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Make Valentine's Day Gifts by yourself - ideas for sweet love gifts

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  • Ideas for love gifts for Valentine's Day
    • Photo album
    • floating candles
    • Soap in heart shape
    • Notebook
    • CD with common songs
    • Individual vouchers
    • Heart Card
    • Photo frame in heart shape

Love gifts for Valentine's Day should not necessarily be expensive, but "only" precious. This you succeed with home-made accessories very well. We present 8 ideas that are suitable for both women and men. Have fun creating and have a nice 14th of February with your sweetheart!

Ideas for love gifts for Valentine's Day

Photo album

A second way to process your couple photos into a wonderful Valentine's Day gift is to create a custom photo album. However, you should not choose the "frugal" version and just fill a pre-made album with photos (or create a photo book online - this is a nice thing in itself, but you really want to be active yourself ...). Better buy a small ring album with white leaves (and transparent protective film on each side) to decorate it with the most beautiful couple photos and more.

This "more" can mean a lot. Here are a few ideas at a glance:

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  • Write lyrics (lines) of your song together over the pages (with a glitter or similar effect pen)
  • decorate the photos on the edge with different heart stickers
  • cut small hearts out of red paper, label them with thoughts of love, sayings and / or poems and stick them to the photos

floating candles

Homemade floating candles are not only pretty ideas for Valentine's Day, but also romantic decoration for your love meal, the evening massage or other sensual pleasures ... We will explain step by step how you can make homemade heart shaped candles.

You need this:

  • Wax or candles leftovers
  • old tin
  • cooking pot
  • Cookie cutter in heart shape
  • wicks
  • Toothpicks or shashlik skewers
  • real rose petals
  • large glass bowl with raised edge
  • aluminum foil

How to proceed:

Step 1: Put the wax (or the remnants of the candle) in an old, heat-resistant tin and melt it in a water bath (saucepan).

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Step 2: As the wax melts, place aluminum foil on the table and place the heart shaped cookie cutters on it. Firmly press the edges of the cookie cutters to prevent the wax from leaking afterwards.

Tip: Ideally, you have several cookie cutters in heart shape, in order to be able to produce all floating candles at once. This speeds up your action enormously.

Step 3: Pour the liquid wax into the molds.

Step 4: Wait until the wax is a little "firm" - then add a sufficiently long wick. Fix this with toothpicks or skewers.

Step 5: Let everything be firm.

Step 6: Press the floating candles out of the molds.

Step 7: Fill the glass bowl with water and arrange rose petals and your homemade candles. Then the latter have to be kindled in due course ... Done!

Soap in heart shape

Especially women on Valentine's Day are very happy about small soap bars in heart shape. To create the ingenious accessories yourself, you need only a few materials and not too much time. Learn how it's done!

You need this:

  • glycerin soap
  • soap Color
  • soap fragrance
  • Cookie cutter in heart shape
  • flat bowl

Tip: The soap color and the soap scent are best adapted to the preferences of your sweetheart.

How to proceed:

Step 1: Melt the soap in the microwave or in a water bath. Orient yourself to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2: Add soap color until your desired shade is achieved.

Step 3: Add three to five drops of soap scent.

Tip: Do not take much more to keep the scent from overpowering.

Step 4: Pour the liquid soap into a shallow dish and let it cool. Alternatively, you can also give the soap directly into the molds. But this must not be too fluid.

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Step 5: Use the Cookie Cutter to prick small hearts out of the solidified soap. Finished!

Tip: Pack the magnificent love gifts in transparent plastic film and fix the "package" with a noble gift ribbon.


Amongst the basic ideas for Valentine's Day, which require a bit more time, is the notebook, which is individually decorated with heartstones. Of course, you have the opportunity to simply order heartstones online and to stick them on the notebook you want. However, we recommend that you take a beautiful nature trip and look for stones that have the shape of a heart along a river or lake. These can then be "painted" with red or golden spray paint, allowed to dry and then stuck with hot glue on the notebook.

Additional tips and ideas:

  • Choose a casual notebook, but the front should be as solid as possible (not patterned). Otherwise, your stones will not show their best.
  • On the first page of the notebook, write a small dedication to your sweetheart
  • for example, a quote from a song or - better still - a self-written poem.
  • Tie a large gift loop around the notebook to make it very appealing. Then you do not need to pack it any further, but you can put the book on the table.

CD with common songs

Surely you too have "common" songs that have influenced (and still influence) your relationship in some way. If not, there is also the option to pick your favorite love songs (choose songs that you think will please your sweetheart ...). Burn the songs to a CD blank in a proper order. You can then decorate the blank itself with a suitable CD pen. Ideas: Paint hearts on them and give the CD a special name à la "the sound of our love" or "melodies of our happiness".

The second part of this gift idea for Valentine's Day concerns the packaging in heart shape. Here comes the guide!

You need this:

  • Photo carton in two different (but harmonizing) colors (about in light and dark red)
  • Satin ribbon (in beige)
  • Metal foil (about in gold)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Lochzange
  • glue stick
  • Your CD

How to proceed:

Step 1: Place your CD on the lighter photo carton.

Step 2: Draw a heart around the CD with the pencil. Pay attention to a distance of at least one centimeter to the disc.

Step 3: Remove the CD and cut out the heart with scissors.

Step 4: Place the paper heart on the dark cardboard.

Step 5: Transfer the heart shape to the dark cardboard in pencil.

Step 6: Cut out the new heart shape - but with an addition of about 1.5 centimeters.

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Step 7: Lay the two hearts on top of each other - the smaller one on the bigger one.

Step 8: Use the punch to punch holes in the hearts at a distance of one to two centimeters (along the edge of the small heart shape).

Step 9: Loop the ribbon through the holes to join the two hearts.

Important: Release an opening into which you can then slide the CD.

Step 10: Slide the CD through the opening into your heart wrap.

Step 11: Now you can also close the opening with the band.

Now you can also decorate the heart packaging, label it, or attach a small card with a message to it.

Individual vouchers

Sometimes you just do not have enough time for an extensive crafting, but of course still want to give his darling a nice Valentine's Day present. There are two great ideas for this.

For the first one, all you need is an empty matchbox, pretty wrapping paper, a piece of construction paper and a ribbon of cloth (as well as scissors, glue and a nice pen). Glue the matchbox with the wrapping paper (the left and right edges of course leave it open so that the box can still be opened and closed). Then label the piece of audio paper (cut in advance so that it fits the matchbox ...), preferably with a voucher for a self-cooked meal, a massage or some other nice thing. Place the voucher in the matchbox and tie a nice ribbon around it with a gift ribbon made of fabric. Finished!

Heart Card

The second of our "Turbo Ideas" refers to an effective map that you have crafted in no time and can end up with an individual - written - invitation. All you need is construction paper in two (or more) different colors, our artwork and a pencil.

Click here: To download the craft template

First, print our original on plain paper and cut out the template. Then transfer the heart shape with pencil to construction paper of your choice. Cut out again and then fold up. All you have to do afterward: Cut out several hearts from the tone paper sheets - in such a way that the next one is always a little smaller than the one before (each about half a centimeter to half an inch) and has a different color (with only two colors just change them). Finally, glue the hearts in size to your main card, which gets thicker and thicker. Due to the increasingly smaller size creates a kind of 3D effect. Do not forget to label. Finished!

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Photo frame in heart shape

It does not always have to be a purely material gift for Valentine's Day. On the day of lovers the gesture decides - and the creativity of the ideas behind it. With a special collage, you will certainly bring the eyes of your sweetheart to shine.

The procedure is very simple: Collect all the pretty picture frames that you have at home and do not need them elsewhere (if necessary, buy a cheap picture frame set online). It may be quiet many frames - about eight to 16. In each frame, you give a pretty photo on which both of you are pictured. Last but not least, hang all picture frames on the wall in such a way that they make a heart shape.
Apart from the fact that it's great fun to sift through the photo files with the shared images and to remember great experiences, you will achieve a magical effect with such a photo frame heart on the wall.

Tip: be creative in choosing the pictures and arranging them on the wall. For example, you can "tell" your shared story from the beginning to the present by using older photos and putting the pictures (frames) on the wall in the appropriate order.

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