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Manipulating electricity meters - is it really possible?

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Manipulate the electricity meter

  • Manipulate electricity meters - not a good idea!
  • Checking: Stop Counter - is that really "> Dangerous" Tips "
  • Electricity meter legally allowed to slow down
  • Local electricity meters are turning mercilessly. The power consumption of a three-person household is around 3, 500 kWh a year thanks to our convenient and technologized way of life, which costs about € 85 per month. According to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), 51.3 percent of this is attributable to government-induced price components such as the EEG surcharge, electricity tax and value added tax.

    No wonder that one could come up with the idea to manipulate the electricity meter, for example with a strong magnet; specifically, to slow down or stop. Is it detectable? What penalties threaten? Is the effort worth it?

    Manipulate electricity meters - not a good idea!

    If you're hoping for a step-by-step guide, we'll have to disappoint you. We strongly advise against any manipulation! A lawyer can advise you on the possible legal consequences. A look at § 242 StGB theft, § 248 c StGB deprivation of electrical energy and § 303 StGB Property damage worthwhile in any case. The

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    In addition, damage to the electricity meter itself may occur, the repair or replacement is associated with other costs.

    Without wanting to be a moral apostle - but do you want to become a victim of manipulation? When buying a used car most people pay attention to a possible speedometer fraud. Insurers and banks are also criticized for manipulating people. Do not join this list.

    Case study : The HNA reported in 2014 on the case of the 26-year-old, who wanted to lower the electricity costs of the parents, a magnet attached to the electricity meter. In addition to 6, 500 euros in property damage, the young man was fined 800 euros. Source: HNA.de

    Checking: Stop counter - is it really possible?

    It is known that Ferraris three-phase meters can be stopped. In these three-phase meters, a flywheel rotates. This can be slowed down or stopped with a strong magnet attached in place.

    Particularly strong neodymium magnets, currently the strongest permanent magnets, can stop the electricity meter. This can cause great heat, which can lead to damage to the meter. Many instructions circulating on the Internet show that the meter stops completely. This rather indicates that this is defective. In any case, the fraudster will face critical questions at the next check-out date. Manipulations are quickly recognized by employees and interpreted correctly.

    Whether it comes to considerable fines, claims for damages or even legal proceedings, will be decided on a case-by-case basis. So let it be better!

    Dangerous "tips"

    In addition to attaching strong magnets, the Internet also provides instructions for daring methods such as drilling the electricity meter. This is urgently advised against for health reasons alone! There may be electric shock with burns or fatal consequences .

    Electricity meter legally allowed to slow down

    Reduce power consumption in the home - but how! "> Link PDF document.


    Instead of investing time and money in a venture that is doomed to failure, a first step would be to invest the approximately 25 euros, which would have cost the extra strong magnet at least sustainable.

    Sources: //www.bmwi.de/DE/Themen/Energie/Energiemarkt-und-Verbraucherinformationen/preise.html

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