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Crochet double swabs - ultimate guide for double sticks

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The double chopsticks, like simple chopsticks, are fixed loops on stilts. The double stick is, as the name implies, twice as high as a normal stick. It is used to make the course even higher.

Instructions - Crochet double swabs

Of course, you can not just start with a double stick, but you need a base into which the double sticks are crocheted - this can be an air chain or a series of solid stitches. All you need is a preliminary row in which the individual double sticks are crocheted.

How to crochet air mesh: //www.zhonyingli.com/luftmaschen-haekeln/

Two kinds of beginning

There are two ways you can start a series of double sticks:

Variation 1: Either you crochet the first double stick just into the fifth air mesh of the previous chain stitch next to the crochet hook

Variant 2: or crochet at the beginning 4 spiral air meshes

Note: In this case, the chain must contain four more air stitches than the crochet piece should later become wide.

The double stick

Step 1: Lay the thread twice, so make two envelopes around the needle. So are now three loops on the crochet hook. The thread is in front.

2nd step:

Variant 1: Using the crochet hook and the envelopes on top, put it into the fifth stitch of the previous row on the left. Get the thread through the stitch. There are now 4 loops on the crochet hook.

Note: In the beginning, it can happen from time to time that you lose an envelope on the way. Just try again from the beginning.


Variant 2: Now you stick with the crochet hook to the left in the next air mesh of the previous row. Get the thread through the stitch. There are now 4 loops on the needle.

Step 3: Now get the thread with the needle and pull it through the first 2 loops on the needle. Now there are only 3 loops on the needle.

Tip: Pulling the thread works best in the beginning when you turn the hook backwards.

Step 4: Then pick the thread again and pull it again only through the first two loops. So only two loops are left.

Step 5: Now take the thread one last time and pull it again through the two loops. Now there is only one loop on the crochet hook. Now you can crochet double swabs!

Now you can continue crocheting double sticks in the same way. The pattern becomes wide and loose due to the double sticks.

But keep in mind, the helical meshes at the beginning are always only crocheted when you start a new row and not in front of each double stick.

They are looking for creative ideas in which you can crochet and integrate double sticks ">

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