socks, money hearts, pacifiers and a puffed towel. There are no limits to your imagination to stage the gifts of money.

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