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Muttizettel template for printing - PDF form

  • Important questions
    • What is a Muttizettel "> When do I need a Muttizettel?
    • How long can I stay away?
  • Information for the parents
  • Muttizettel - template

You would like to stay longer at a concert or at an event in the evening, but you are still underage? No problem - with an education order, also called "Muttizettel", you and your parents can make sure that you are allowed to stay until the end. We have made the template available for download here and explain what to pay attention to when using a party note.

Important questions

The Youth Protection Act stipulates that young people under the age of 18 may only be up to a certain time without legal guardians at events, parties or even concerts. In §1 Abs. 1, No. 4 is regulated by law, that the Muttizettel can help out. As a minor, of course, you do not want to miss anything, but going to the disco with your parents is not the end of the story. Therefore, the party note, which must be completed by the parents, at this point just the thing.

What is a Muttizettel?

The Muttizettel or education order is a document that states how long you can stay as a teenager under the supervision of an adult, other person (not the parents) at an evening event. This parent may be, for example, a youth leader, a friend of the family, or another family member (older siblings).

When do I need a Muttizettel?

You need a Muttizettel if you want to participate without a legal guardian as a minor longer at an evening event (concert, disco), as the youth protection law is allowed.

How long can I stay away?

In the following table we have listed how long you can stay without an event, or with a Muttizettel as a teenager at an event. So you can see at first glance, which conditions for whom arrive. This information can be found in JuSchG §5 for the dance events.

OldereventWithout muttizettelWith mother's note
under 14 yearsDances of recognized organizations or clubsuntil 22 o'clockunlimited
Disco, pub, club, concert etc.not possibleunlimited
14 to 16 yearsDances of recognized organizations or clubsto 24 clockunlimited
Disco, pub, club, concert etc.not possibleunlimited
16 to 18 yearsDances of recognized organizations or clubsto 24 clockunlimited
Disco, pub, club, concert etc.to 24 clockunlimited
from 18 yearsevery eventunlimitedis not needed

As you can see, it is always beneficial to know what kind of event it is. Celebrations and celebrations of clubs (carnival, shooting club) may be attended by under-18-year-olds quite longer without supervision.

Information for the parents

As a parent, you have the opportunity to offer your children more freedom with a muttizettel - and that also in accordance with the law. Complete the education order together with your child so that no misunderstandings or questions remain open in the evening. Similarly, you should be well aware before filling out who will take over the supervision of your child in this period. So you can leave your child with a clear conscience at a party.

Please note:

  • the education officer must be of legal age
  • The education officer is aware of his task and is also up to it
  • the education officer is present at any time during the event and at any time the contact person

Muttizettel - template

Please print two copies of this template. A completed copy will be given to the person at the entrance and the other will always be kept by the child during the event. On the form all important data are noted, the address of the parents, as well as their telephone number, as well as the contact data of the education person. Likewise, the education contract is set for only one event and a certain period of time.

Important: As soon as you are mentioned as a parenting officer on a mother's note and you have signed this, you can be held responsible for any damage or accidents that occur during this period.

Click here to download - Muttizettel - Template

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