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Sewing Christmas tree - Instructions for DIY Christmas tree

  • Material and preparation
  • Sew fir tree
    • Variant 1 - To hang
    • Variant 2 - To set up
  • Quick guide

The winter is approaching and thus the Christmas season. The best part of this time is to decorate the house, to bake cookies with the children and to look forward to Christmas Eve.

Today we will show you how to make small fir trees out of jute. The jute cloth is a very popular material at Christmas time. The fabric is beautiful, cheap and easy to sew. We will show you two different variants. In the first variant, you can hang the trees on the wall or hang them on a branch. You can simply put the second Christmas tree on the table or on the shelf.

Material and preparation

Difficulty level 1/5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 2/5
0.5 m Jutestoff costs about 3 - 4 €

Time expenditure 1/5
approx. 30 min

You need the following materials:

  • Classic sewing machine
  • Jute maybe cotton
  • Buttons, decorative ribbons, ball beads
  • Needle, yarn
  • fiberfill
  • 2-3 wooden sticks and cinnamon sticks or possibly a small branch
  • Mini flower pot
  • small stones or sand
  • scissors

Tip: If you do not want to decorate the trees, sew the cotton trees with a Christmas pattern.

The material selection

You can also work with fabric scraps. We sew our fir-trees out of the jute, because the fabric can be combined very well with other materials. The jute is versatile and we still use it for other projects. So everything will go well together.

The amount of material

We need for the Christmas tree to hang two small triangles in the size of about 23 x 16 cm .

To sew a fir tree as a table decoration, you need two pieces in the size of 27 x 17 cm .

The cut

We need one front and one back of the tree each.

Note: Decide which shape your tree should have, either a simple triangle or a typical tree shape.

Our hanging Christmas tree will become a classic triangle. The second tree to set up for the table will have a typical shape of a tree.

Now we cut the triangle twice. Finished. Now our second tree is already being cut. We sketch one half of a tree at a height of 27 cm and cut it. Then we put the fabric in the break and cut the other half of the tree. Now the front is finished. Finally, we cut the back and we use the front as a template.

Sew fir tree

Variant 1 - To hang

First, we think about how we want to "decorate" our Christmas tree. First, we sew our Christmas tree to hang. We pick up the front, the beads, white thread and needle. Then we sew the beads from top to bottom on our triangle.

Note: Of course, decorate your trees so that they fit into your apartment to the rest of the decoration. Best with buttons, loops or dried fruits.

When we're done, we sew the front and back together with a simple degree stitch. Only the bottom edge is not sewn together. Since we sew the Christmas tree out of the jute fabric, we do not have to turn this fabric.

Note: If you want to sew the cotton trees, you will of course have to put the fabric right to right, sew them together, and then pass through the opening in the lower edge.

Next we stuff the tree with the cotton wool. If the tree is nice bulging, we put a cinnamon stick or a small branch in the middle of the opening. Then we close the opening by hand so that the cinnamon stick is tight. Now we sew a small hook to hang on the back.

Tip: We recommend that you put the small hook between the front and back before sewing the tree together. It will definitely look more beautiful.

Now we can hang the finished Christmas tree on a branch.

Variant 2 - To set up

The second fir tree is similarly sewn. First, the buttons that look like gifts are sewn by hand.

Then we put the two prepared pieces on top of each other and sew them together.

Before the tree is stuffed with the filling cotton, we nibble the edges with the scissors. Next, we take the 2-3 wooden sticks and put them in the opening. We take the cinnamon stick and "hide" the wooden sticks behind the cinnamon stick, so to speak, so that they are no longer visible.

Note: The wooden sticks must be longer than the cinnamon stick.

We sew the opening together so that the wooden sticks and cinnamon stick are tight. Then we take a small flower pot and fill it with small stones. Now we can put the wooden sticks in the flower pot. Our Christmas tree is set and therefore it is finished!

Quick guide

01. Cut the triangle or tree pattern twice from the fabric.
02. Decorate the front with buttons, bows or beads.
03. Sew together the front and back with a simple stitch.
04. Leave the lower edge free.
05. Plug the tree with the cotton wool.
06. Insert the cinnamon stick and / or wooden sticks into the opening.
07. Close the opening by hand.
08. Sew on the hook at the top or fill the flower pot with small stones.
09. Hang the Christmas tree or put it in the flower pot.

Have fun sewing!

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