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Knitting patterns for socks: 10 free patterns

Socks can be knitted in all kinds of variations. There are no limits to creativity, from plain-colored socks with a smooth right to multi-colored designer stockings with a delicate pattern. Here we present 10 knitting patterns for socks that can be easily integrated into the usual sock knitting procedure. Knit free patterns in the area of ​​the shaft, on the foot or all over the socks.


  • Knitting pattern for socks
    • herringbone
    • Pattern with left stitches
    • The pearl pattern
    • The heart pattern
    • mesh pattern
    • Coffee beans pattern
    • cable stitch
    • nap pattern
    • Two-tone diamond pattern
    • The butterfly pattern

Knitting pattern for socks


Knit your socks the way you like to: start knitting socks from the cuff | free tutorial for beginners or the lace start with the heel, with reinforced or boomerang heel knit boomerang heel and reinforced heels with stockings, knit socks with wide or narrow lace | Lace types begin and sew. Stockings without heels are also possible. Knit stockings without heels Instructions and size chart.

You can see the general principles and dimensions for different sizes here Knit 4, 6 and 8 threads. The following knitting patterns for socks can easily be applied to round knitting. You will find information on necessary changes in the procedure in the section on the respective sample.


The herringbone pattern looks exactly as it is said. The diagonal stitches in the individual rows are orthogonal to each other. In addition to the pretty texture, this free pattern impresses with a particularly robust structure . It is therefore very suitable for thick socks that have to endure a lot. Knit the herringbone pattern in rounds in either one or two colors.

Knit Herringbone Pattern One color and two colors

Pattern with left stitches

The easiest way to knit a varied pattern is to alternate between left and right stitches. Since the left stitches emerge from the surface of the right stitches, a tangible 3-D structure results. The simplest variants are the stripe and the rib pattern. These knitting patterns for socks can be easily adapted to different stitch and round numbers.

Knit left stitches
Knit rib pattern | Instructions for ribs and cross ribs

The pearl pattern

Strictly speaking, the pearl pattern is also a combination of left and right stitches. It is ideal for beginners who no longer just want to knit smooth or frizzy right. It is very popular as a pattern for socks or slippers because it forms a rather thick and stable fabric . When knitting this free pattern in the round, be sure to always work the left and right stitches offset from each other.

Knitting pearl pattern | DIY guide for beginners

The heart pattern

This free pattern conjures up little hearts on your socks. It comes into its own particularly well with single-color sock wool . Since it is again a pattern from right and left stitches, you have to be careful when knitting in the round: in the odd rows you can knit the pattern as instructed. In the straight rows, replace the left with right stitches and the right with left stitches.

Heart pattern | Knitting instructions for hearts

mesh pattern

The mesh pattern goes very well with light summer socks. By changing envelopes and knitting stitches, there are regular holes in the knitted piece. Use this knitting pattern for socks preferably in the area of ​​the shaft. In rounds, mesh patterns 2, 3 and 4 are the easiest to work. Knit rows 2 & 4 for the right stitches instead of the left stitches.

Knit mesh pattern | Knit fishing net - DIY instructions

Coffee beans pattern

The coffee beans are one of the classic knitting patterns for socks. They arise from the change of envelopes and the covering of lifted stitches. The structure creates a kind of rib pattern . This adorns the shaft very nicely, but can also be continued over the entire back of the foot. Depending on the size of the sock, knit more or less such ribs from coffee beans in one round.

Knit Coffee Bean Pattern Instructions and tips

cable stitch

Strictly speaking, the cable pattern is not just a single pattern. It is more of a basic method that can be used in different ways. Knit your socks with a wide braid on each side or work many small braids all around in parallel. In any case, you need a cable or auxiliary needle in addition to the double pointed needles.

Knit cable pattern | Instructions for beginners

nap pattern

No matter whether big, small, colorful or single-colored knobs - all are suitable as a knitting pattern for socks. The basic idea with a pimple is to knit several stitches in one. This creates a small pompom that emerges from the background. However, only the large knobs are suitable for the foot area. The small knobs are quite firm and would press permanently in the shoe. They are better knitted as an ornament inside the shaft or directly on the cuff.

Knitting knobs | Instructions for pimple patterns

Two-tone diamond pattern

Knitting with two different colors is always challenging. But it is definitely worth the effort. A free pattern that arises from the interplay of two colors is the diamond pattern. Start your socks in one color on the cuff. On the shaft you then switch to the described change from the two different colors. Always carry the thread of the unused color on the inside of the sock.

The two-tone diamond pattern

The butterfly pattern

This free pattern is certainly a little challenge. It places high demands on orderly and even work. The result looks fascinating. As if by magic, threads are stretched diagonally across the knitted piece and thus form the shape of a butterfly. If you are working in the round, all the straight rounds must be knitted with right stitches. The instructions for knitting in rows provide left stitches instead.

Knit Butterfly Pattern | Instructions with pictures

Now you are spoiled for choice as to which of the 10 knitting patterns for socks you will use in your next project. Of course, different free patterns can also be combined in a single sock. If you are looking for complete instructions for socks with pattern, you will find it here: The socks with Norwegian pattern Knitted socks: Knit Norwegian pattern | Free knitting instructions are two-tone and offer a pretty, wintery motif.

In these socks with pattern, knit socks with pattern: simple instructions for beginners, we have combined lace and cable pattern to create an unusual interplay. Knit the Gum Gum or Striped Socks Gum Gum Socks | Knitting instructions for beginners are particularly popular with children.

We hope you enjoy knitting socks with patterns!

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