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Crochet Poinsettia - Free Crochet Pattern

  • Crochet poinsettia
  • Material and preparation
    • Previous knowledge
  • Häkelanleitung
    • leaves
    • Small yellow flowers
    • The yellow flowers
    • Green leaves
  • completion
    • adjust size

The poinsettia pleases every flower lover by its striking appearance. Its green leaves are trumped by bright red cover leaves. These beautiful red-colored leaves serve as attractants for insects. The actual, tiny and rather inconspicuous yellow flower, sits small and simple in the middle between the luminous bracts.

To crochet this radiant poinsettia is no great art. We will again present you a simple guide. Even beginners can rework such a pretty flower pot.

Crochet poinsettia

With our crochet pattern for a permanently flowering poinsettia, you can enjoy this magnificent plant all year round. As with many of our tutorials, you can also improvise crocheting at the poinsettia . Change the size as you need it. Crochet more of the red and green petals, then the plant becomes denser. Change the sheet size according to your wishes. How to make your own individual poinsettia.

Material and preparation

Basically, you can of course process the yarn that you like. For the poinsettia we recommend a crochet yarn made of 100% mercerised cotton . Mercerized cotton is a pure natural fiber that has a slightly silky sheen. For a crocheted plant the ideal material. Another advantage is that such a crochet yarn gives a particularly nice mesh image.

We crocheted with a crochet hook 2 mm thick . Of course you can also vary here. As already described in many of our manuals, the strength of the crochet hook changes the stitch pattern and size of the crochet work. It is therefore always advisable to crochet a sample with two different needle sizes before starting a crochet work. So you can quickly see which stitch you like more or which size you prefer.

According to our instructions you need:

  • Red cotton yarn
  • Green cotton yarn
  • Very little yellow yarn
  • For crocheted soil may be brown cotton yarn
  • Stable flower wire
  • Aluminum wire for mith crochet
  • Flower wire - tape
  • Crochet hook 2.5 mm
  • wire cutter

Previous knowledge

You need for this crochet pattern no special knowledge.

If you:

  • stitches
  • strong stitches
  • rod
  • Double sticks and
  • chain stitches

crochet, then you can also crochet a poinsettia. If you still need a little refresher on basic knowledge, you can find it in our basic tutorials in "Learn Crochet".


The crocheted poinsettia consists of red and green leaves . The red leaves are composed of three different sizes, the green leaves, however, only one size.

All leaves are crocheted in the last round with a thin aluminum wire often used for jewelery making. It causes the leaves to all get a certain stability and at the same time are malleable .


Red leaves

Each flower needs five red leaves per flower. We put leaf sizes into the following terms.

  • Sheet 1 - this is the smallest sheet
  • Sheet 2 - this is the middle sheet
  • Sheet 3 - is the largest sheet

These three leaf sizes, together with the middle yellow flower part, give the red splendor of the poinsettia.

page 1

Crochet five red leaves. The leaves are all worked in rounds.

  • Fold 15 air stitches - of which the 1st is a spiral air mesh.

1st round: Crochet 14 sts on both sides.

2nd round:

  • 2 strong stitches
  • 1 half stick
  • 2 sticks
  • 1 double stick
  • 2 x 2 double sticks, of which 2 double sticks work in a stitch
  • 1 double stick
  • 2 sticks
  • 1 half stick
  • 2 strong stitches

3rd round:

In this round, the aluminum wire is incorporated. Only fixed stitches work. At the end of this round twirl the wire and crochet with two warp stitches. Cut the wire, bend it with the wire tongs. Sew all threads.

page 2

Five leaves of this size work. Like leaf 1, this leaf is also crocheted in rounds.

  • Cast on 17 pieces of air.

1st round: Crochet 16 sts on both sides.

2nd round:

  • 2 strong stitches
  • 2 half sticks
  • 2 sticks
  • 4 x 2 double sticks - crochet 4 double slices in a stitch
  • 2 sticks
  • 2 half sticks
  • 2 strong stitches

3rd round: In this round, the wire is incorporated again. Crochet all the loops with fixed stitches. Twist the wire ends together and crochet with 2 warp stitches. Bend the wire inside. Sew all threads.

Sheet 3

Crochet five red leaves of this size and continue in rounds.

  • Cast on 21 sts.

1st round: Crochet stitches on each side in each stitch.

2nd round:

  • 2 strong stitches
  • 3 half-sticks
  • 3 sticks
  • Work 4 x 2 double swabs, 4 x 2 double swabs in a stitch
  • 3 sticks
  • 3 half-sticks
  • 2 strong stitches

Round 3: Again with this hand, the wire is put on again in the last round.

Crochet the entire round with tight stitches. Twirl the wire and crochet with 2 warp stitches. Sew on threads.

Small yellow flowers

For these small flowers you need the sturdy flower peg . The small yellow flowers, the red leaf wreath and the green leaves are attached to this wire. First, as shown in the picture, the upper part of the wire is wrapped in a lot of yellow yarn. In doing so, wrap the starting thread with you. Now bend the short end of the wire inwards. Sew the twine with two stitches.

The yellow flowers

For the tiny yellow flowers a small crown is crocheted. Close 5 meshes with a warp stitch to the circle.

Cast on 6 air stitches. Crochet 4 sticks in the 4th of this chain, but mix them together. That is, 4 sticks are crocheted into the puncture site, whereby each stick is always pulled through only the first two loops. The chopsticks are not finished crocheting. After the four sticks are 5 loops on the crochet hook. Now cut off these 5 loops together.

Work a warp stitch in the side of these chopped sticks together. Crochet one sliver stitch into the remaining three stitches. The first head of the flower crown is finished with another chain stitch in the air mesh ring .

From the Luftmaschenring it goes on now with 6 Luftmaschen . Crochet 4 chopped sticks together in the 4th of this chain stitch, finish with a slit stitch . In the three air meshes and the air mesh ring again work Kettmaschen . So crochet the crown until it counts eight finished small flower buds .

Green leaves

The green leaves of the poinsettia are all crocheted in one size . For a flower, we have worked 10 leaves, so there were 5 pairs of leaves.

  • Cast on 29 stitches.

1st round: Crochet 28 sts on both sides.

2nd round:

  • 3 fixed stitches
  • 3 half-sticks
  • 3 sticks
  • 10 double sticks
  • 3 sticks
  • 3 half-sticks
  • 3 fixed stitches

3rd round:

  • 3 fixed stitches
  • 3 half-sticks
  • 3 sticks
  • 10 x 2 double sticks - work 2 double swaths in each stitch
  • 3 sticks
  • 3 half-sticks
  • 3 fixed stitches

4th round:

In this round, the aluminum wire is shackled with. Work in each stitch 1 tight stitch. Twist the wire at the end of the round. Crochet the wire with 2 slips and bend inwards. Sew all threads.


Completion of the red leaves with the flowers

Now sort the red leaves by size. It begins the sewing together of the individual leaf layers . You can use the crochet thread. We worked with a double string of matching color.

Lay the small leaves next to each other as in the picture. They are sewn together on the left side .

Finally, the leaves are closed in a circle and sewn.

Now follows the second and third layers of red leaves .

Always sew these over the space of the previous sheet layer.

Ready-sewed red leaves layers.

So the red leaves get their flower crown:

Insert the pigtail wrapped in yellow yarn in the center of the corolla.

These in turn put you in the middle of the red scroll.

To keep the flower head firmly attached to the pintle, sew it tightly together on the back side and then wrap the thread still strong around the pintle. He should not slip like that.

It follows the arrangement of the green leaves . From the loose leaves, a pair of leaves is placed opposite and connected with wire . Use this wire to attach the leaves below the flower head. The first pair of leaves are tied directly under the red leaves, the other leaves always at a certain distance from the previous pair of leaves. To keep them well, you can also sew them together on the back side on the right and left.

Between the individual pairs of leaves we have the pigtail with a green flower wire tape, it is very thin, wrapped. This is how the flower stem of the poinsettia looks very original.

However, you can also crochet this style with green yarn and chain stitches. This is a good alternative to tape. The first poinsettia of a whole arrangement is ready. It is up to you whether you want to design a whole flowerpot or place the flowers in a vase.

For a flower pot you should crochet at least three to four flower stems from the poinsettia. These are placed in a beautiful pot filled with stones, sand and filler wool. Make sure that the individual flower stems are firmly embedded there.

soil bed

As a ground, you can crochet a ground bed. As you work this earth, we show very clearly in our article "Cactus crochet". There we describe in great detail how you have to work this crochet earth . It's very simple, works fast and looks good.

adjust size

How can I change the size of the poinsettia crochet ">

It's best to draw lines with dashes. For the central, high part of the blade, choose about one third of the stroke. Then count how many stitches you have left and left for the sub-stitches. These are then divided into fixed loops, half chopsticks and whole chopsticks. The lesser meshes are always in the minority.

You see, changing the size with the same yarn is no art. But, you can also crochet a larger poinsettia with a slightly stronger yarn and a thicker crochet hook, for example 3mm, with the same crochet pattern.

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