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Bootcut Fit Jeans - what is it? Definition + Pants Wiki

  • Definition and characteristics
  • Bootcut Fit: Translation into German

Bootcut Fit Jeans bring the Wild West to Europe and delight with their fit, which can be perfectly combined with boots of all kinds. Due to the special cut, which conceals the shaft of the boot precisely, the modern successor of the flared pants can be worn even with high heels, sneakers or a shoe model with plateau. Extra long legs benefit from the slim fit.

What Hides Behind the Bootcut "> Definition and Features

By definition, the Bootcut Jeans are a fit that complies with a narrower regular fit with minimal impact. This does not start just like the flared pants directly to the knees, but focuses exclusively on the opening of the trouser legs. There, the cut widens and hides the bootleg under the jeans. This is not only practical, but also ensures a distinctive style that adapts individually to your own wardrobe. In the definition, the bootcut is the further development of the flares, but this offers itself for several occasions, from the university on the profession to a date on. Characteristics:

  • Rise: low, normal
  • Regular fit around hips and thighs, less common
  • Blow at the end of the pant legs available
  • Blow is greatly reduced
  • specially designed for boots

Although boots were the primary form of shoe worn with the Bootcut Fit jeans, they are perfect for other types of shoes, especially high heels. Women and gentlemen with long legs, slim hips and thighs benefit from the cut, because it extends the legs optically clear. People with shorter legs or more hips should refrain from the bootcut, as this will otherwise stretch into the width.

Bootcut Fit: Translation into German

Although the fashion world is becoming increasingly global and dominated by two languages, English and French, many people still wonder what the specific names of the fits mean. Since jeans are a US garment, they are named in English. The description describes exactly what the bootcut is about. This consists of the following terms:

  • "Boot": boots, from western boots
  • "Cut": cut
  • "Fit": fit

Translated to German this would mean "boot cut fit".

Tip: The interesting thing about the word "bootcut" is the combination of the two words above. It is the only fit that uses the descriptive terms as a word, even though they are two separate.

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