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Crochet succulents - instructions for crocheted succulents

  • Crochet succulents
  • manual
  • Material and preparation
    • Techniques and patterns
  • Succulent 1 - Thick-meated succulent plant
    • Medium succulent leaf
    • Large succulent leaf
  • Succulent 2 - Hanging succulent
    • Crochet the soil
    • Crochet succulents - completion

Crocheted succulents are a big trend among the mesh lovers. Quite quickly you can crochet such a decorative succulent plant. She needs no care and feels really at every seat perfectly well. With our instructions, you too become a succulent lover.

Crochet succulents

Crocheting a succulent plant is one of the simple crochet work. With the right yarn, the joy of crocheting and the perfect instruction, even beginners can make the most beautiful crochet succulents in the apartment. We show you different ways how to crochet a succulent. Succulents belong to the cacti. These cacti usually have very fleshy leaves and look really interesting. In the home garden often different species are planted together.


As frugal as the real succulents are, they are also easy to crochet. In our guide "Crochet Cactus" we introduce two different species of these interesting cacti.

Material and preparation

According to our instructions you need for a whole arrangement:

  • Cotton yarn in different shades of green
  • Cotton yarn in brown color for the earth
  • Crochet hooks in the strengths 2, 5 - 3 and 3, 5
  • Flower wire to reinforce the individual cacti
  • Stones or sand to complain about the flower pots
  • fiberfill
  • plant pot

Techniques and patterns

Fixed stitches

When crocheting succulents, all succulents are crocheted with fixed loops. For the flowers we worked with fixed stitches and half sticks.

thread ring

Each succulent plant begins with a string of thread. The instructions can be found in our basic tutorials in "Learn Crochet".

Succulent 1 - Thick-meated succulent plant

This thick-bodied succulent plant consists of several large and smaller leaves. In the arrangement, these leaves are arranged from small to large. You can decide for yourself how many leaves you want to give your cactus.

Although our succulents were worked in a bright yellow, we have shown the crochet pattern in green for clarity.

Small succulent leaf

  • thread ring
  • Crochet 6 sts in the thread ring
  • Close the thread ring with a chain stitch

1 round

  • Crochet 2 sts in each stitch

2nd - 9th round

  • Crochet only fixed stitches - without increase

10th round - lose weight

  • always crochet two stitches together

Medium succulent leaf

  • thread ring
  • Work 6 strong stitches in the thread ring, close the ring with a chain stitch

1 round

  • Crochet 2 stitches in each stitch

2nd round

  • Crochet 2 stitches in every 2nd stitch

3rd - 12th round

  • in each stitch 1 fixed stitch work - no stitches are increased

13th round

  • always crochet two stitches together
  • until all the stitches have been used up

Large succulent leaf

  • thread ring
  • Work 6 strong stitches in the thread ring and close the ring with a chain stitch

1 round

  • double all stitches

2nd round

  • double every 2 stitches

3rd round

  • double every 3rd stitch

4th - 21st round

  • Only right-hand stitches work
  • no further stitches are added

22nd round - weight loss round

  • always crochet two stitches together

Repeat until all stitches are used up. Crochet as many leaves as you like. The more leaves they work, the bigger their succulents become. We have worked to show 3 small, 4 medium and 3 large leaves. To make joining the individual sheets easier, first sew the small inner sheets together. Then the middle leaves and finally the big leaves. Now you can easily sew the individual layers over each other.

Succulent 2 - Hanging succulent

So that the cactus arrangement is complete, we crocheted a hanging succulent plant for you. It is one of the simplest working techniques.

Also in this cactus species, the number of air meshes determines the length of a single hanging sheet.

  • strike 22 air meshes
  • crochet 2 sturdy stitches in the 3rd last air stitch
  • in the next air mesh, work 3 sturdy stitches and 4 stitches in the next stitch
  • These 4 fixed stitches are now crocheted in all other air stitches
  • this creates the twirled leaf shape

Continue to crochet until all the meshes are used up. Of these hangers you should work several in different sizes. The more hanging leaves there are, the more dense and prettier the succulent plant looks.

The flower for this cactus is crocheted

  • Crochet 2 half sticks in the color of your choice into the first four stitches of the lace
  • Sew the crochet thread with the first half stick
  • this results in a rolled flower

It is especially nice when the individual succulents are combined.

Crochet the soil

A succulent plant also belongs in a crochet earth. This too is very easy to crochet. It is very similar to the flowers.

  • work with brown yarn a thread ring
  • Crochet 6 stitches in this string
  • Close the thread ring with 1 slit stitch
  • the succulent earth is worked with solid mesh

1 round

  • double each stitch

2nd round

  • double every 2 stitches
  • crochet all other stitches

3rd round

  • double every 3rd stitch
  • Crochet the remaining stitches with sturdy stitches

4th and following rounds

  • in every other round, the 4th, then 5th, 6th, 7th and so on doubles
  • Work the rounds until you reach the size of your flowerpot
  • that is, the diameter of the pot is as large as the diameter of the crocheted soil

Once the succulent soil has reached the appropriate size, continue crocheting down the plant. Now it is not increased anymore. To work straight down, crochet the tight stitches in the first round only to the back of the mesh.

How far you crochet depends on the size of the flower pot. It is advisable, however, to crochet a round more than too little.

Crochet succulents - completion

Now you have crocheted one or more succulents. The earth is finished. Now you can start sewing each succulent on the succulent soil. With a little patience, you can quickly figure out how many stitches you need for each succulent plant. Again, this always depends on the size of the succulent plant.

Fill the flower pot with washed stones or sand. Then you put enough stuffing, so that the Succulents earth comes beautifully in shape.

Large succulents should be stabilized with a solid flower wire that reaches into the stones. So the succulents holds fast in their anchorage. Depending on how you connect your succulents, you will receive the most beautiful succulent arrangements. A dream on every windowsill, in every closet, in the bathroom, in the hall or wherever you like it. Combine these succulents with the crochet cacti.

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