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Remove candle wax - tips for all surfaces

  • How do I remove the wax stains from different materials "> clothes and carpet runners
  • Fixed carpets
  • Glass and lantern holder
  • tiling
  • Wooden floor and wooden furniture
  • plastic

The mishap happened quickly and candle wax dripped onto the tablecloths or the wooden floor. In order for the wax to be removed without residue, the correct procedure is crucial. You must not damage the material and must therefore proceed depending on the particular substrate. Read what tactics are best.

Candles consist of a wick and a surrounding fuel or wax. When the wax melts and becomes liquid, it drips down from the candle. The longer the candle burns, the greater the risk of the drop. Some candle holders are equipped with collection containers that can be cleaned. Place a bowl under the candle, then prevent the candle wax from getting on the tablecloth. Porcelain dishes are relatively easy to clean again. On the other hand, wax stains on the floor or clothing are problematic. They require a more elaborate approach and success is not always given. We have sorted the methods according to the respective materials, which gives you a quick guide.

How do I remove the wax stains from different materials?

Clothes and carpet runners

Method 1: As the hardened wax bonds with the fibers of the textiles, you must be very careful. If you would tear off the candle wax by force, then you would damage the clothing or the carpet. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Soak the stain from the back with warm water. The heat ensures that the wax becomes more fluid.

Step 2: Press a cloth onto the wax stain to absorb the wax.

Step 3: Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Method 2: By heat, the wax becomes liquid. The opposite approach works with the effect of cold. Put the clothes in the freezer for about 30 minutes. The wax gets stronger and crumbles more easily. Remove the wax by hand and then put the clothes in the washing machine.

Attention: Especially sensitive and expensive textiles should be handled carefully. If it is a light wool coat and colored wax, so ugly stains may remain. Therefore, in this case, professional cleaning in a laundry is necessary because commercially available chemical agents are used. However, there are higher costs and the chemicals used are not environmentally friendly.

If there are any marks left over, you can use spirit for cleaning. Handle the spirit with care and remove all remains thoroughly. Avoid the influence of heat.

Fixed carpets

Place blotting paper on the wax stain. Then take an iron and set it to low to medium level. Iron over the stain until the wax is absorbed by the blotting paper. In some cases, margins may be left behind. You can try to remove the leftovers from the stain with water.

Glass and lantern holder

The trick is to work with heat. The relatively smooth materials can be treated with warm water and detergent. If the wax can not be removed directly, then you can soak the materials for about 30 minutes. Fill the lantern holder with warm water and detergent and wait until the wax dissolves easily. Take advantage of this moment and remove as much of the wax as possible. Then work with a sponge, water and detergent.


If the wax drips on the tiles and hardens, you can first try to scrape off the wax. A ceramic hob scraper is a good choice. However, you will most likely not be able to remove the stain completely. If left over, use a hairdryer and gently warm the wax. It is now easier to remove. If this method is not sufficient either, let the wax harden again and use the hard side of a kitchen sponge and water mixed with detergent. (Attention: Do not use a metal sponge)

Wooden floor and wooden furniture

Wood must not be overheated or treated with a large amount of moisture. If it is painted wood, then you can buy wax remover in the hardware store and use this. Note, however, the safety instructions, as they are chemical agents. Be sure to ventilate well and wear protective gloves. For unpainted wood, use a hairdryer and blotting paper. Place the blotting paper on the stain and heat the wax with the hair dryer. If you have leftovers, you must try to clean the area with a little water and a cloth.

Tip: Laminate flooring is coated and can be carefully processed with a Ceranfeld scraper. Remove the top layers and then work with water and detergent. However, the soil must not be too humid because the water can easily get into the cracks.


If wax dripped on plastic surface, then this can also be removed by means of heat or cold. However, you must be aware that not every plastic is suitable for the low temperatures of the freezer. The material can become brittle and break. Excessive heating can also damage the material or even release toxic fumes. In the case of a plastic garden table, the best thing to do is:

Method 1: Place a cloth covered with ice cubes on the stain. The wax becomes hard and can be removed. The connection between a smooth plastic surface and the candle wax is usually low, which makes it easy to remove the stain.

Method 2: Place the garden table in the sun as usual and let the wax melt. Do not wait too long and quickly pick up the wax with a cloth. In this method, however, it may cause discoloration of the plastic, for example, if it is a white table and red wax.

Placemats made of plastic can be treated well with warm water

Should I order a cleaning or remove the wax myself?> What costs arise?

The procedure described lead to relatively low costs. In the case of blotting paper, dishwashing detergent and many other aids, the costs are negligible. Ceran field scrapers are available for about 3 euros. If you use the services of a professional clothes cleaning company, the prices depend on the supplier and the garment. While a pillow case costs around 10 euros, cleaning a coat can cost around 50 euros. It is not a standard laundry, so individual prices are agreed. If you use a wax remover available in the hardware store, then you have to take into account expenses of about 10 euros.

Wax has dripped onto the table - Should I react quickly or wait?

Both variants are possible. If it is a glass table, you can absorb the wax with a cloth and hope that it can be removed without residue. Wipe with a damp cloth and staining is usually avoided. If, on the other hand, the wax has dripped onto the clothing, it is better to allow the stain to dry first. The fibers of the textiles are stressed by the heat of the very hot wax and can be damaged. Allow the wax to dry and then choose one of the procedures described. Haste is rarely required, as dried wax can be replaced with a little luck in a little luck more easily.

Tips for quick readers:

  • heat wax with a hair dryer
  • Put clothes in the freezer
  • work with ceramic hob scraper
  • Use blotter and hair dryer
  • Use wax remover
  • in case of doubt professional cleaning
  • Use ice cubes for cooling
  • Do not heat wood too much
  • Only wipe the wood damp
  • Plastic can become brittle in the freezer
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