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Teddy crochet in Amigurumi style - free tutorial

  • Preparation and material
  • Teddy - crochet pattern for beginners
    • Crochet your arms
    • Crochet legs
    • Crochet ears
    • Crochet muzzle
    • Crochet tail
  • Finish Amigurumi Teddy
  • Crochet accessories for the teddy

Amigurumi, the croaking fever that never ends. Meanwhile, you can see them everywhere, the little pretty works of art that are easy to make with a crochet hook and a little yarn. They are more than a small souvenir, they are also cuddled with or the home is perfectly decorated in every season. Even beginners can dare to use our free crochet pattern for a teddy bear.

A teddy for every occasion

The teddy has always been a cuddly friend for young and old alike. There are probably few children's rooms in which no teddy bear is at home. He is loved, cuddled with him, and when the kids are big, he is still sitting on the sofa. A teddy is just the friend in all situations.

With our crochet pattern for an amigurumi-style teddy, you can make many people happy. The manual is easy to rework even for beginners. Step by step, we'll show you how to crochet a variety of teddies.

Preparation and material

For our Amigurumi Teddy no special crocheting skills are necessary. All you have to do is crochet the mesh, the stitches and the chain stitches. If you need a little tutoring, you will find all the important crochet techniques at a glance in our basic beginners guide.

The size of the Teddy can be determined by the yarn alone. The thicker the yarn and the crochet hook, the larger the crochet work becomes. For beginners, this is very easy, so you do not have to calculate cumbersome, where and how now the bear can be crocheted larger or smaller. However, once you have worked through this guide, it will be easy for you to crochet a teddy to your own imagination. In the material we have decided for a soft and supple cotton yarn. Only then can the teddy be used as a toy and a cuddly blanket for the little ones.

If you only want to use the bear for decoration, work with a mercerized cotton yarn. This yarn has a slight shine and is offered in good craft shops also in different strengths. Which color you choose is up to you alone. We chose a brown and a loud red bear. We made a cuddle cloth from the third bear. Also for this you will find a detailed guide, with which even beginners can work well, at the end of the article.

As filling material you can choose between filling wadding made of synthetic fiber or filling wool made of pure new wool or cotton. We stuffed the bear's head from the cuddly blanket with a soft and odorless filling wadding, which is also easy to wash. Especially with small children should be paid attention.

You need this for a Amigurumi Teddy in the size of 15 centimeters:

  • Colorful cotton yarn
  • A crochet hook matching the yarn size, we used a thickness of 3.5
  • filling material
  • darning needle
  • possibly pearls for the eyes


  • FM - Fixed Mesh
  • KM - Kettmasche
  • StM - climbing air mesh pocket
  • LF - Air Mesh

Teddy - crochet pattern for beginners

In our Amigurumi Teddy head and belly are crocheted in one piece. It is always crocheted every round for themselves.

That means: Each round ends with a chain stitch and starts with 1 airlock. This air mesh is not counted to the round stitches. It serves only as a climbing air mesh. This type of lap crochet is easier and clearer, especially for beginners. So you always recognize the end of the round and know that the next round begins.

Tip: crocheting professionals can do without this climbing bag and work in spiral circles. If you choose, you should always put a marker before starting a new round.

1st Round: Put a Magic Ring / Thread Ring and crochet an Air Mesh as a Rising Air Mesh.

Tip: Do not put the Magic Ring on tight immediately. First loosely tighten and tighten the thread ring after the first finished lap.

Round 2: Crochet 6 FM in this string. Then finish the round with a slit stitch crocheting in the first round FM. Crochet an air mesh as a climbing pouch.

3rd round: Double each stitch. Doubling means crocheting 2 Stitches in the loop of the preliminary round. There are now 12 stitches in the round.

Attention: The first fixed mesh (FM) is crocheted directly to the connection of the ascending air mesh. Even if it looks as if there is no stitch, it still has to be crocheted in this first stitch.

It is exactly the stitch the air mesh comes from. You can see this clearly in the pictures.

Puncture of the chain stitch

Walkways Luftmasche

Here begins the first round mesh

4th Round: Double every 2nd stitch - making 18 stitches in the round. This means crocheting the first stitch as normal and crocheting two stitches in every other stitch. So continue the whole round.

5th round: Double every 3rd stitch - the round now counts 24 stitches . Explanation: Crochet two stitches and crochet 2 sts in the third stitch.

Round 6: Double every 4th stitch - you have 30 stitches in the round.

Round 7: Double every 5th stitch = 36 stitches .

Round 8 through Round 15: In these 8 rounds, crochet only sturdy stitches without doubling.

16th round: It begins the decrease in the head to neck. Crochet every 5th and 6th stitch together. This round ends with the crocheting of a 5th and 6th stitch = 30 stitches .

17th round: Crochet each 4th and 5th stitch = 24 stitches .

Round 18: Crochet each 3rd and 4th stitch together = 18 stitches .

Lap 19: This round starts the short neck of the teddy bear. Crochet every 5th and 6th stitch = 15 stitches .

Round 20: Crochet only Stitched Stitches = 15 stitches . After this round, you can stuff your head with stuffing cotton or filling wool.

Tip: Count in between your stitches again and again so that no one gets lost.

Round 21: In this round you start with the body of the teddy. Double every 5th stitch = 18 stitches .

Round 22: Double every 3rd stitch = 24 stitches .

Round 23: Double every 4th stitch = 30 stitches .

24th + 25th + 26th round: Crochet these three rounds only with fixed stitches. The instructions for the shoulder part of the little Amigurumi bear are over now.

Round 27: From this round starts the big belly of the little bear. Double every 5th stitch = 36 stitches.

Round 28: Double every 6 stitches = 42 stitches .

Round 29: Double every 7th stitch = 48 stitches .

30th + 31st + 32nd round: Crochet all three rounds only with fixed stitches.

Round 33: It begins the decrease of the belly. Crochet each 7th + 8th stitch = 42 stitches .

Round 34: Crochet each 6th + 7th stitch = 36 stitches .

Round 35: Crochet every 5th + 6th stitch = 30 stitches .

Round 36: Crochet each 4th + 5th stitch = 24 stitches .

Round 37: Crochet each 3rd + 4th stitch = 18 stitches .

Round 38: Crochet each 2nd + 3rd stitch = 12 stitches .

Round 39: Crochet every 2nd + 3rd stitch together = 8 stitches . Now you can stuff the teddy's body with stuffing wool. Depending on how thick and plump your Amigurumi Teddy should be, fill so much wool in the small body.

Tip: In the small belly of the Amigurumi Teddys, you can also insert a bell, small rattle balls or Mini-tweezers. If children play with it, they are sure to enjoy it. There are also mini-game clockworks that can be loaded with. So, the little teddy quickly becomes a music box.

40th round: Crochet 2 stitches = 4 stitches .

41st round: Cut the thread and pull through all 4 stitches. The belly is ready.

Now you've finished crocheting your head with your stomach. We crochet with our arms, legs, ears, snout and tail.

Tip: You can work with a second color on the arms and legs as shown in the pictures.

We crocheted a part of the paws with a lighter brown. Here you can let your imagination play.

Crochet your arms

1st round: Put on a Magic Ring and crochet 6 FM. Close the round with a slit stitch and crochet a climbing air mesh for the next round.

2nd round: Double all stitches, you now have 12 stitches in the round

3rd round: Double every 6th stitch = 14 stitches .

4th and 5th round: Crochet these two rounds normally with Fixed Stitches (FM).

Round 6: Crochet each 6th + 7th stitch together = 12 stitches .

7th through 11th rounds: Crochet these 5 rounds only with fixed stitches = 12 stitches .

Round 12: Crochet every 5th + 6th stitch = 10 stitches. Cut the thread and pull it through the last stitch and stuff the arms with filling wool.

Crochet legs

1st round: Put a string of thread and crochet 6 FM into the Magic Ring. Again, it is true that each round is closed with a chain stitch and then begins with a climbing air mesh.

2nd Round: Double all Fixed Stitches = 12 stitches .

3rd round: double every 2nd stitch = 18 stitches .

4th round: double every 3rd stitch = 24 stitches .

5th + 6th round: Crochet only with strong stitches.

Round 7: Crochet each 3rd and 4th stitch = 18 stitches .

8th round:

Attention, now the dorsum begins:

  • Crochet 1st + 2nd stitch together
  • Crochet 3rd + 4th stitch together
  • 5. + 6. stitch together as well as the
  • 7. + 8. mesh
  • Crochet the remaining 10 stitches of this round as normal with Stitched Stitch = 14 stitches .

9th round:

  • Crochet 1st + 2nd stitch together
  • Crochet 3rd + 4th stitch together
  • Crochet the remaining 10 stitches as normal with Stitched Stitches = 12 stitches .

10th through 13th round: Crochet each round with Stitched Stitches = 12 stitches. Cut the thread, pull through the stitch and stuff the legs with filling wool.

Crochet ears

As with the arms and legs, the ears begin with a magic ring.

1st round: Lay a magic ring and crochet 6 sts in this ring.

2nd round: Double all the stitches, that is, crochet 2 pieces of FM in each round = 12 stitches .

3rd + 4th + 5th + 6th round:

Crochet all four rounds with normal stitches. After the last round, cut the thread and pull through the stitch. When sewing, the ears are folded in the middle and then sewn.

Crochet muzzle

As always, we also put a magic ring here first.

1st round: Put a string of thread and crochet 6 sts in the ring.

2nd round: double each stitch = 12 stitches .

3rd round: double every 2nd stitch = 18 stitches .

4th + 5th round: Crochet both rounds with tight stitches. After the last stitch cut off the thread and pull it through the stitch.

Crochet tail

Again we start with a thread ring.

1st round: Lay a magic ring and crochet 6 stitches in the thread ring.

2nd round: double all stitches = 12 stitches.

3rd + 4th round: Crochet both rounds with tight stitches. Again, cut the thread after the last stitch and pull through the stitch.

Finish Amigurumi Teddy

Usually all crocheted work threads are sewn in a crochet work. You can do it with our teddy, but you do not have to. You can partially hide the threads with the filler wool inside the individual body. This saves you the work of sewing. With the last work thread then the body parts are sewn to the trunk and the head. After stuffing the individual particles, put them to your teddy, as they are then sewn.

For sewing, we did not use extra thread, but used the cut thread. In doing so, always insert the outer thread of the fixed loop and sew it to the body.

The sewing is a little patience, but you get a sweet little Teddy Bear in the style of Amigurumi.

At the end you have to embroider the eyes and the nose. For that use plain cotton yarn. For the eyes we only used three small stitches, you work the snout as in the picture.

To ensure that your eyes are properly seated, you should first remove them with a pin. Thus, the seat of the eyes can be determined easily and safely. As eyes you can of course also sew nice button eyes or matching beads. These are available in every handicraft shop.

Crochet accessories for the teddy

We have prepared three teddy bears in the style of Amigurumi for you. All crochet patterns can be easily reworked by beginners.

A red bear as a hiking man

A red little bear who is already prepared for the winter and explores the area with his shoulder bag.

The scarf only consists of three solid stitches that are simply crocheted in length.
We also just crocheted the purse out of tight stitches, put it in three pieces and crocheted two of them together. The cover of the small shoulder bag we have decorated with a few stitches.

The lovely Miss Marie

The brown bear is Miss Marie. We put a pink blossom in her head.
Just put on a thread ring and crochet in these 10 fixed stitches.

Crochet in the next row as follows:

  • 2 air meshes (as a substitute for a stick) and 2 sticks
  • 1 sliver stitch into the next sling stitch
  • 3 chopsticks in the next festive stitch
  • 1 sliver stitch in the next loop
  • How to proceed the entire round.
  • In our example, the flower yielded 5 petals.

Amigurumi bear as a duvet

And the third teddy is a quilted blanket for the very young children. For this Schnuffeltuch we have processed a particularly soft eco-cotton, so that even small children can safely play and cuddle with him. The little teddy is in this case only from the head, which is sewn on the crocheted cloth later.

We crocheted the little lace cloth as Granny Square blanket. But you can also just crochet a small piece of cloth from simple knit stitches or half sticks. In the middle of this cloth, the head is then firmly sewn. For safety reasons, you should definitely embroider this eye and do not sew on any beads.

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