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Windlicht tinker - 4 creative DIY ideas

  • Windlicht tinker with tracing paper
  • DIY lantern made of brackets
  • Lantern from a tin
  • Making a shell windlight

Lanterns are special decorative elements - for several reasons: First, they donate light and heat. On the other hand, they are suitable for every season and can be adapted by different motives to spring, summer, autumn and winter. We present you four wonderful instructions that explain step by step how to make a high-quality lantern. We introduce you to very simple variants, as well as small challenges for experienced hobbyists.

Windlicht tinker with tracing paper

We start with the simplest way to make a lantern. It does not last long and can be implemented very well with children.

You need this:

  • empty glass (eg used and washed out jam, mustard or cucumber glass)
  • Transparent paper / tissue paper in many bright colors
  • wallpaper paste
  • brush


Step 1: Fill an old plastic cup with about three quarters of cold water.

2nd step: then stir in the powdered paste. Wait two to three minutes. Then stir the paste again.

Step 3: Tear off colorful tracing paper or tissue paper into many small pieces.

Tip: Do not be too strict. It does not matter if the pieces are of different sizes and shapes.

Step 4: Take the empty glass, which should become the lantern, and the brush to the hand. Immerse the latter in the paste mixture and paint the entire lantern glass with it.

5th step: Glue the colored pieces of paper to the glass.

Tip: You can also glue the individual pieces a bit over each other, so that there are no vacancies at the end and all parts flow nicely into each other.

Step 6: Now you can wrap the edge with a matching color cord. This is also simply brushed with paste. Let the glass dry for a few hours - ready!

Tip: Instead of plain tracing paper, you can also use those with designs. This gives the lantern an even more special touch.

Difficulty level: low
Cost: low
Time required: low

DIY lantern made of brackets

This lantern has a special DIY character and yet looks classy. Even if you want to make the tea light color rather discreet, the brackets provide a real eye-catcher.

You need this:

  • flat can or muffin cases made of aluminum
  • Teelichtglas
  • wooden clamps
  • Washi Tape
  • scissors
  • possibly acrylic paint and brush


Step 1: First, take the clothespins apart. Then you can decorate them with washi-tape or paint them with acrylic paint.

2nd step: After everything has dried, the brackets are reassembled.

Step 3: The empty and cleaned can (or muffin dish) is now brushed to match the staples - either using the same washi tape, a matching color, or just leaving the can as it is.

Step 4: Then clamp the clips around the container.

5. Schirtt: In the middle of the tin is then placed the tealight glass - done!

Difficulty level: easy
Cost: low
Time required: low

Lantern from a tin

It does not always have to be glass. Just make a lantern from a normal can. The result will certainly inspire you.

You need this:

  • clean tin can
  • permanent markers
  • hammer
  • nail
  • Lacquer, acrylic or spray paint
  • brush
  • Decoration * (optional)

* As decoration, for example, bands (such as lace band) come into question.


Step 1: Clean the tin if necessary. Also remove any label residues.

Step 2: Draw a pattern on the can you like with a permanent marker.

3rd step: Now it gets a little tricky. Take nail and hammer to hand. Use these two utensils to punch the marked pattern in the tin.


  • The nail should not be too short so you can hold it tight.
  • There is a trick to prevent the can from denting when hammered. But for this you have to interrupt your work for one or two days: put water in the can and put it in the freezer for 24 to 48 hours - just until the water is well frozen. Then take out the can and start immediately "engraving" the pattern. The ice acts as a buffer and guarantees more beautiful results. Once you have broken the pattern, you can remove the ice.

Step 4: Paint the can with the color of your choice, eg red, purple or white. Variants include lacquer, acrylic and spray paint. Possibly. you will need a brush to apply it.

Tip: paint the box both outside and inside. For the inner area, we recommend a light color to make the light look better later.

5th step: Now the paint has to dry well.

Step 6: Pierce the pattern holes again with the nail as they may have filled with paint while painting. Be careful not to tarnish the color layer.

Step 7: On request, you can now decorate your lantern a little, for example, with a bright lace band that matches the color of the painted can. Simply cut it to the appropriate length, apply it with spray glue and attach it to the Ex can, which has almost instantly turned into a decorative lantern. Finished!

Difficulty level: low
Cost: medium
Time required: medium to high

Making a shell windlight

This maritime shell windlight is perfect for the bathroom. At the next beach holiday, just collect shells, which you can later bring to bear in such a noble piece. If you want to be able to make such a lantern even without holidays, there are also some well-stocked craft shops selling shells.

You need this:

  • hot glue
  • empty jam jar
  • Shellfish
  • cord
  • scissors


Begin by gluing the glass to the bottom. Glue a series of shells around with hot glue. Either you go for a pattern or you choose a wild variant.

Work piece by piece up to the edge of the glass. Try to glue the shells staggered so that there are no big gaps. If you still have a few unsightly gaps in the pattern, you can then fill them with small shells or pearls.

Difficulty level: easy
Cost: low (depends on where you got the shells from)
Time required: low

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