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Crochet women's jacket - free guide for beginners

Can you just crochet such a women's jacket as a beginner ">

It doesn't even matter which pattern of a granny square you choose. Choose a very simple variant if you want to practice basics like single crochet and double crochet. The version of a Granny Square presented here demands a little more basic skill. However, since you will crochet over 30 pieces of it, you will become a professional within this project. The result is chic, practical and absolutely individual!


  • Material and preparation
  • Häkelanleitung
    • Crochet Granny Square
    • Connect Granny Squares
  • Crochet the women's jacket together
  • Theses
  • Even more individuality

Material and preparation

  • Crochet thread for a jacket
  • matching crochet hook

Choose the material and colors of crochet thread that you like best. A cotton blend is usually recommended for beginners. It is very easy to crochet. On the banderole you will find a recommendation on how many grams of the yarn in question you need for a sweater. For a women's jacket you will need just as much in something. Whether you keep everything in one color, choose our two-tone version or choose a completely different one is up to you.

In order for you to have a rough comparison of how many granny squares you need from your pattern and from your specific yarn, you will find some basic data here:

  • One of our Granny Squares measures 14 x 14 cm.
  • We crochet a size 40 women's jacket.
  • Our women's jacket has short sleeves and extends to the hips.

If your squares are of a different size or if you want to crochet a different size of women's jacket, you will need to add more or fewer Granny Squares accordingly. You will also need to crochet a few more squares for long sleeves, as well as for a longer jacket that extends to the thighs. Everything is possible and very easy to implement - even for beginners.

Tip: The individual Granny Squares can be put together like a puzzle. Connect them temporarily with safety pins and test again and again whether the women's jacket fits you.


Crochet Granny Square

Prior knowledge:

  • thread ring
  • stitches
  • chain stitches
  • rod
  • double chopsticks
  • single crochet
  • Clusters (meshed together)

This pattern may seem a bit challenging for beginners. But you have the courage to try it out with the help of the instructions for the individual types of stitches. When you have finished the women's jacket, you are really a professional for all the stitches listed here.

1 round:
Pick up the first color. Make a thread ring with four single crochets .

2nd round:
Crochet 4 chain stitches (= 1 double crochet + 1 chain stitch) and one double crochet in the same stitch. After a chain stitch, double crochet in each stitch of the preliminary round (= 8 double crochet in total). Always crochet a chain stitch between the double crochet. Complete the round with a slip stitch in the third chain stitch from the beginning.

3rd round:
Make a slip stitch in the first space under the chain stitch. Crochet three chain stitches. Two double crochet sticks follow in the same space. Make three chain stitches. There is now a triple rod cluster in each space. Always crochet three chain stitches between the clusters. End the round with a slip stitch in the first cluster.

Note: Crochet clusters or double-crocheted double crochets as follows: Start one double crochet, but only pull the thread through the first two loops on your needle. Likewise, make the second, third, fourth ... double crochet. There is always a loop on your needle. In the end, pull the thread through all the loops together.

4th round:
Start with a slip stitch in the first space under the three chain stitches. Now crochet a 4-fold cluster with double double crochet in each of the eight spaces. In the first cluster, replace the first double double crochet with four chain stitches. In the cluster with double sticks, pull the thread through two loops twice and leave the last loop on the needle until the end. Alternately crochet six and four chain stitches between the clusters. End the round with a slip stitch in the first cluster. Make another chain stitch, cut the thread and pull through the stitch.

5th round:
Pick up the second thread color. Start in a space of six chain stitches with three chain stitches. These represent the first double crochet for a four-fold double crochet cluster. So crochet three more double crocheted double crochets. This is followed by two chain stitches, a 4-fold double crochet cluster, four chain stitches, a 4-fold double crochet cluster, two chain stitches and a last 4-fold double crochet cluster in the same space. After two chain stitches, continue in the next space with a 4-fold double crochet cluster, two chain stitches and a second 4-fold double crochet cluster.

A total of four large and small gaps now alternate. Two clusters always come into the small spaces and four clusters into the large ones. Always crochet two chain stitches between the clusters. Only between the second and third clusters in the large space are four chain stitches (= corners). Join the round with a slip stitch in the first cluster.

6th round:
Make a slip stitch in the first space under the two chain stitches of the preliminary round. In this space, crochet three chain stitches, a double crochet and an air stitch. The next space with four chain stitches is a corner. In this crochet three normal double crochets, three chain stitches and three additional double crochets. After a chain stitch, work two double crochets in the space between.

Now there are always two double crochets in one space and a chain stitch alternating as a transition to the next space. The corners are crocheted as described. You finish this round with a slip stitch in the third chain stitch from the beginning of the round.

7th round:
This last round consists of single crochets . You crochet a single crochet in each double crochet and in each space in the previous round. There are two single crochets, two chain stitches and two further single crochets in each of the three chain stitches at the corners. Finish the round with a slip stitch in the first single crochet.

The basis for your women's jacket has now been created. For a size 40 with short sleeves and a thread for size 4 crochet hook, you need to crochet a total of 38 granny squares according to this scheme.

Connect Granny Squares

Assembling the individual squares is a very easy exercise even for beginners. There are different methods for this. We prefer the "crochet together with slip stitch" variant.

To do this, place the two squares you want to connect exactly on top of each other. The two undersides look outwards. Now take the thread and make a loop like at the beginning of an air chain. Pierce through the corners of both squares and pull the thread towards you. Make a slip stitch. Now crochet along the entire edge with slip stitches. Just insert the outer part of the stitch and get the thread through. How to crochet stitch by stitch the two squares together on one side. For the last stitch, pull the thread through the two corners again.

If you want to crochet several squares together in a row, continue in the same pattern. Place the next two squares exactly on top of each other. After the last corner of the previous edge, get the thread through the corner of the next two squares. This way you can put together as many Granny Squares as you want in a row.

Crochet the women's jacket together

The jacket is composed of several individual parts. There are left and right front, back and two sleeves. The front sides each consist of 2 x 4 squares . The back is made up of 4 x 4 squares . For these areas, crochet the squares along the entire length of the edge.

Connect a front with the back by crocheting together only one and a half squares on the side. Leave the top one and a half squares open for the sleeve. The bottom square is also left open at the edge. You only crochet the edges of the 2nd square from below and the bottom half of the 3rd square from below. This can be clearly seen on the drawing.

Crochet only the outer boxes on the shoulder. The two squares in the middle remain open as a neck opening.

For the sleeves, crochet three granny squares into a ring . This ring fits exactly into the side opening on the shoulder.

Crochet the sleeve along the edges as usual. Your women's jacket for beginners is now almost ready.

Note: For long sleeves, you need to crochet a total of 12 more granny squares. Instead of one ring, the sleeve then consists of three contiguous rings.


In principle, you can now put on the jacket. In order to close them at the front, you can, for example, attach buttons or sew in small locking hooks. Or maybe you like it better to close the jacket with a belt ">

We also crocheted a border . Here, too, there are various options to choose from.

Have fun with your new women's jacket!

Even more individuality

With these many different patterns for granny squares, you can crochet an infinite number of different women's jackets - just as you please: patterns for granny squares

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