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Sew Diaper Bag - DIY Instructions and Patterns

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Mothers know that: They are on the way, at home you have quickly changed the diaper of your baby, but suddenly you realize that a diaper change is needed again. Of course, there are large pockets that fit in just everything for the baby. We'll show you today how you can easily sew a nappy bag yourself that will fit in just about any handbag. Our bag is about the size of a paperback book. Of course, this can also be increased arbitrarily.

The bag has space for 3 - 4 diapers and a pack of wet wipes and possibly a small tube of cream or the like.

This diaper bag is a wonderful project for beginners and in terms of design you can let off steam here too.
The material has most seamstresses and seamstresses already at home.


  • sewing machine
  • matter
  • Yarn, pins and scissors
  • Push Button Set
  • Tailor's chalk or water-soluble pen
  • paper

The sewing machine

We used a simple machine that would even be available from the supermarket in your area. Normally you only need a simple straight stitch for our diaper bag. For stitching the complete bag at the end of course, a decorative stitch is possible, but not necessary. Our sewing machine is from Silvercrest and the new price is about 100, - Euro.

The fabrics

For the outside of the diaper bag, we used a simple cotton fabric with a cute motif. For the inside, we have a kind of oilcloth processed, which makes the bag relatively firm. In addition, the bag is also erasable by this fabric inside. However, if you do not want to use oilcloth, you must remember to incorporate the ironing insert for reinforcement. You can get a running meter of fabric from 5, - Euro.

The push button

For the simple push buttons plastic 4 different parts are needed. You also need a special pliers, which should be present in a push-button starter set. We have our push button set with about 150 snaps, pliers and repair kit online for about 15, - € purchased.
For the closure of the diaper bag, of course, other closures can be selected.

The tailor's chalk or the water-soluble pen

To mark the pattern, you can use either a tailor's chalk or a special water-soluble pen. The tailor's chalk is usually available in the colors white, gray or blue and costs about 4, - Euro. The pen can be removed with a few drops of water. A big advantage: You can draw much more accurately with the pen. The pencil costs about 5, - Euro.


Get all the materials ready for you to work in peace. And now it starts:

Create and cut patterns

1. Create a pattern.

In principle, it is sufficient if you cut out a rectangle of 58 x 22 cm. We have made a drawing for clarity. Take time for the pattern. The more accurate the pattern, the nicer the result.

2. Draw the pattern 2x on your fabrics.

Tip for beginners: Stick your pattern calmly on the fabric. How to prevent slipping.

3. Cut the fabrics.

Tip: Put on a new pair of scissors, which is relatively large and which you use ONLY for fabrics. So you enjoy the scissors for a long time.

4. Now lay the two blanks together right to right. This means that you put the "beautiful" sides of the fabrics together. For security, you can pin everything with pins.

Sew diaper bag

5. Now it's time to sew.

Set a simple straight stitch on your machine. The color of the yarn does not matter, because you will not see this seam later.

Attention: Do not forget to always "lock" your seams. Here you start your seam in forward gear. After a few stitches, confirm the return button, which is usually on the front right side of the machine, and sew back a few stitches. Then release again and continue sewing as usual. Also at the end you should lock to avoid loosening the seam.

Sew once around the two superimposed fabrics. Important: leave about 10 cm open so that you can turn the fabric around.

Tip for the corners: To work the corners nicely, sew to the end and stop when the needle is in the fabric. Then lift the presser foot, turn the fabric 90 degrees and lower the presser foot again.

6. Cut the corners at an angle. This makes it easier to work out the corners after turning the fabric.

7. Now turn the bag. Keep going slowly so as not to damage your bag.

8. With a pen, a crochet hook or similar, you can now work out the corners by pushing it from the inside with slight pressure in the corners.

9. Close the reversing hole. To do this, simply sew along the edged opening with a short edge.

10. Now strike the outside inwards. Measure 10 cm from each side and flip edge over edge. Of course you can then get stuck in the whole thing.

11. Then sew completely along the long sides.

Here you can take a simple straight stitch. We chose a non-uniform stitch in a contrasting color.

Install push button

12. Now we come to attach the push button.

The button we worked through the insides of the bag. If you work the button through all fabric layers, of course, reduces the size of the inner pockets. Push the bottom of the first half of the button into the bag and pierce through the fabrics. Then press the top firmly on the top. Then press everything down with the pliers. Of course, the same thing has to be done on the other side.

FINISHED! Now your personal diaper bag is ready and can go into use.

You can take your self-sewn diaper bag wherever you go and it will fit in almost any handbag. The diaper bag is not really larger than a classic clutch and can also be easily taken in hand.

We hope you enjoy sewing your personal diaper bag.


  • Diaper bag in patchwork design to process leftovers
  • Embroider the name of the baby
  • sew a small compartment for a pacifier or similar in the diaper bag
  • Instead of a press button, choose a Velcro fastener
  • larger pattern to store even change clothes

Look for a larger diaper bag with integrated pad "> Diaper bag with pad sewing

Tips for quick readers:

  • Create a pattern
  • Mark cutting pattern 2x and cut out
  • Put fabrics right to right and sew them around, do not forget the opening
  • Cut corners at an angle and turn everything over
  • Sew turning opening tight-edged
  • Turn inwards 10 cm and sew along the long sides
  • Install push button
  • DONE is diaper bag
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