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Origami Santa Claus folding - instructions for a Santa Claus made of paper

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Christmas - the feast of love and the feast of decoration. In this tutorial we show you how to fold an origami Santa Claus step by step. The Santa Claus made of paper is really not complicated and therefore perfect for beginners. Newcomers will immediately enjoy the Japanese folding art - promised!

Instructions - Origami Santa Claus

You need Santa Claus for an Origami:

  • a two-colored sheet of origami paper
  • bonefolder
  • markers

Tip: You can buy a wooden or plastic folder in any well-crafted craft shop for a few euros. The purchase is worthwhile especially if you have fallen in love with origami - with a folder the folds are particularly accurate.

Step 1: Place the sheet of origami paper on the patterned or colored side up. Then fold a diagonal line and the two centerlines. The three folds are opened again and again.

Step 2: Apply the paper to the back. It must be so in front of you that the diagonal folding runs from top left to bottom right.

Step 3: Now fold the bottom edge up towards the centerline. Open this fold again. Then fold the right edge towards the vertical center fold.

Step 4: Afterwards, turn the paper over on the back side - place it in front of you so that the just-folded cut points point towards you.

Step 5: Fold the tip down to the midpoint. The fold is opened again.

Step 6: Then fold the same tip again, but this time only until the fold from the previous step. Open the fold again.

Step 7: Repeat step 6, but leave the fold at.

Step 8: Then hammer the tip in half once. Thereafter, the resulting strip is beaten a second time.

Step 9: Turn the paper back onto the back and fold the paper together as shown in the pictures.

Step 10: Turn the paper 180 °. The lower tip is then folded completely up.

Step 11: In zig-zag, fold the top down three times.

12th step: Afterwards, the origami Santa Claus is turned back. Fold the left and right points towards the middle. It creates another square.

Step 13: The side corners are now folded inwards again. Fold the complete layers over. This will be a bit more difficult as the paper has already been folded several times.

Step 14: Then fold in the lower tip a little bit upwards.

15th step. Apply the origami Santa Claus and miss him with felt-tip pens eyes, nose, mouth and buttons! Done is the homemade Origami Santa!

The Santa Claus made of paper can now be used in many different ways - whether as Christmas tree decorations, gifts for the gifts or the Advent wreath.

Instructional Video

You can sometimes understand moving pictures a bit better, so here's a video that shows each step exactly. So, the Origami Santa Claus is definitely something!

Further instructions

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