Home bathroom and sanitaryWashing machine does not open - what to do? Instructions for emergency opening

Washing machine does not open - what to do? Instructions for emergency opening

  • Possible causes
    • Pump off water
    • Lock is stuck
  • Manufacturer instructions in detail
    • Bosch
    • Siemens
    • Miele
    • Bauknecht
    • Beko
    • Gorenje
  • General safety instructions

If the washing machine does not open, that's a big problem. Finished laundry can not be dried and when an appointment is due, you are standing there without fresh clothes. For this reason, it is important to know how to fix this error and unlock the door without irreparably damaging the machine.

The washing machine is one of the most important household appliances and indispensable for people in the profession, families and general well-being. If you do not want to run into the laundrette every week, you need a functioning machine and therefore a sudden mistake is unfavorable for the user. One of the biggest problems with washing machines is a locked door, which often happens during or after a wash program and has several causes. In addition to the causes are due to the numerous manufacturers in the field of household electronics different solutions for unlocking the washing machine door, which is confused and frustrated. The following tips will help you quickly and effectively unlock your branded washing machine.

Possible causes

Why does not the washing machine open ">

  • Water is not pumped out
  • Lock is stuck
  • Device damaged due to wear or signs of aging

Of course, this is different for every machine and the individual manufacturers, from Bosch to Miele, have different approaches to unlock your model. Nevertheless, there are some universal solutions to the above problems that can help.

Note: Power outages are often responsible for a non-opening washing machine door. Most of the time the program will continue running after the power connection is restored, so just wait a bit and turn on the washing machine again.

Pump off water

If your washing machine shuts off and you can not open the door afterwards, you should first check if there is still water in the drum. If this is the case, the washing machine can not drain the water. This is due to the sensors in the machine, which do not release the door mechanism when the water has not completely drained. This serves as protection against possible leakage of the washing machine. When pumping out the remaining water, proceed as follows:

1. Press the manual pump down function. This will automatically drain the water in a functioning washing machine. Time required: 1 minute.
Picture hint: Control panel with indicated draining function for clarification

2. Open the drain pump including the lint filter in the lower part of the machine. This will catch any lint during washing and will also store excess water. Often this point is sufficient if the pump down process is also performed. Please note: As soon as you open the drain pump, water will flow out of the machine. Catch it with either a bowl or make an absorbent underlay.


3. Check the drain hose behind the washing machine. If these are kinked or blocked, no water can drain. Untangle the tube or stop it. To do this you must first switch off the washing machine and turn off the drain hose. Have a bucket ready! Now remove all hair, lint and foreign body from the hose and fasten it again.

Note: Modern washing machines can not be opened immediately after the washing program. Depending on the manufacturer, the waiting times for opening the door vary between two and five minutes and are usually indicated by a red lock symbol.

Lock is stuck

If the machine still can not be opened using the above methods, you should unlock the door yourself. If you have been waiting for several minutes without success or the machine shuts off by itself and can not be opened, try the following:

1. Disconnect the washing machine. If it still does not open after that, the lock or the door mechanism jams badly.

2. Gently beat the door. Mostly the lock moves only a little and can be solved. Please share your strength, because you should not hit the door too hard.

3. Emergency release for mechanical locks: older machines usually still have an emergency release, which is usually located behind the cover for the lint filter. Now you simply have to pull out this release and the door will open. Depending on the model, the release may be located elsewhere.

4. Electronic Locks: To do this you must first turn off the washing machine (extremely important) and then open the back. This happens in most cases over several screws, which are to be found particularly at the corners of the machine. Now you can use a screwdriver to press the lock from the inside when you reach into the machine. Then screw again and then. But this is only necessary if the washing machine does not have an emergency release.

These forms of emergency release are often effective, but opening the electronic locks is somewhat more difficult. If you prefer to play it safe, you should definitely use the solution provided by the manufacturer. This is tuned directly to the device. An advantage here: if the emergency release does not work by the manufacturer's instructions, you know that your washing machine has a technical defect.

Manufacturer instructions in detail

The following instructions are specifically designed for each manufacturer's assortment and help to operate the emergency release. Important safety instructions are also listed here, so that you do not injure yourself or endanger yourself in this task.


The washing machines of the company are very common in the German apartments and therefore it is good to know how they can be unlocked. As with other modern washing machines, the models are equipped with a function that automatically opens the door a few minutes after the end of the program. If this is not the case or the power has failed, proceed as follows:

  • Turn off the device
  • open the lint filter cover
  • Drain the water by turning the lint filter out
  • use a screwdriver or other tool
  • the emergency release is located to the right of the lint filter, looks like a black pencil
  • push it down with the tool
  • the door can now be opened

Alternatively, the parental control of many new models of the manufacturer is to blame. Disable them and the door can also be opened. A non-locking door at Bosch is indicated by the "-P-" symbol and the symbol of an open washing machine door.


Siemens is just as common among the Germans and every year brings a variety of models, which are equipped with new features, but the same emergency release. The machines also have a safety function that starts when a program is aborted. Here you just have to wait until the door unlocks itself. If you need the emergency opening, this happens as with the Bosch models.


Miele is by far the largest manufacturer in the field of washing machines in Germany and has a wide range of numerous models. Here is the emergency release also behind the flap of the lint filter, here is not black, but orange or yellow and can be easily pulled out by hand. Therefore, you do not even need tools for this.

Please note: If the letter "F" and the number 35 flash one after the other, there is an error with the door lock that can not be opened. Here, the manufacturer recommends that you contact the customer support, as this is mainly about problems with the technology itself and the emergency release will not work.


In the Bauknecht models there are several approaches to unlock the door:

1. Command input
2. Emergency release

An advantage of the Bauknecht models is the indication when the door can not be opened. So if your model is either code FdL or F29, you'll see that the door is locked and one of the above solutions needs to be used. If you are still unsuccessful, you must contact customer support.

1. Command input

  • Press the door lock with force
  • simultaneously press the on and off button for a period of three seconds
  • in the case of a hot cycle, you must press the button again for three seconds
  • then switch on the washing machine again
  • if it does not open, clean the lint filter
  • To do this, remove the cap at the bottom of the machine
  • unscrew the sieve and drain the water, and remove lint
  • screw the strainer back in and close the flap
  • Now press the on and off button again for three seconds
  • if the door still does not unlock then you must press the emergency opening

2. Emergency opening

  • remove the flap at the bottom of the machine
  • on the right or left side next to the lint filter is a screw
  • unscrew them
  • Behind this there is a bolt that is marked with the command "open door"
  • pull this down
  • fix the latch by the screw
  • close the flap
  • open the door


Beko is one of the youngest manufacturers in the field of household electronics and the company is known for quite cheap washing machines, which sometimes suffer from quality. Above all, their life is very limited, which could quickly lead to problems with the door mechanism. The only form of emergency opening at Beko is via the door mechanism itself. Simply press the handle of the door, push the door in and out. If this does not work, you need to contact customer support.


Gorenje offers a similar scope as Bosch, Siemens or Miele and here the system of emergency opening runs in the same way. You do not need a screwdriver to loosen screws here, just to pry open the flap. Thus, you can open the door within a few seconds.

General safety instructions

When operating the emergency opening, there are always a few things to keep in mind so that you do not endanger yourself and your environment:

  • Always switch off the machine
  • from the stream
  • Before opening, drain the water, otherwise there is a risk of flooding
  • as a precaution, place a drip tray under the drainage pump and the lint filter (important for sensitive floors)
  • It is essential to allow the washing machine to cool down before opening the lint filter or the lye pump, as the hot lye water could cause scalding
  • Always clean the lint filter during the process
  • Never operate the emergency release during the program, as this could result in injury, scalding or damage to the machine
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