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Knitting patterns for hats: 10 free patterns

Knit hats yourself is fun - mostly with a nice pattern. In this article we have collected ten knitting patterns for hats for you. The spectrum ranges from simple classics such as rib and pearl patterns to unusual suggestions, including butterflies and pimples. Have fun choosing and knitting!

Before you start with your hat, you should knit and measure a trial patch. The effort is worth it, because the number of stitches that you need so that your hat gets the right width differs significantly from pattern to pattern. If you knit your hat in rounds, please also note that the knitting patterns refer to rows.

In order for the pattern to be circular knit, you must observe the following points in all back rows (= rows with an even number): Read the description of the row starting from the back. Knit left stitches instead of right stitches and vice versa. “Before work” becomes “behind work” and vice versa.


  • Knitting patterns for hats
    • rib pattern
    • seed stitch
    • Patentmuster
    • Minecraft patterns
    • cable stitch
    • Norwegermuster
    • star pattern
    • butterfly pattern
    • wave pattern
    • nap pattern

Knitting patterns for hats

rib pattern

Longitudinal or transverse ribs are two uncomplicated ways to spice up a self-knitted hat. Both patterns are created by alternating right and left stitches. The longitudinal ribs also result in a very elastic knitted fabric and are therefore also suitable for making a cuff for the hat. The lace pattern ribs are ideal for an airy summer hat. Learn more about the three rib patterns and variations of them in our guide.

DIY instructions: knit rib pattern

seed stitch

Another simple knitting pattern for hats is the pearl pattern. It results in a solid knitted fabric and is therefore ideal for warming headgear. The pattern is easy to knit because it only consists of alternating right and left stitches. Depending on how you combine the two types of stitches, you will receive the small or large pearl pattern. Like all variations, these are perfect for hats. Read here how to knit the different pearl patterns.

DIY instructions: knit pearl pattern


A classic among knitting patterns for hats is the patent pattern. The plastic ribs, which result in a dense, warming knit, are characteristic. Our variant of the patent pattern is easy to knit, because we do without the deeper stitches contained in many instructions. Instead, the three-dimensional effect is created by raised and knitted stitches and envelopes. These three techniques are easy to learn for beginners.

The wrong patent pattern r, which is only worked from right and left stitches, is even easier. At first glance it looks like the original, but it can be stretched flat and does not have the particularly warming effect. Learn how to knit the simple and the wrong patent pattern in this free guide.

DIY Instructions: Knit Patent Pattern

Minecraft patterns

The structure of the Minecraft pattern, also called waffle pattern, is reminiscent of the blocks from the well-known computer game or delicious waffles . It is very easy to knit because you only need right and left stitches. Both the small and the large Minecraft pattern are suitable as knitting patterns for hats. We show you how to knit the waffle pattern here.

DIY Instructions: Knit Minecraft Pattern

cable stitch

Braids are not only a popular ornament for sweaters, but are also suitable for hats. The braiding effect is created by stitches that are crossed with a third needle. In our instructions, we explain how this simple technique works. We will show you several cable patterns that would all look good on your self-knitted hat. Choose your favorite here.

DIY instructions: knit cable pattern


Norwegian patterns are as traditional as they are changeable. With two or more colors, shapes or motifs are conjured up on a plain knitted background. In our instructions, we explain how to carry the threads on the back to knit in multiple colors . If you want to knit a hat in the Norwegian pattern, it is very important that you do not tighten these threads too much so that the knitted fabric can be stretched. Here you will find a proposal for a Norwegian pattern and also learn how to design your own variant.

DIY instructions: knit Norwegian pattern

In this guide we show you a decorative snowflake that could decorate the front of your hat.

DIY Instructions: Knit Norwegian Patterns snowflake

star pattern

A popular knitting pattern - also for hats - is the cute star pattern, also known as a daisy or daisy pattern. It gives a pleasantly firm structure. You can work it in one or two colors. We'll explain the simple techniques you have to master for the little asterisks step by step. The big star is also suitable for a hat. It is created by alternating left and right stitches. Knit your hat smoothly and work a star on the front. Small or big - stars are real eye-catchers. Read how to knit them here.

DIY instructions: knit star pattern

butterfly pattern

The little butterflies are created by a simple trick: they skip a few stitches in two successive rows and knit the resulting threads in the next row. In our instructions, we explain in detail how you can rework the sweet pattern . We will also show you a large butterfly that is ideal for decorating the front of your hat. To knit the pretty flutter animal, you need no further knowledge than right and left stitches. Learn how to decorate your next hat with butterflies in this guide.

DIY instructions: knit butterfly pattern

wave pattern

Gentle waves in the blue sea immediately make you think of vacation and relaxation. With decorative wave patterns you can capture this atmosphere on a hat. You can easily conjure up the horizontal wave pattern from right and left stitches. Alternatively, you can decorate your hat with one or more wave braids . We will explain both samples step by step here.

DIY instructions: knit wave pattern

nap pattern

Knobs stand out plastically from the rest of the knitted fabric and give your hat a kick. We show you how to knit small and large knobs and loop knobs. A particularly eye-catcher are pimples in bright colors. Read our instructions on how the different types of knobs work

DIY instructions: knit pimples

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