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Place cards for Christmas to print and label

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The Christmas is getting closer and soon it's time again and all family members including friends gather around the festively set table. Everything is waiting for the Christmas menu. And what can not be missing there ">

Place cards for Christmas

Just make a reservation for each of your invited guests with a small place card and you will not find a seat. Every guest immediately knows where his seat is to be found at the stylish banqueting table . Place cards for Christmas are, so to speak, the little signposts for the invited guests.

We've prepared Christmas card and placeholders for printing and labeling for you and your loved ones, which you printed and labeled at lightning speed. All you need is some white paper, a pair of scissors and a pencil and that's it, and you can probably start with the distribution of seats and planning the table layout.

Our, for you prepared, Christmas table cards are of course also suitable for the smallest of the little ones in kindergarten, for example. Printing, cutting and labeling, the children are of course happy to help when it comes to make the Christmas table even more beautiful. The Christmas place cards can be cut out with a pair of normal scissors or pinking scissors with different patterns can be used. This gives the place cards a very special touch. And visually the place cards are then an absolute eye-catcher.

Even for the Christmas party in the circle of colleagues are quickly printed out a few place cards for Christmas and personally provided with names and the table cards point so everyone in the right place. Especially for the Christmas party, at the end of the financial year, place cards are ideally suited.

So the colleagues and other invited guests can be put together in different groups so that they have interesting conversation partners. Or the various departments, a company, find themselves at the appropriate table. Even for Christmas coffee in family on Advent Sunday, the magical table cards for Christmas are the perfect companion and the icing on the cake. Give your lovingly decorated, Christmas table that certain something.

Material and preparation

Our Christmas table cards have the following dimensions. In height, they measure unfolded 9 cm and 10.5 cm in width. Folded then the table cards have a height of 4.5 centimeters .

  • PDF Template Christmas Place Cards: Place Cards for Christmas Templates

required materials for place cards for Christmas:

  • our, prepared for you, templates for the place cards for Christmas
  • Scissors or pinking shears with different pattern designs
  • a few colored fiber pens or fineliner for labeling the table cards
  • possibly creative punch for decorating the individual place cards

Step 1: Print our originals on plain paper without adjusting the page size. Before printing, choose your favorite pages from our 6-page template PDF.

Step 2: Cut out your chosen templates for the Christmas table cards with a pair of normal scissors or pinking scissors.

Tip: The individual table cards are a little smaller by cutting with a pinking scissors. If you have a paper cutter on hand, you can also cut the individual place cards with this.

Step 3: Label the individual place cards with the names of your loved ones.

Tip: You can also use a fountain pen or a calligraphy pen to label your place cards. The result is particularly elaborate place cards for your Christmas.

Step 4: Fold your place cards centered and put them in the right place on the festively decorated table.

Tip: Give your table a special touch by adding a little stamped motif to it, for example in the shape of a heart, as we did for our place cards.

Christmas poems


by Joseph von Eichendorff

Leaving market and streets,
quietly enlightens every house,
I ponder the streets,
everything looks so peaceful.

At the windows have women
colorful toy decorated religiously,
a thousand little children stand and look,
are so wonderfully happy.

And I'm going out of the walls
out into the open field,
glorious shining, holy shudder!
How vast and calm the world!

Star up the circles,
out of the snow loneliness
it's like wonderful singing -
Oh, gracious time!


by Rainer Maria Rilke

The wind is blowing in the winter forest
the flock herd like a shepherd
and some fir suspects how balde
she becomes pious and serene,
and listen out. The white ways
she stretches the branches - ready,
and fends off the wind and grows against it
the one night of glory.

Christmas time

by Jutta Gornik

Will make you nice
the house and
open my heart
for good thoughts
and soft sounds,
the easy as

Will send greetings
and dear guests
invite to the party.
Will give plenty
and give joy
and think
how happy
the time is now.


by Gustav Falke

Now the Christmas candles are shining again
and awaken joy in all hearts.
Dear parents, these days,
what should we sing, what should we say ">

We wish you, your families and your loved ones a beautiful and contemplative Advent and Christmas. Enjoy the heavenly Christmas in the circle of your loved ones. Talu.de wishes Merry Christmas!

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