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Grapeseed Pillows for babies - benefits and proper heating

  • Material and preparation
    • Grape seeds - Grapeseed oil
    • Heat - almost a panacea
  • applications
    • Capture body heat
  • Instructions - Heat grape seed pillows
    • 1. In the microwave
    • 2. in the oven
    • 3. Cool instead of warm

Small children and babies often have bloating and abdominal pain. Especially the very small babies can not help but shouting at the house. Nobody wants to give medication to their toddler - but there are few home remedies that really help with colic or flatulence. A good remedy is heat that you provide over a cuddly grape seed pillow for the little tummy.

Calming an annoyed baby as quickly as possible is probably the top civic duty in every household. No one is immune to the heartbreaking screams of a baby. Whether it's the earliest otitis media or the aching tummy, a grapeseed pillow adapts perfectly to the baby's little forms and helps with either heat or cold. So it will hardly be necessary to expect the little organism to take medication for bloating or abdominal pain. How to properly heat a grape seed pillow and when to use it the best will be shown here.

Material and preparation

Grape seeds - Grapeseed oil

The grape seed oil in the cores ensures a very good thermal conductivity. Nevertheless, the grape seed pillow has a good heat storage and thus keeps the heat longer than a comparable grain or cherry stone pillow. Hot water bottles or gel cushions do not even come with the grape seeds in terms of heat storage. Otherwise, only rapeseed are equally effective, but they can have too high an amount of essential oils, which is not always so positive for babies.

Further information about rapeseed pillows: //www.zhonyingli.com/rapskissen-richtig-erwaermen/

Tip: In abdominal pain or flatulence, you can put the warm grape seed pillow on the small belly and in between times with a warm hand a little grape seed oil in the baby stomach massage. You can easily use the grape seed oil from the kitchen to massage the baby bump. It should first be warmed up a bit on your hands.

Heat - almost a panacea

Heat is still a kind of panacea for many diseases of large and small children today. But a hot water bottle loses the soothing heat quickly and is otherwise rather unwieldy. Sometimes the hot water bottles leak even after some time, then the baby is even more unhappy. Grain pillows are an excellent alternative, but cherry pits are relatively large and seem like little stones on the small body. Better suited then rapeseed pillow or grapeseed pillow. Especially grape seed pillows are especially for babies in very small sizes. These smaller cores nestle perfectly with the small cushions against the tiny body. Especially with a middle ear infection, for example, you can attach the grape seed pillow with a scarf on the baby's head.

Tip: Grapeseed Pillows are available in really all price ranges. From about ten to 50 euros is everything. Even sewing and filling a pillow is a much better option.


A warm grapeseed pillow helps with:

  • Abdominal pain / colic
  • earache
  • Cough / bronchitis
  • Sore throat
  • cold feet or hands
  • as a bed warmer in winter

A cool grapeseed pillow helps with these complaints:

  • teething
  • small bruises
  • sore skin
  • mosquito bites
  • as a cuddly pillow on hot days

Capture body heat

Grapefruit cushions do not necessarily need to be heated. The pillows are also perfect as little cuddly pillows, if you use a soft cotton flannel or beaver cover. The grape seeds store the body heat and nestle great. If you want to sew your baby a soft, cozy cuddly pillow or a cuddly toy, the grape seeds are ideal as a filling.

Tip: Babies can not recognize complicated shapes yet. Therefore, cuddly animals are great for them, tracing only the outer shapes of a bear or bunny. These pillows are very easy to sew by yourself. Grape seeds are usually available in every health food store or on the internet for your own pillow.

One kilo of grape seeds you get already from about four euros. From this you can easily sew five to eight small grapeseed pillows. You can buy one meter of soft flannel for about eight euros. This size is enough for many small pillows or three to four cuddly stuffed animals. If you have a sewing machine, this solution is both cheap and creative at the same time.

An exact sewing instruction for a grain pillow can be found here: //www.zhonyingli.com/koernerkissen-selber-machen/

Instructions - Heat grape seed pillows

Babies are relatively well away from small diseases, but who wants to burn his child with the grapeseed pillow "> 1. In the microwave

When microwave heating is used, the wattage should be slightly reduced if it is a particularly powerful microwave. You should not set more than 500 to 600 watts for a baby cushion. When warming the grapeseed cushion, start with a minute first and if necessary set the microwave again for half a minute.

2. in the oven

The oven should be set to about 120 to a maximum of 150 degrees. Depending on the size of the grapeseed pillow it only takes a few minutes. However, if you place the pillow in the cold oven, it may take up to ten or fifteen minutes for the grape seeds to heat up.

Tip: The oven heats the pillow a bit more evenly, but also requires more energy than the microwave. So if your baby often needs a small warming pillow, this can put a significant load on the electricity bill as it heats up in the oven.

3. Cool instead of warm

Even babies can ever have a small bruise. Especially the first crawling attempts are not always painless. But you can also relieve insect bites or sores with a well-cooled grapeseed pillow. You can leave small pillows in the fridge in the bottom of the fruit drawer, so you always have a cool pillow at hand when a mishap happens.

Tip: When taken out of the freezer, the grape seed cushion should be cooled down for about an hour so that it is not too firm and too cold. If you have forgotten one of your grapeseed pillows in the freezer, you should knead it longer with your hands. Make sure that the pillow is not too cold before you give it to the baby. Do not use the pillow if you suspect it is still frozen.

Tips for quick readers:

  • Grapeseed pillow offers many uses for babies
  • can be used hot or cold
  • especially as an aid in abdominal pain
  • chilled ideal when teething baby
  • Use soft cover of pure cotton
  • Can be heated in a microwave or in the oven
  • Microwave 500 watts about 60 to 90 seconds
  • Oven 120 degrees about two to four minutes
  • Oven consumes more energy when heating
  • Heat is distributed more evenly in the oven
  • Check the cushions on the wrist before use
  • Shake the pillow well and knead
  • Cool the grapeseed pillow in the freezer for one hour
  • Knead well again and shake well
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