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How to eat a pomegranate - core it made easy!

  • Eat pomegranate without splashes - Instructions
    • Squeeze pomegranate
    • Knock out the pomegranate seeds
    • Peel pomegranate properly
    • Open pomegranate under water

From September to December you can enjoy the sweet and sour pomegranate seeds in Germany. The "fruit of the gods" is an oriental fruit and especially in winter a helpful vitamin supplier. But you ask yourself how many others: How do I eat a pomegranate ">

The pomegranate provides you with fiber, potassium and vitamin C - the consumption is therefore especially in winter a blessing for the immune system. It is not without reason that it is one of the healthiest types of fruit. In addition, the ripe pomegranate seeds, which can be eaten quietly, and the pulp are delicious - sweet to sour they should be. The core and pulp around it should be crisp and not too hard, but not too soft either. Only then do they develop their full taste.

Eat pomegranate without splashes - Instructions

First, you should know what you can and can not eat from the pomegranate. Unlike other fruits, such as apples or pears, you eat a pomegranate the other way around. The small, red seeds inside are edible. The orange to reddish peel, however, is very bitter and not suitable for consumption. Also inedible is the white skin that surrounds the nuclei.

How you ultimately prepare the red pomegranate seeds is entirely up to you. As a sweet and sour supplier they can also be eaten in combination with salad, juice or desserts. Even with savory dishes, this aroma fits very well.

The well-known method of simply cutting open the pomegranate and laboriously picking it out by hand usually ends in a big mess with many red splashes on clothes and kitchen. Therefore we recommend these four alternatives:

Squeeze pomegranate

No splashes, this method is certainly not enough, but this is the pressing very fast. Simply enjoy the pomegranate in liquid form. Halve the fruit in half and squeeze out the two halves like an orange on a lemon squeezer. The healthy juice can be caught and consumed immediately.
A reinforced technique is also the pressing with a spaetzle press.

Knock out the pomegranate seeds

Before the pomegranate is cut open, roll it back and forth on the work surface with a little pressure. Knead the fruit as much as possible through it - so the cores can dissolve inside. Then halve the pomegranate with a knife. Then take a larger bowl and hold the fruit over it. Now knock the seeds out of the bowl with a wooden spoon. The pomegranate seeds fall naturally into the shell. It is so easy.

Peel pomegranate properly

In this way you can open the pomegranate and at the same time portion it. First cut out the stalk. For this you circle this with the knife tip. Then simply pry out the stalk. Now scratch the pomegranate a few times, starting from the stem side down to the bottom. With a little force, the individual parts can be broken out. The white skin is easy to recognize and can be easily removed with your fingers.

Open pomegranate under water

The method with the fewest splashes is the opening of a pomegranate under water. Prepare a large bowl of water. Then cut the pomegranate in the middle. The two halves can now be broken piece by piece in the bowl under water. Simply loosen the cores with your fingers. At the bottom of the bowl, all the cores gather, which you then simply sift out. In this way, the cores can be solved spatter-free and washed at the same time.

Have fun trying!

Tips for quick readers:

  • red seeds inside are edible
  • Shell and white skin inside are inedible
  • Squeeze pomegranate
  • Knock out pomegranate seeds
  • Cut pomegranate properly
  • Core pomegranate under water
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