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Heat Pads & Grain Pads - choose the right filling

  • The properties of the fillers
  • fruit stones
    • Kirschkerne
    • Wine or grape seeds
  • grains
    • Spelt
    • buckwheat
    • millet
  • oilseeds
    • rape seed
    • linseed

Grain pillows are used for heat and cold therapy. They help relieve tension, make muscle pain more bearable, chills and bruises to cool, tired and heavy eyes or eye pressure, colds and menstrual cramps and many other ailments.

There are different fillings for the pillows. A rough distinction is made between cereal grains and fruit kernels. Grains have very good storage properties and can thus keep temperatures very long. However, since there are many allergy sufferers, some cereals such as wheat and rye are barely used. Fruit cores also store heat and cold. It is important that the cores used are absolutely clean. Foreign matter in the grain filling could cause everything to ignite.

The most commonly used granules are:

  • Grain pillows: spelled pillows, buckwheat pillows, millet pillows
  • Fruit Cushion: Cherry Cushion, Grapeseed Cushion
  • Rapeseed Pillow

What they all have in common is that they adapt well to body heat. They do not get as hot as a hot water bottle and do not cool off so much. You keep at least body temperature. Thus, a pillow is never perceived as unpleasant, even if it is no longer really warm or really cold. Therefore you can fall asleep calmly with the pillow.

Which grain pillow is the right one ">

Tips: The cushions should be replaced about every two years, because the heat storage capacity of the cores and grains decreases.

The pillows are, with a few exceptions, not washable !!!

It is important to adapt the filling volume to the needs. Often, some filling must be removed so that the pillow fits properly. For others, the volume decreases and you have to refill.

What to look for "> The properties of the fillers

There are no big differences. Some pillows are more supple than others. Small grains logically fit better than large cherry pits. What can be perceived as disturbing are the noises that arise during movement. There are differences here. In general, however, you get used to it quickly and do not even notice it.

fruit stones

Fruit-core pillows are ideal for those who have cereal allergy and there are more and more people affected. Fruit pits also have the advantage of giving off a rather dry heat, which many people find very pleasant. They also store the heat longer than the pillows filled with grains.


Cherry stone pillows are certainly the best known "grain pillows". It is important that the cherry pits are thoroughly cleaned. No flesh of pulp may be present anymore. The best are gently dried cherry pits. They should be in one piece - so no broken cores. When buying must be taken to ensure that they were processed without chemical additives.

+ Ideal as a heat cushion
+ Stores the heat for a long time (20 min)
+ Gives off the heat gently
+ Adapts to the body
+ Washable
+ For head and back pain
+ In migraine
+ Tension and sore muscles
+ Sports injuries
+ For all types of abdominal pain
- It can come to burns, therefore always check before use temperature !!!
- Stores the heat only 20 minutes, which is too little for some users
- For some, the fairly large cores are too uncomfortable

Wine or grape seeds

The grapeseed filling is especially popular with mothers with babies and toddlers. The cushions nestle very gently and are so fine that the filling is not distracting, as is often the case with cherry pits. The grape seeds must be free of pulp. The best are specially dedusted and heated cores.

+ Due to the fine grain, the cushions are extremely adaptable.
+ Good heat storage, store the heat comparatively long, which is due to the oils in the cores
+ Relieves cramps
+ Helps with tension in the shoulder and neck area
+ For spine and back pain
+ For rheumatic pains and joint pain
+ Cold for migraine, toothache and sprains
- They must have been treated with gentle thermal treatment (is not really a disadvantage)


Grain pillows are characterized by pleasant warmth and the gentle effect. They do not store the heat as long as fruitcorn pillows. However, allergy sufferers may have problems with the grains, especially with wheat and rye fillings. Here's just a try. Ideal, of course, if the grains come from controlled organic farming. If bothersome and rustling noise disturbs, especially when sleeping, of course, should try before the purchase once such a pillow.


The filling usually consists of spelled husks, ie the shell of the spelled, which is separated from the grain during processing. In addition to spelled pillows, they are also used in yoga and meditation pillows. In addition, spelled is often used for sleeping cushions, as well as side sleeper cushions. The required filling quantity for a pillow 35 x 40 cm is approx. 600 to 700 g (only fill up to ¾!)

+ Good head and neck support
+ You perspire less than with a normal pillow
+ Most people with wheat intolerance do not respond to spelled
+ Pleasant smell after heating after baked spelled
+ Can be used as a heat and cold pad
+ Helps with tension and rheumatism
+ Promotes blood circulation
+ Good for abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, earache and colds
+ As a cold pillow for migraine, sprains or bruises
+ Supports natural sleep
+ Cools in summer, warms in winter
+ Good for nursing mothers, the pillow gives support, even if it is a bit heavier (nursing pillow)
- The smell of hot spelled causes hunger in some people
- Cushion rustles soundly during movements

An exact step-by-step guide with pictures for a self-sewn spelled pillow can be found here: Sewing spelled pillows


The buckwheat pillow also uses the spelled, meaning the buckwheat shells. The buckwheat is cleaned, sterilized and heat treated and comes mostly from certified organic farming.

+ No smell
+ Ideal adaptation to the head and neck
+ Ideal pillow - optimal support during sleep through flow behavior - strong hold on the neck
+ Very good moisture exchange - no sweating
+ Rather cool
+ Moisture-regulating and breathable
+ Ideal for head and neck tension, especially in the morning
+ Antiallergic
+ Natural ray shield
+ Ingredients inhibit the development of pathogens such as microorganisms and dust mites
+ Massaging and promoting blood circulation
+ Helps with joint, back and headaches
+ Rheumatic pain
+ Bladder and menstrual problems
- Not as cuddly as other pillows
- Rustling something, but not like spelled


The shells are also used for millet pillows, especially those of the gold millet. The millet is more cuddly than other cereals and has climatic properties.

+ For tension and body aches
+ High punctual compliance
+ Good adaptability, especially on the head and neck
+ No sweating
+ Good moisture exchange
+ Little rustling
+ Cools in summer, warms in winter
+ Especially good for neck and back pain
+ Ideal for tension and pain
+ Keep at least 3 to 5 years
+ Soothing effect on muscles and nerves
+ Good for migraine, nervousness and sleep disorders
- Filling is compressed a little over time, so you may have to refill
- Some people do not like the smell
- Can be quite hard, depends on the origin of the shells
- With cushions with zipper and without protective covers millet can trickle through the "teeth"
- Beware of allergy sufferers, especially with hay fever


These include plants that can be used to produce vegetable oil. There are rapeseed and linseed used. Both have many advantages.

rape seed

Rapeseeds are smaller and softer than the other fillers, making the pillows more flexible and supple. However, they have the disadvantage of being quite expensive, because the production is simply more complex. Due to the high oil , the rapeseeds have the advantage that they can hold heat for a particularly long time.

+ Can hold heat for a long time
+ Slowly dissipate heat from all grain pads
+ Very flexible and cuddly
+ Most adaptable of all natural fillers
+ Massage effect, therefore ideal for abdominal pain in children and during pregnancy
+ Good for mobilizing fingers and feet
+ For cold and heat treatment
+ Low weight
+ Slightly damp heat
+ With flatulence and stomach upset
+ For muscle tension and joint pain
+ Cold treatments for toothache, bruises, sprains, joint inflammation and insect bites
- expensive


Flax seeds contain plenty of fat, which has the advantage that they can be made quite hot. As a result, they naturally store the heat longer. This is ideal for relaxing muscles.
+ Long heat storage
+ Very high temperatures possible
+ Can be used as a heat and cold pad
+ Fine grain size, therefore very cuddly and adaptable
+ Smells pleasantly of linseed oil, warmed fresh, nutty and oily
+ Does not feel warmed up as pleasant cooling, ideal for the summer
+ Ideal for bronchitis, frontal and sinus problems, runny nose
+ For abdominal pain and nervous stomach
+ Unwarmed with water retention in the body and tendonitis
- Beware of burns, always test temperature!

No matter which pillow you choose, it has to fit one. This is usually found only after use. In many cases, grains or fruit pits bring relief. More and more people use them for problems with the spine and tension. They can really serve you well. Caution is advised when heating in the microwave. It can cause burns on the pillow and even to fire. You absolutely have to follow the instructions! More information can be found here: //www.zhonyingli.com/koernerkissen-erwaermen/

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