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Crochet cable knit - free crochet pigtail instructions

  • Crochet Cable Knit - Instructions
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Crochet patterns sometimes have it in them. At first glance, the cable pattern seems to be one of these patterns - it looks complicated. But with a few practiced rows, you'll soon realize it's not that difficult and actually perfect for beginners. In addition to a pretty pattern with crochet pigtails, it also offers you the opportunity to practice Reliefstäbchen. Therefore, in this illustrated tutorial we show you how to crochet the cable pattern.

Important crochet techniques:

  • stitches
  • Fixed stitches
  • Whole chopsticks
  • Relief sticks and double relief sticks

Crochet Cable Knit - Instructions

We show you the first variant of the cable pattern on a crochet piece with two pigtails. The individual braids have a width of 5 stitches each. So that there is a certain distance between the braids, we take 3 stitches each for the edge next to the braids.

This means we need a chain of stitches as base with 19 stitches (3 - 5 - 3 - 5 - 3).


Hit a 19-mesh airmesh chain. Then follow 2 air mesh as spiral air mesh.

From the third stitch on from the needle, crochet a stitch into each stitch until the end of the row.

Now crochet 3 spiral air meshes. This is followed by a series of whole chopsticks.

1st row

Start with 3 spiral air meshes (this will replace the first one). This is followed by two chopsticks in the next 2 stitches.

  • * Crochet 2 relief sticks from the front, 1 chopsticks, 2 relief sticks from the front * = the beginning of the pigtail.

Note: For these relief sticks, pull the thread from front to back around the stick of the front row and crochet a whole stick around this stick as usual.

  • Now follow 3 sticks.
  • Repeat the sequence ** for the second braid.
  • The conclusion of the series are 3 sticks.

2nd row

Start the series again with 3 spiral air meshes. Then crochet 2 sticks.

Now you have reached the point where you can see the braid on the back. Now crochet as follows:

  • * 2 relief sticks from the back, 1 stick, 2 relief sticks from the back *
  • There are 3 sticks.
  • Crochet now the episode **.
  • The conclusion is 3 sticks.

Note: The relief sticks are always crocheted alternately, so that on one side the raised ribs, the braid can be seen.

3rd row

Crochet 3 twisted air and 2 sticks.

Now the first time it is plucked. For this you need double relief sticks. These are characterized by the fact that not once, but twice an envelope is brought to the needle.

* Crochet the first double relief stick from the front around the third relief stick of the previous row. Then crochet a double relief stick from the front around the fourth. Now crochet a normal chopsticks in the middle of the braid. Then crochet a double relief stick from the front around the first relief stick of the previous row and then one for the second. The picture shows exactly how. *

The numbers show the four relief sticks.
  • This is followed by three whole sticks.
  • Repeat the sequence ** also on the second braid.
  • The series is completed with 3 sticks.

4th row

You start again with 3 spiral air mills and 2 sticks.

* Then crochet simple relief sticks from behind. Only 2 in number, then again a normal chopsticks in the middle and then two relief sticks from behind. *

With the last two relief sticks you have to look for the sticks of the previous row you would like to crochet. These are below the middle pigtail node. The pictures show exactly where.

Note: Always crochet the relief sticks as they appear. See a relief stick on the front, crochet one stabbed from the front. See the relief on the back from behind.

  • Now follow again 3 sticks.
  • You repeat the episode ** on the second pigtail and
  • Finish the series as usual with 3 sticks.

5th row

Start with 3 spiral air mills and 2 chopsticks.

Then crochet the braid as it appears. This time, the relief sticks are inserted again from the front, as in the 1st row of the pattern.

The row ends again with 3 sticks.

The cable pattern is now finished and can be repeated. Always keep in mind the distance, so three rods between the braids. Always crochet the ribs as they appear and pay attention to the order of picking: 3 - 4 - 1 - 2.

We recommend again a set of stitches for the completion of the crochet piece as at the beginning.

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