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Knitting with Knitted Frame - Instructions for a Loop Scarf

  • Instructions - knit loop scarf with knit ring
    • Stringing knitting frame
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    • Bind off the loop scarf

Knitting is fun, but can be a challenge for one or the other. There are knitting frames, knitting aids for DIY lovers who do not want to make their life so difficult. In this guide, we show you how to knit a loop scarf with a knit ring. It's easy and the result is impressive.

Knitted frames come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The principle is always the same. As with normal knitting, single stitches are knitted. Only the knitting frame prepares you with his single knitting pins every stitch. This allows you to knit faster and stitches are lost less often. The loop scarf you can do with skilled hands in just a few hours.

A knitting frame set with knitting rings or rectangular knitting aids is already available for less than 15 euros in stores or online to buy. There are two knitting hooks with which the individual stitches are lifted.

Instructions - knit loop scarf with knit ring

You need:

  • Wool (100 g, 52 m run length, 100% polyacrylic, knitting yarn)
  • knitting hook
  • Knitting ring (d = 28 cm)
  • scissors
  • wool needle

For the loop scarf, which is a closed ring, we recommend knitting with a knitting ring. Of course you could also knit with a rectangular knit frame such a scarf, but this would then have to be sewn together at the ends. To save us that, we take the knitting ring. This is usually used for knitting caps. If you have succeeded the scarf, you can knit the matching cap with the ring.

Loop scarf for adults: The knitting ring should have a diameter of at least 22 cm. Better is the biggest size with 28 cm diameter. The fact that the loops are very loose, the loop can stretch well later. Nevertheless, you should use the largest ring available to you.

Children's Loop Scarf: For smaller children's loops, use the 18.5 cm diameter ring.

Stringing knitting frame

Put a loop at the beginning of the thread.

Then place them on the single pin on the outside of the ring. Pass the end of the thread through the middle of the ring from above. Tighten the strap.

The pin to the right of this single pin is the beginning, the left pin is the end of each round. Now take the ring in the left hand, the thread in the right. Now the thread is wrapped around the pins. Pass the thread from the right inside, to the left outside around the first pin. Then wrap the thread around the second pin in the same way. Repeat for all other pens until the end. Always wrap from right to left around the pin.

Tip: Do not wrap the thread too tight, but loosely. So you can knit more easily later.

This is how your first wound round looks on the knitting frame.

Now push the thread on each pin down a little and wind up a second round. Wrap these again from right to left, as well as from inside to outside. When you reach the last pin, hold the end of the thread taut and tight with your left hand.

This is how your result should look like.

You have now reached the beginning of the round again and the following picture shows you where the thread is now.

Knitting with the knitting frame

Now it is already knitted.

Pass the knitting hook from top to bottom through the bottom thread on the last pin. The pins have a small groove on the outside, through which the hook can be easily guided.

Pull the lower thread up over the overlying thread and the pin head. Repeat this with the pencil next to it on the left side. Now the thread is entangled and can be let go.

For all other pens, lift the lower thread over the thread above it and the pin head until the first round is done.

Note: Knitting is a bit difficult for the first pen. Everything else is very easy to knit.

Now there is only one loop on each pin. Slide these individual loops down one piece.


Now wrap the next round of loops, just as described above: from right to left, and from inside to outside. Begin wrapping again at the first pin. If you arrive at the end of the round, you will continue to knit. First, re-attach the thread end by knitting off the last two pins. Then the round, starting with the first pin, is knitted again until the end. Then slide the loops down and start stringing a new round.

In this way, knitting is always going on. If the loop scarf has reached the desired length, it only needs to be finished cleanly.

Tip: After a few rounds of practice, you can combine pushing down the loops and winding up the next round in one step. For this, the loops are pushed down with the left hand and at the same time the new thread is wound up with the right hand. So it knits even faster.

Bind off the loop scarf

Now the loop scarf has to be finished cleanly. The scarf ends with a stable edge. These knit as follows:

Push the loops of the last round all down.
Now start at the first pen. Wrap the thread once from right to left around the first pin. Hold it with your left hand and pull the lower loop with the hook upwards over it.

The following work steps look like this:

Step 1: Wrap the thread around the next pin from right to left, then lift the bottom stitch over it and the pin head.

Now do the same with the following second pen. Wrap the second pin first, then knit the bottom flap up again.

Step 2: Now the loop is chained off on the first pin. Grab the stitch with the hook, pull it off the pin and place it on the pencil to the right.

Step 3: Then take the bottom loop of the second pin with the hook and pull it up over the stitch above it and the pin head.

Step 4: Wrap the thread around the second pin again, this time from left to right.

Step 5: Lift the underlying stitch up over the thread and the pin head. You can see this in the following two pictures above.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 again with the same second pin.

Steps 1 to 6 are now repeated for all other pens. Wrap the thread around the third pin, lift the stitch over it, and then chain the stitch of the second pin.

If you have done everything right, there should be only one last stitch left on the last pen. Now cut off the thread generously.

Then loosen the last loop from the pin and pull out the thread.

The remaining thread end now serves to create the connection of the last and first stitches. Thread the thread through the wool needle.

Then pull the thread through the first stitch, then back through the last stitch and back through the first stitch. Then the thread is knotted and sewn. Finished!

Now you have learned how easy it is to knit with a knitting ring. Be brave and try it out! Choose colorful colors and the self-made loop becomes a real eye-catcher.

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