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Tapered Fit Jeans - Definition & Pants Wiki

  • Definition and characteristics
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      Tapered jeans denote a fit that became established in the 1980s and was still in the hips compared to the then popular skinny jeans. Like classic carrot jeans, the trouser legs of the jeans narrow down, allowing for an urban look that sits relaxed. That's why she was very popular with poppers. Over the years, it has been adapted to modern cutting styles and subsequently became Tapered Jeans, which presents the same design in a new form. In addition, aspects of the so-called baggy pants have been incorporated, which are typical of the hip-hop youth culture of the United States.

      Definition and characteristics

      The Tapered Jeans Fit is a modern fit that combines multiple cuts. The newfangled variants, however, combine regular and slim fit in a pair of jeans, so that the models of women and men can be worn without having to accept the style of a subculture. He has the combination of a wedge shape with the following features:

      • Rise height: low, normal, rarely high, if a particular trend is followed
      • sits loosely at the hip
      • continue cutting at the hip
      • Often a softer denim is used here, which supports the loose effect
      • also continued seat on the thighs
      • the cut does not narrow in this region
      • Cut narrows in the direction of the feet
      • Narrowing starts at the latest from the knees

      If only the jeans are looked at, the wedge-shaped cut is clearly noticeable. Tapered fit jeans are ideal for people with muscular or broad thighs and buttocks, while the shins and calves are slimmer. It is popular among athletes and men with pronounced thighs or ladies, whose hips are more bulging and for which wearing a tube or even regular fit jeans can be uncomfortable. The deeper seat also accentuates the waist, as it puts the shape of the legs in the foreground and distracts from the hips.

      Which means Tapered Fit ">

      Tip: do not confuse the tapered used for jeans with that for tops. "Tapered here means" fitted ", emphasizing the waist.

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