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Mount washbasin: this is how you determine the perfect height

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If you want to mount a sink, the right height is crucial. This is the only way to prevent unnecessary bending over when washing your hands or brushing your teeth when rinsing your mouth. It depends not only on the height of the people in the household, but also the height of the sink and how the respective design affects them.

One of the most important aspects of sink installation is determining the height. If the height of the washbasin is right, you can relax and enjoy your time in the bathroom and do not have to put up with any back pain. Best of all: The determination of suitable values ​​can easily be calculated using established standards that provide you with effective guideline values . In order to determine the height, it is also important to know how many people live in your household and use the sink regularly. An incorrectly installed washbasin can have a negative effect on your posture in the long run.

DIN standard

Advance: standard value according to the standard

One of the most important aspects for determining the height of wash basins is the DIN 68935 standard, which has also been dubbed the "Coordinating measures for bathroom furniture, appliances and sanitary objects". This standard describes the space requirements in bathrooms and their sanitary facilities, which includes the sink. Ideally, the standard should be applied if you want to mount your sink for the highest comfort.

Two clear benchmarks were summarized in the standard:

  • minimum washbasin height: 85 cm
  • maximum washbasin height: 95 cm

Please note that these values ​​refer only to sinks in rental apartments and public spaces. Of course, if you build an apartment or house yourself, you can mount the sink as deep or high as you like. However, the above frame of 85 to 95 centimeters can be excellently used as a guide to other values. This value is measured from the bottom to the top edge, whereby it does not matter what kind of sink it is.

Tip: This standard also applies to the washbasin height of pedestal washbasins that are not mounted to the wall. Pedestal sinks have a pedestal that allows the sink to be placed easily and even raised, which makes it much easier to adjust the height, even if the first used washbasin height is not quite as good.

Determine height: instructions

As you have now learned, the standard provides a guideline value that can be used excellently for further determination. Now it is time to determine the height and to take the body sizes of the people in the household to help. As a rule of thumb, the following calculation has been established, which covers the majority of average body sizes and thus can be applied easily.

  • Half the height in cm = washbasin height

So if you have the height of an average German man of 180 centimeters, just divide it by the value of 2 and you get the ideal wash basin height of 90 centimeters. By contrast, the average female height is around 165 centimeters, which corresponds to a washbasin height of 82.5 centimeters. As you can see, the average German woman is too small for the standard values ​​of DIN 68935 .

Only from a size of 170 centimeters it would be ideal. But here comes an important factor: Number of people in the household. If an average couple with the previously mentioned values ​​would like to assemble a sink, the bill is as follows.

  • (Calculated washbasin height person 1 + calculated washbasin height person 2) divided by the number of persons = washbasin height

That is, if you add the values ​​of 90 centimeters and 82.5 centimeters and then divide by a value of 2, you reach a final value of 86.25 centimeters for the sink. This fits perfectly in the frame of the standard and can therefore be used ideally. If you have more than two people in the household, just add all the values ​​together and divide the result by the number of people. Of course, it may be that in many smaller people, the recommended sink height drops significantly and vice versa, which can not be influenced.

You should also note possible exceptions to these values:

  • children
  • wheelchairs
  • regular visitors

If you have children, it is not necessary to include another value in the bill. The reason: children grow, which causes their size to change permanently and therefore in the end the sink would hang too low, if you also add the height of the little rascal. If you are aware of having children around, you should consider installing a second washbasin .

As a result, the little ones can easily get to the washbasin. The good old stage does it but in most cases. More important is the height if you mount a sink, which is used by wheelchair users . This must not be included in this bill, as specified values ​​apply.

  • Washbasin height for wheelchair users : maximum 80 cm
  • measured here is also at the top
  • the wheelchair must be able to drive under the washbasin

Even if you are two meters tall, the sink should not be too high in a wheelchair-user household. The reason for this is the size of the wheelchairs, as they are not high enough to comfortably reach higher sinks. Another thought concerns regular visits like the parents or the teenage godchild.

In this case, you do not need to include the person in the bill unless you also want to give the visit a pleasant experience. In this case, you can add regular visit. No matter which variant you choose, as the owner of your own house, it is not necessary to adjust the height of the standard. You can theoretically use your own value directly, which is especially useful for single households

Tip: If you are in a household with significant height differences, such as multi-generation extended families under one roof, you should consider using tools or installing multiple sinks that are mounted at different heights. This allows you to handle even significant differences in size, which turns out to be pleasant for the back.


Solutions for large differences in height ">

As mentioned above, you can adjust the washbasin height to the required height . The big advantage of this is that you do not have to bend down or stretch to get to the sink. Of course, this variant is not possible if you are in a relationship or living with your family.

Adjustable sink

As a second alternative, it is possible to mount a height-adjustable washbasin. These are held by rails and can be adjusted in height and tilt to meet their own requirements. The biggest advantage of this is the way it works. No matter how many people visit your bathroom day in and day out, the washbasin with height adjustment is ideal for this.

Of course, as an alternative, you can take utensils such as a stool and place it in front of the sink. The option is particularly suitable for children in the household and is much cheaper compared to the fixed installation of a height-adjustable variant. Also suitable for this purpose are crates of shatterproof plastic and other materials that are strong enough and withstand the corresponding weight.

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