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Crafting with clay pots - 6 ideas for figures & decoration

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  • Tinkering with clay pots
    • Egg cup made of clay pots
    • Clay pot Strawberry
    • Rabbit made of clay pots
    • Candle-burning stove
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    • Make lighthouse
    • Christmas: reindeer

Simple clay pots do not only have to be practical, they can also be individually designed and converted. The new trend: crafts with clay pots. With the small pots of clay you can tinker easily - the surface is easy to paint and the pots are available in many different sizes. Here you will find a handful of ideas for clay pots and decorations.

There are almost infinite ideas and possibilities for crafting clay pots. Whether decoration, figures, animals, small gifts, egg cups or a clay pot heater - there are no limits. In the following, we show you what basic variants exist, how to make the pots.


At your trusted hardware store, you'll find a variety of sizes of terracotta pots. The coasters for the plant pots can also be used for crafting. There are these sizes with the following diameters:

  • 4 cm
  • 5 cm
  • 7 cm
  • 9 cm
  • 11 cm
  • 13 cm
  • 16 cm
  • 18 cm
  • 20 cm
  • 22 cm
  • 24 cm
  • 26 cm
  • 29 cm
  • 31 cm
  • 34 cm

The clay pots are available with holes or without holes to buy. When buying, make sure that a hole is needed for your crafting idea. The prices for the clay pots amount to small amounts in euros, so that you can get a lot of material for crafting with little money.

Tinkering with clay pots

Egg cup made of clay pots

The smallest clay pots with a diameter of 4 cm are ideal as a DIY eggcup. There are many methods and variations on how to decorate, paint or decorate them. So you can give your breakfast table a very individual look.

The detailed instructions for crafting eggcups from clay pots can be found here: making eggcups

The pots are originally meant to house something in it. Think about what else you can stow in it as opposed to plants.

Clay pot Strawberry

Finding the right decoration for the summer is not always easy - we have the idea for the summer window sill: a clay pot strawberry. In itself, it is very easy to use clay pots to create colorful decorative objects. You just need a little paint, some crepe paper and you're done. And if you buy several differently sized clay pots, you can design a small strawberry family.

The illustrated instructions are here: Make strawberry

Rabbit made of clay pots

At Easter, the Easter bunny may not be missing - from three clay pots you can make a funny rabbit with dangling legs. It does not necessarily have to be a hare. Whether cat, bear or fox - they can represent almost any animal like this. You just have to adjust the color, the face and the ears. Try different animals.

To craft instructions for the rabbit from clay pots, it goes here: making bunny

Candle-burning stove

Such a clay pot heater is something practical - but purely visually it makes a super good figure. Especially for fresher summer nights, the heat of this small table heater is perfect to sit outside for a long time. The clay stores the heat of the tealights and releases them evenly to the environment. With clay pots you can also take care of cosiness.

In this guide we show you how: Tealight heating


In autumn and on Halloween, the bats come out of their hiding places. Muahaha! Did you know that you can make clay pots yourself ">

The Bastelanleitung for the bat, as well as a template for the wings can be found here: Making a bat

Make lighthouse

Or is maritime decoration something for you ">

Here you will find the instructions: clay pot lighthouse

Christmas: reindeer

Hohoho - now it is Christmas! These cute reindeer show another way how to make figures out of clay pots. This is a small pot obliquely glued to a larger and you have a figure. With the right accessories you conjure up every animal and every figure that comes before you.

This is how the reindeer are crafted: reindeer tinker

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